How Many Eyewear Companies Are There?

Aren’t you tired of people asking you if Luxottica is the only eyewear company? Have you ever wondered how many eyewear companies there were? I decided to put together a list of eyewear companies that wholesale and/ or wholesale and retail products to eyecare professionals.  This has been an interesting exercise as I realize how much the eyewear business has changed.

It used to be companies either wholesaled (sold directly to a retailer) or retailed products (sell to consumer). No longer, the lines have become blurred. Brick and Mortar, eyewear retailers are starting to bring in their own products for distribution to sell via their own store, online and wholesale. (Moscot, Ed Beiner, Eyetique, Rainey). Wholesalers are opening their own retail shops (Barton Perreira Mykita, Anne Et Valentin, Cutler and Gross). Wholesalers are starting to open their own direct to consumer online shop. Online companies are starting to open up Brick and Mortar or pops Up Shops (Warby Parker, Crap Eyewear) Eyecare professionals are opening online eyewear business (Mason Eyewear, Gazal Eyewear, BLEP Eyewear), Online companies are starting to distribute their own brand (Monocle Order).

Add in who distributes what, which brand is which company and which year. Add in companies such as Iristocracy and Fuse Lenses, which send the consumer to eyecare professionals.. so much to keep up with.

To top it off, it used to be online eyewear was that cheap stuff from China (zenni) no longer is that true. There is gorgeous and luxury and unique and quality all being sold online directly to the consumer. Leisure Society, Garrett Leight, Linda Farrow, Anna- Karin Karlsson all consumer can purchase online. These frames range from $300 on up.

Confusing isn’t it? Even more confusing if you are looking for ‘Internet Free’ Products (NOT going to happen). You are looking for companies that provide a more competitive edge (lots to pick from) who and what will work. Since eyewear is up to 80% of an eyecare retailers income, it is pretty important to know what’s available and what the consumer are finding online.

We put together this list which is an estimated about 5% of the Eyewear companies in the world that wholesale products. 80% of the US supplies of eyewear are listed below.

The listed companies are a combination of The Vision Council members, exhibitors at Vision Expo, current updated websites, companies we have blogged about and a few other sources.

Wholesale and Retail definition: Company either has brick and mortar store locations (retail), sells product online to consumers (i.e pricing is listed) and wholesales products to retailers.

  1. 141 Eyewear (Portland, OR) Give Back Company, Vision Expo
  2. 3 Momi (Italy) VEE15
  3. 4 Planets (Italy) At Silmo
  4. 7 Eye by Panoptx (Pleasanton, CA)  Sports Eyewear, Polarized NXT Lenses, Wholesale and Retail Product
  5. 41 Eyewear (Spain) At Silmo
  6. 88 Eyewear (Grand Forks, ND) Wood Eyewear from Sterling Optical
  7. 9five Eyewear – (San Diego, CA) Streetwear Sunglasses, Wholesale and Retail
  8. 535′s Sport Optics (Carrollton,TX)  Golf Sunglasses, Wholesale and Retail
  9. A & A Optical (Carrolton, TX)  Brands: Roxy, QuikSilver, XXL, Jalapenos, Jimmy Crystal, Pez,  Cruz, Alexander Collection, New Globe
  10. Absolute Black (NY, NY)  Distributes Nathan Jenden, Elizabeth and James, Vision Expo/ Elizabeth and James is designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.
  11. Absurba Eyewear (South America) seen on other blogs
  12. Ace And Tate (UK) Pop Up Store in The Netherlands, One For One Give Back Program.
  13. Acuity Optical (Tempe, AZ)
  14. Activiste Eyewear (NY, NY) Wholesale and Retail Products
  15. Adam Mugavero (NY) Custom Wood Eyewear
  16. Adlens (UK) John Lennon Eyewear, Gives Back, attends Vision Expo, Wholesale and Retail Products
  17. Aeon Eyewear (Canada) Indiegogo
  18. Adrian Marwitz Eyewear (Germany)
  19. Aerre Optical (Italy)
  20. AFM (Taiwan) Silmo
  21. AFrames Eyewear (Chicago, IL)  VEE15,  5% of all revenue to Helen Keller International.
  22. Ahlem Eyewear (Los Angeles, CA) Wholesale and Retail
  23. Aim Optics (Alhambra, CA)
  24. Alain Afflelou (France) Silmo
  25. A Morir (Brooklyn, NY)  Embellished, Clubwear,  sunwear
  26. Airborn Eyewear (Germany) Frames made with up- cycled airplane parts
  27. Alain Mikli/ Luxottica (West Hollywood, CA) Retail Stores, wholesale and retail
  28. Alanco (Ridgefield, WA)
  29. AleR0 Design (Miami, FL and Italy ) VEE15, www.alerodesign. Sunglasses with rubber and interchangeable lenses.
  30. Alexander Daas (San Diego, CA) has store in San Diego, Vision Expo. Wholesale and Retail Products
  31. Allison Eyewear (Italy) Vision Expo
  32. Allure Eyewear (New York, NY) Vision Expo
  33. Allyn Scura (NY) Vintage Eyewear, wholesale and retail, Gives Back
  34. A Look Optics (South El Monte, CA)
  35. Alpha Viana Inc (El Monte, CA) Vision Expo
  36. Altair /VSP (Rancho Cordova, CA) attends Vision Expo
  37. Alter Ego (Italy)
  38. Alternative Eyewear (Buffalo, NY and Canada) Plan B Eyewear, Member of The Vision Council
  39. AM Group Plus (Poland) Vision Expo
  40. AM Eyewear Optical (Australia) VEE15 Wholesale and Retail products
  41. American Eyewear (Nashville, TN) Member of The Vision Council
  42. American Vision USA (Miami, FL) Member of The Vision Council
  43. Amphibia Sports (Carrollton, TX) VEW14 ANZ rated floating Sports Sunglasses. Wholesale and Retail
  44. Andy Wolf (Austria) Attends Vision Expo
  45. Anglo American (Evergreen, IL)  Will do custom eyewear, Bespoke, Vision Expo

    Not even counted are speciality 'Clubwear' eyewear companies such as this from Material Memorie
    Not even counted are speciality ‘Clubwear’ eyewear companies such as this from Material Memorie
  46. Anna Karin Karlsson (UK) Wholesale and Retail
  47. Anne Et Valentin (Brooklyn, NY and France) Has store in Soho NY, Attends Vision Expo. Wholesales and Retails.
  48. Anni Shades (Alliance, OH) Wood Eyewear, wholesale and Retail
  49. Anon Optics (Burlington, VT) Sports Sunwear, Wholesale And Retail
  50. Anthropose (Nepal) Wholesale, retails online. Gives back to cataract surgery in Nepal.
  51. Area 98 (Italy) Vision Expo
  52. Aoyama USA– (France) Used to be in New York
  53. Arc Iris Wood Eyewear (Boise, ID) Wood Eyewear, Wholesale and Retail
  54. Arnette (Encinitas, CA) Wholesale and retail sunglasses
  55. Art Life (Spain) Paper Eyewear
  56. Artoptic International Corp (NY, NY) Vision Expo
  57. Ashbury Eyewear (Los Angeles, CA) Sport Sunglasses, wholesale and Retail
  58. Asia Pacific Trading (Miami, CA)
  59. Aspex Eyewear (Miramar, FL) Member of The Vision Council
  60. Arvada Eyewear (Jacksonville, Fl)
  61. Assoluto- MyWay (Italy) VEE15,

    At one time, the competition was considered to be in Major Retailer, like this frame from Zyloware. I say no longer.
    At one time, the competition was considered to be in Major Retailer, like this frame from Zyloware. I say no longer.
  62. Atmosphera de Martino Simone (Italy) VEE15
  63. Autek Manufacturing  Tao International Group (Ontario, CA)
  64. Ava Brazil;  Sport / Surfing Sunglasses
  65. Avalon Eyewear (Northvale, NJ) The Vision Council
  66. Arvada Eyewear (Jacksonville, FL)
  67. AXEL S Modebrillen (Germany
  68. B&B Eyewear (Germany)

    Penn Avenue Eyewear, wholesale, retail products. Give Back company to compete against Warby Parker
    Penn Avenue Eyewear, wholesale, retail products. Give Back company to compete against Warby Parker
  69. B + D Eyewear (Argentina) VEE15. Readers and Sunglasses
  70. Bada USA
  71. Babiators (Atlanta, GA)  Attends Vision Expo, wholesale and retail
  72. Baby Banz (Knob Knoster, MO) Children Sunglasses,  Attends Vision Expo, wholesale and retail
  73. Ballo Eyewear (South Africa) Wood and Paper sunwear made from scraps. Gives back to Jonga eye clinic in Khayelitsha.
  74. Barton Perriera (Irvine, CA) Has stores and wholesales eyewear. Attends Vision Expo
  75. Baruffaldi Goggles (Italy) Sport Goggles and Helmuts, Wholesale and Retail
  76. Baumvision (Costa Mesa, CA) Vision Expo. Leisure Society is sold via wholesale and Retail.
  77. BBig bv (Netherlands) Vision Expo
  78. Bckspace Eyewear (Netherlands) has store
  79. Beausoleil (Canada) Vision Expo
  80. Bellinger House (Walnut Creek, CA) Entourage of 7, Vision Expo
  81. Benjamin Eyewear (CA) Wholesale and Retail
  82. Benner (Germany) Vision Expo. Distributed by Spectacle Eyeworks
  83. Ben Morris Framecraft (Pittsburgh, PA) VEE13 Wholesale and Retail
  84. Bentley Eyewear (Austria) Vision Expo
  85. Beone (South El Monte, CA)
  86. Berkshire Chase (Lancaster, PA)  US agents for Algha Group Ltd. of London, England specializing in the manufacturing of “Savile Row” 14KT gold-filled frames. Bespoke Eyewear
  87. Beryll Eyewear (Los Angles, CA) Has flagship store and sells online
  88. Best Image Eyewear (Miami, FL) Member of The Vision Council
  89. Bertoni Eyewear (Italy) Sport Sunglasses Wholesale and Retail
  90. Bevel (Blue Springs, MO)
  91. B. Robinson/ Legacie (New York, NY) Vision Expo
  92. Bien Eyewear (NY, NY)
  93. Binoche (Belgium) Vision Expo
  94. Binocleuses (Philadelphia, PA) VEE14
  95. Black Flys (Irvine, CA) VEW14 Has attended Vision Expo
  96. Blake Kuwahara (Los Angeles, CA)
  97. Blenders Eyewear (La Jolla, CA) Give back company
  98. BLEP Eyewear (GA) owned by optometrist, wholesale and retail
  99. Blink Eyewear (Chandler, AZ)
  100. Bliss Eyewear (Fort Lee, NJ)
  101. Blood and Tears (Brooklyn, NY) Wholesale division of retail store monocle order
  102. Blue Magic Eye ( El Dorado Hills, CA and Italy) Vision Expo
  103. Blue Planet Eyewear/Blue Gem (Carpinteria, CA) Recycled Sunwear
  104. Blu Vision Group (New York, NY)
  105. Bobster Eyewear (San Diego, CA) Sport Sunglasses, Wholesale and Retail
  106. Bocu Vision (Duarte, CA) OEM
  107. Body Specs (Grass Valley, CA) Sports Sunglasses
  108. Bohten Eyewear (Canada) Wood Eyewear company, gives back. On Dragon Den’s Canada, (Similar to Shark Tank, wholesale and retails.
  109. Bomber Eyewear (Costa Mesa, CA) Sunwear that floats. Wholesale and Retail
  110. Bome Eyewear (Portland, OR) Wood Eyewear, Wholesale and Retail, Made in USA
  111. Bosky Optics (Portland, OR) Wood Sunglasses, wholesale and retail
  112. Boston Eye Design (Wilmington, MA) Also offers Private Label
  113. Botany Co Eyewear (Canada) Bamboo Eyewear, wholesale and retail
  114. Boucheron Pro Eyewear (Miami, Fl)
  115. Bourgeois Eyewear (Canada) Vision Expo, VEE11
  116. Brenner Eyewear (Germany) Has Retail store made from shipping containers in Germany. Attends Vision Expo.
  117. Brilleneyes (Mission Viejo, CA) Vision Expo
  118. Britalia Optical (Poughkeepsie, NY)
  119. Brooklyn Spectacles (Brooklyn, NY) Vision Expo
  120. Bruno Chaussignand (France) Vision Expo
  121. Brushwood USA (Huntington Beach, CA) Wood Eyewear, wholesale and retail
  122. Bugatti Eyewear (France)
  123. Bushnell (Overland Park, KS) Vision Expo, wholesales and retails products
  124. C- 6 Eyewear (Miami, FL)
  125. C- Luxury (NY, NY) Vision Expo
  126. C- Zone (Netherlands) Attends Vision Expo

    Benner Eyewear, Shipping container stores in Germany. Wholesales products
    Benner Eyewear, Shipping container stores in Germany. Wholesales products
  127. CAC Optical, (Long Island City, NY) (Attends Vision Expo)
  128. Cablz (Birmington, AL) Sunglasses ,wholesale and retail
  129. Cadillac Eyewear (Pennsauken, NJ)
  130. California Accessories (Hayward, CA) Member of The Vision Council, attends Vision Expo
  131. Capital Eyewear (San Francisco, CA) Wood and acetate frames, made in the USA
  132. Capri Optics / Welling (Brooklyn, NY) Member of the Vision Council
  133. Carlottas Village (Denmark) Attends Vision Expo
  134. Cartier Eyewear, luxury eyewear
  135. Cassette Eyewear (USA) bamboo sunglasses, wholesale and retail
  136. Cast Eyewear (no location known) wholesale and retail

    Value Eyewear, member of The Vision Council, attends Vision Expos
    Value Eyewear company, member of The Vision Council, attends Vision Expo
  137. Centennial Optical (Canada) Member of The Vision Council
  138. Cerf Bois (France) Distributed by Haute Eyewear (IL) in the USA.  Vision Expo
  139. Chamborelle Creations (France) Attends Vision Expo
  140. Charmant (NJ) Member of The Vision Council, Vision Expo, Brands: Line Art, Charmant Z, Aristar, CFX, Elle, Espirit, Puma, Trussardi
  141. Chick Italia, (Italy) Kids Eyewear, VEE15
  142. Chief Eyewear (Australia) Give back to Oceans, made goal on Kickstarter, sunglasses
  143. Christian Roth (Optical Affairs) Wholesale and Retail, has vintage on the site
  144. Chrome Hearts Eyewear (Los Angeles, CA) www. VEW14
  145. Chromos Eyewear (PA, MA) Started by Eyetique, gives back to kids, first store opening soon.
  146. CiCi Vision (NY, NY) Vision Expo
  147. CIDI (Italy) Vision Expo, Member of The Vision Council
  148. Claire Goldsmith (UK) wholesale and retail
  149. Clariti Eyewear (City of Industry, CA) Member of The Vision Council and attends Vision Expo
  150. Class Glasses (Italy) VEE15
  151. Classic Specs (NY) Started out in flea market and online. Now is online and has eyewear in stores .
  152. Classique Eyewear (San Diego, CA) FYSH, Kliik, Lisa Loeb Eyewear, William Morris, Evatik, Kingsley Row. Attend Vision Expo, Member of The Vision Council.
  153. Clearvision Optical (Hauppauge, New York) Member of The Vision Council, Attends Vision Expo, Brands: Aspire, BCBGMaxAzria, Cole Haan, DilliDalli, Durahinge, Ellen Tracy, Izod, Jessica McClintock, Marc Ecko Cut and Sew, OP Eyewear, Puri-titan,
  154. Cliff Weil (Mechanicsville, VA)
  155. C Luxury (NY, NY) attending VEW15
  156. Clivion Eyewear (Arcadia, CA)

    Jin San Francisco. Japanese Eyewear Chain, launches yearly exclusive to JINS capsule collection. Flagship Store
    Jin San Francisco. Japanese Eyewear Chain, launches yearly exclusive to JINS capsule collection. Flagship Store
  157. Coco And Breezy Eyewear (NY, NY) Wholesale and Retail, Specialty Club wear
  158. Coblens Eyewear (Germany) has stores
  159. Code ADN/ IHuman (France) VEE15  www.
  160. Colibris by Optic Agentur (Germany) Expo
  161. Collins Bridge Eyewear (Miami, FL) Wholesale and Retail, Give Back, one for one company, Try On technology. Has three ‘showrooms’ via Optical World in Florida.
  162. Colors in Optics (NY, NY) Member of The Vision Council
  163. Concept Eyewear  (Canada)
  164. Contego Eyewear (Brooklyn, NY)
  165. Continental Optical Imports (Chicago, IL) Division of Ben-Glo Optical Ltd, private label
  166. Coppock Group (Mt. Pleasant, NC)
  167. Corrine McCormack (NY) Owned by Essilor, at Vision Expo, sun and accessories. Wholes and retail products
  168. Corvus Fittings (Canada) bamboo eyewear, wholesale and retail
  169. Cosmic S.R.L (Italy) G-Sevenstars Wholesales and Retails Product
  170. Costa Del Mar (Daytona Beach, FL) Owned by Essilor, Wholesale and Retail Products
  171. Coyote Eyewear (Pittsford, NY) Polarized Sunglasses,
  172. Crap Eyewear (Venice Beach, CA) Sunglasses Wholesale and Retail Products
  173. Creations Poncet (France) Attends Vision Expo
  174. Creative Group (Ridgewood, NY)
  175. Crystal Clear Vision Group (Arcadia, CA) Private Label
  176. Custo Barcelona  (Paris) Attends Vision Expo

    Crowd Sourced Dick Moby works with Surfrider and Teracycle to make sustainable sunglasses.
    Crowd Sourced Dick Moby works with Surfrider and Teracycle to make sustainable sunglasses.
  177. Cutler and Gross (UK) Has retail store in NY, Wholesale and Retails
  178. Davesh (Spokane, WA) VEE 15
  179. David Green Eyewear (South Africa) Vision Expo
  180. David Marc (Italy) VEE15
  181. D’Blanc Eyewear (Aliso Viejo, CA) wholesale and retail
  182. Del Rey Optical (El Segundo, CA) Overstock Product
  183. Deluxe Eyewear (FL and Canada)
  184. DeRigo Vision (Sunrise, FL) Member of The Vision Council. Attends Vision Expo
  185. Designer Eyewear Studio (Doral, FL)
  186. DeSuave Inc (St. Clair Shores, MI) Vision Expo
  187. Derapage Vision Expo
  188. Derome Xavier (France) Attends Vision Expo
  189. Dick Moby (Netherlands) Gives Back to Surfriders, Product made with recycled plastics. Wholesale and Retail. Was on Indiegogo and raised over 37,000 Euros. Website is up and running.
  190. Dilem – Interchangeable temples
  191. Dillon Optics (Scottsdale, AZ) Sports Performance eyewear. Exhibited at Vision Expo
  192. Diluca Eyewear (Australia)
  193. Dioptics Medical Products (San Luis Obispo, CA) Owned by FGX /Essilor. Wholesale and Retail products
  194. Direct Vision Supply (El Monte, CA)
  195. Dirty Dog Eyewear (Australia) Sport Sunglasses, helmets and goggles, wholesale and retail
  196. Dita (Costa Mesa, CA) has retail stores, Wholesales and Retails, Vision Expo
  197. Dixit Evolution (Montreal, Canada) Eyewear distributor
  198. Dizm Eco Eyewear (Hermosa Beach, CA) Eco Friendly Eyewear
  199. Dolpi Wood Eyewear (Italy) Vision Expo
  200. Dominik Gasser (Germany) Wood Eyewear
  201. Double Ice (Italy) Vision Expo, Distributes, Raffaella Di Montalban (Italy)
  202. Dragon Alliance (Carlsbad, CA) Bought by VSP/ Marchon
  203. Dream Eyewear/Hi-Max Vision (Flushing NY) Vision Expo www.
  204. Drift Eyewear (Chicago, IL) Launched 2010, eco friendly wood eyewear, Gives back to 1% For The Planet
  205. DSO/Divine Eyewear (Costa Mesa, CA) Lifestyle sunglasses
  206. Dunel Optical (UK)

    Kate Young For Kids Via Tura, (Vision Expo, Member of The Vision Council) also donates back to Child Mind Institute
    Kate Young For Kids Via Tura, (Vision Expo, Member of The Vision Council) also donates back to Child Mind Institute
  207. Eastern States (NY) Attends Vision Expo
  208. Ed Beiner (Florida) Retailer, who has own collection
  209. Edel Optics (Germany) Vision Expo Has retail store
  210. Edelyweyes (Austria) Wood Eyewear
  211. Eden Park (France) Exhibited at Vision Expo
  212. EE Optics (Sweden) Wholesale and retail
  213. Efex Switzerland (Holbrooke, NJ) Switzerland) Vision Expo
  214. Effector Eyewear (Japan)
  215. Elce  (France)
  216. Eye Focus Inc (City of Industry CA) VEW14
  217. Eight to Eighty (Merrick, NY)
  218. Electric Visual (San Clemente, CA) Fashion Sport Sunglasses, Wholesale and Retail
  219. Elleven Optical (Walnut, CA) VEE15, Wholesales and Retails Product
  220. Ellison Eyewear (Iowa, IA) VEE15, Wholesale and retail product. Artist collaborations in their eyewear.
  221. Emilio Scolari, (Italy) Vision Expo
  222. Emmanuelle Khanh Paris (France) Attends Vision Expo
  223. Encore Vision USA (Spokane, WA) also does  private label
  224. Enox Eyewear (Italy) VEE15
  225. Entourage of 7 (Los Angeles, CA)(Vision Expo) also does Bellinger House
  226. Envision Eyewear (Athens, OH) Sunglasses and accessories. Gives back
  227. EPOS (Italy) Vision Expo
  228. Eqo Optics (Colorado Springs, CA) Wood Eyewear
  229. EPSON America (Long Beach, CA) Smart Glasses
  230. Erins World, (Cleveland, OH) Specialty Eyewear for Kids  Eyewear for Down Syndrome children
  231. Erlik (Canada) Vision Expo
  232. Essequadro (Italy) VEE15
  233. Etnia Barcelona (Miami Gardens, FL) Exhibits at  Vision Expo
  234. Europa/ Cinzia (Il) (Buffalo Grove, IL) Vision Expo
  235. Euro Eye Designs (Seattle, WA)
  236. Eurovisie World Wide (Netherlands) Vision Expo
  237. Euro Vision (Miami, FL) XOX, Perry Ellis, Private Label brands. Focus on eyewear distribution to Mexico, Central America, South America, Caribbean.
  238. Evolutioneyes (Smithfield, RI) private label and Attends Vision Expo. Does Private Label
  239. Evolution Art (Luxembourg)
  240. Exalt Cycle (Switzerland)
  241. Exalto (Paris) Oxibis. Distributed by L Unique Optique in the USA.
  242. Exclusive Optics (Flushing, NY) Exhibited At Vision Expo
  243. ExoVault (Brooklyn,NY) Made in USA Eyewear
  244. eyeBobs (Minneapolis, MN) Exhibits at Vision Expo, wholesale and retail
  245. Eye Cream Shades (Irvine, CA) Childrens Sunglasses
  246. Eye CU Global (Pittsburgh, PA)
  247. Eye DC (Marseilles) Eyewear Brands: eye’d, Eye DJ, IDC
  248. Eye Deco (Winter Park, FL)
  249. Eye Func (Brooklyn, NY) VEE15
  250. EyeJusters (UK) Give Back, wholesale and retail
  251. Eye King (Plainview, NY)
  252. Eyemusement (Minnepolis, MN) Wholesale and Retail, has attended VE, give back
  253. Eyenigma (New York, NY)
  254. Eye Q Eyewear (St. Petersburg, FL) The Vision Council
  255. Eyes Of Faith Optical (W. Middlesex, PA) The Vision Council
  256. Eyes On Europe (Milton, MA) The Vision Council
  257. Eye Space (UK)
  258. EW Morris (UK) Bespoke labeling for optical. VEE15
  259. Eyewear4Less (AZ) Overstock products
  260. Eyewear by ROI (Scottsdale, AZ) The Vision Council, Vision Expo
  261. Eyewear Designs (Bethpage, NY) The Vision Council
  262. Eye Func (Brooklyn, NY)
  263. Eye Netra (Somerville, MA) Smart Glasses
  264. Eyenigma (Canada) Attends Vision Expo
  265. Eye Respect (UK) Distributed by Fusion Eyewear

    Aspire Eywear
    Aspire Eyewear by Clearvision, making inroads into the Luxury Sector. Attends Vision Expo, Member of The Vision Council
  266. Eyewear Designs (Playa Del Rey, CA) Member of The Vision Council
  267. Fabris Lane (UK) Bought by Essilor, Member of The Vision Council, online company
  268. Facada (San Raphael, CA) attending VEW15
  269. Face a Face (France) Member of the Vision Council, Vision Expo
  270. Factory 900 (Japan)
  271. Fakoshima (Hong Kong) wholesale and retail
  272. Faniel Eyewear (Canada) Recycled materials
  273. Fantas- Eyes (New York, NY) does Private Label
  274. Faoflex SRL (Italy) VEE15
  275. Fatheadz (Fortville, IN) Wholesale and Retail Product
  276. FEB 31st (Italy) Vision Expo, wood Eyewear
  277. Felix Marcs Eyewear (Bayside, NY) vEE15
  278. FGXI (Smithfield, RI) (Bought by Essilor, December 2009) Wholesale and Retail products
  279. Filao Opta/ Caroline Abram (France) Vision Expo
  280. Filtrate Eyewear (Costa Mesa, CA, Australia) Sunglasses,  Wholesale and Retail
  281. Finlay &Co (London, UK) wholesale and e-commerce site
  282. Finest Seven (UK)
  283. Fish Gillz (Newport Beach) Fishing Sunglasses
  284. Fisherman Eyewear (Hollister, CA) Fishing Sunglasses, wholesale and Retail
  285. Flair (Gilbert, AZ)
  286. Fleye  (Denmark) Vision Expo
  287. Floats Eyewear Polarized (Miami, FL)
  288. Flower Eyewear by Drew Barrymore. Available in Walmart
  289. Forever Michael (CA) Wholesale and Retail
  290. Fortess Eyewear (Lake Forest, CA) Sports Sunglasses
  291. Foval S.R.L (Italy) Kuboraum

    Adlens, Wholesale, Retail, Give back via John Lennon Eyewear Collection. Attends Vision Expo and is Member of The Vision Council
    Adlens, Wholesale, Retail, Give back via John Lennon Eyewear Collection. Attends Vision Expo and is Member of The Vision Council
  292. Foxhead Eyewear (Irvine, CA) wholesale and retail lifestyle sunglasses
  293. Framers (Germany)
  294. Framescape (Foxborough, MA)
  295. Francis Klein (Paris) Vision Expo, has stores in France
  296. Francois Pinton Paris (France) Attends Vision Expo
  297. Frankie Dean (Australia) One for one company, who now sells online and wholesales products
  298. Fred Eyewear Luxury Eyewear
  299. Freddie Wood (Germany) Horn Eyewear
  300. Freeway Eyewear (Los Angeles, CA) Fashion sunglasses. Wholesale and Retail
  301. French And Mercury (Japan) Vision Expo
  302. Frenk (Italy) VEE15
  303. Freudenhaus (Palm Beach, Gardens, FL) Vision Expo
  304. Fritz Frames (Germany) Wood Eyewear, wholesale and retail
  305. Frost (Germany and Chatsworth, CA) Vision Expo
  306. Frubi Shades (Tavenier, FL) Wholesale and Retail , Kids Sunwear
  307. Funk Eyewear (France)
  308. Fusion Eyewear (Plainview, NY) Distributor of ISSON Iyoko Inyake, Em Eyewear, Kame ManNen, Eye Respect, Lotho,
  309. Gaffes Concept (Poland) Malibu+Eye+Blog
  310. Garrett Leight California (Los Angeles, CA) Wholesale and Retail
  311. Gatorz Eyewear (Carlsbad, CA) Performance Sunwear, Made in USA
  312. Gazal Eyewear (Atlanta, GA) Opened by Optician
  313. GB SRL (Italy) At Vision Expo
  314. GDI Optical (Lake Worth, FL) Wholesale and Retail Products. Vision Expo
  315. General Eyewear (UK) Custom Eyewear store, designer
  316. Gentle Monster (Korea) Wholesales and Retails Products
  317. George, Gina and Lucy (Germany)
  318. Gin Optics (Seattle, WA) Sunglasses, wholesale and retail
  319. Giro Optics (Santa Cruz, CA) Sports Sunwear, wholesale and retail
  320. Glance Eyewear (NY, NY)
  321. Glance of Lens (France) VEE15
  322. Glassing (Italy) Stores,
  323. Global Optique (Long Island City, NY) Vision Expo
  324. Gold and Wood (Miami, FL) Wood Optic, Vision Expo
  325. Golden Bridge (Brooklyn, NY) VEE15 Sunglasses
  326. Gotti (Switzerland) Vision Expo
  327. Gouverneur Audigier (France) VEE 15
  328. Graz Studio (Australia) (wholesale and retail)
  329. Great Tech Vision/Eye Ojo (Ontario, CA)
  330. Grafik Plastics (Wyckoff, NY) Vision Expo, wholesale and retail
  331. Grein Optics Wood Eyewear (Aurora, CO) Wood Eyewear, has attended VE
  332. Gripping Eyewear (Wholesale and Retail)
  333. Guard Dogs Eyewear (Ventura, CA) Sport sunglasses
  334. Gufo Italy (Italy) Wood Eyewear VEE15
  335. Gunnar Optics (Carlsbad, CA)
  336. Hatchet Eyewear (UT) Wood Eyewear Company. Wholesale and Retail
  337. Hamburg Eyewear (Germany)
  338. Han Jkobenhavn (NY, NY, Denmark) www. VEE15, wholesale and retail.
  339. Hapter (Italy)
  340. Hart Specialities – New York Eye (Amityville, NY)
  341. Haute Eyewear (Wheaton, IL) At Vision Expo
  342. Henry Jullien Lunetier (France) Vision Expo
  343. Herrlicht Eyewear – Germany Handmade wood Eyewear
  344. HF Eyewear (Lincoln, NE) Gives back, saves pandas, home trial and bamboo eyewear. Wholesale and retail,
  345. Hiero House (Japan) Vision Expo
  346. Hilco (Plainview, MA) Sunglasses, Children, Sports and Safety Eyewear
  347. Hi- Tek Designs (UK) Steampunk,futuristic look, wholesale and retail .
  348. Histoire De Voir (France) Vision Expo, Leather Eyewear, eshop coming soon
  349. HF Eyewear (NE) bamboo eyewear, gives back to Panda, wholesale and retail
  350. Hoet (Belgium) Started as Retail Store, Vision Expo, 3D laser printed titanium glasses.
  351. Hoffman Natural Eyewear Buffalo horn and titanium eyewear. (Germany)
  352. Holloway Eyewear (Australia) Recycled Skate deck sunglasses, wholesale and retail
  353. Holly Fulton Eyewear (UK)
  354. Homes Eyewear (Detroit, MI) Wood Eyewear made from abandoned homes in Detroit, Wholesale and Retail.
  355. Hot Buttered (Australia) Lifestyle Sunglasses
  356. House of Holland Eyewear (UK)
  357. Hydro Optics (Pacific Palisades, CA) Prescription Dive Masks
  358. ic!berlin America (Long Island City, NY) Vision Expo
  359. Icon Eyewear (Hackensack, NY) Sunglasses and readers, does private label
  360. ICU Readers (Hollister, CA) Wholesale and Retail
  361. Idea Plus (Greece)
  362. I-Dealoptics (Ferndale, MI) VCA Member
  363. I Frame Canada (Joliet, IL and Canada) Vision Expo
  364. illesteva (Miami, FL) Retail Store in New York, Wholesales and Retail product. Vision Expo
  365. Imagewear by Walman (Minneapolis, MN) Member of The Vision Council 
  366. Immagine 98 (Italy) Vision Expo
  367. I-Moon (Italy) Wholesale and retail
  368. I NEED YOU The Frame Company (Germany ( Vision Expo)
  369. Inspecs (Clearwater, FL)
  370. Infinit Eyewear (Argentina) Vision Expo
  371. iPlastic Frame (Canada(
  372. INHouse Eyewear (Portland, OR) Has Retail Store and wholesales product.
  373. Initium Eyewear (Santa Ana, CA) Vision Expo, wholesale and retail
  374. Ink Optical (San Antonio, TX) Swap It Eyewear
  375. Inottica (Italy)
  376. Inspecs USA (FL)
  377. Ioves (Italy) VEE15
  378. Inspecs USA (Clearwater, FL) Vision Expo
  379. International Point of View (San Dimas, CA)
  380. Intrigue by Interntional Minds (Roslyn, NY)   Vision Expo
  381. IS Eyewear (Canada) Sports Performance, googles Sunwear
  382. Isson (Australia)  Distributed by Fusion
  383. Italee Optics (Los Angeles, CA) Vision Expo, has a store in LA
  384. Italia Independent (Miami, FL) At Vision Expo, wholesales and retails products
  385. Italian Eyewear (Coral Gables, FL) Vision Expo
  386. Italian Optika (Deerfield Beach, FL) VEW14
  387. IVI Vision (Santa Ana, CA)
  388. IVKO (Costa Mesa, C) Hoffman Natural Eyewear, Maybach
  389. iWood (Louisville, KY) Wood Eyewear from reclaimed sources. Has exhibited at VE
  390. Jack Martin (La Verne, CA) Member of The Vision Council
  391. Jacques Durand Occhiali (France)  Vision Expo
  392. Jacques Marie Mage (Los Angeles, Ca) Give Back
  393. Jai Kudo (UK)
  394. Jee Vice (San Clemente, CA) Has attended Vision Expo in the past
  395. Jefferson Eyewear (Netherlands) wood eyewear, wholesale and retail
  396. Jeremy Tarian (NY, NY) At Vision Expo
  397. J.F. Rey (New York, France) Opened store in Japan
  398. JIns Eyewear USA (San Franciso, CA and Japan) Retail Stores and Wholesale. Member of The Vision Council. Has a Cases For Causes in place. 
  399. Jisco Eyewear (Spain) VEE15,
  400. Johnny Fly (NC)
  401. Joint Project
  402. Jonathan Cate n(Denver, NC) Vision Expo
  403. Jonathan Paul Eyewear (Austin, TX) Fitovers,  Member of The Vision Council, Vision Expo,  Fitovers sunwear
  404. Jono Hennessy (Australia) Distributed by Reflect Eyes  Vision Expo
  405. Jordan Eyewear (Deland, FL)
  406. JR Vision Group (Santa Fe Springs, CA)
  407. Julbo  USA (Williston, VT) Sports Eyewear, Member of The Vision Council
  408. Jungle Eyewear (Buffalo, NY) Kids Eyewear
  409. Just Eye Fashion (Afton, VA) Member of The Vision Council
  410. Kaenon Polarized (Newport Beach, CA) The Vision Council
  411. Kaibosh (Sweden)
  412. Kala (Oakland, CA) Made in the USA, The Vision Council, Vision Expo
  413. Kamasutra Eyewear (Switzerland)
  414. Kaneko Optical Co (Japan) Vision Expo, Has Retail store in NY.
  415. Karavan Production (France)
  416. Karen Walker Sunglasses (New York, NY) wholesale and retail
  417. Karmoie (Norway) Vision Expo
  418. Karavan Production
  419. Kasperek USA (Romolus, MI) The Vision Council, VEW14
  420. Kata/ Legacie (NY)
  421. Katia Beni Group USA (Astoria, NY) VEE15
  422. Kayu Design (Burlingame, CA) Give back company with bamboo sunglasses
  423. KBL Eyewear (Germany) Distributed by Alexander Daas in US.
  424. Kees Wennekendonk (Netherlands) Wood, Buffalo Horn Eyewear, Mammoth
  425. Kenmark (Louisville, KY) The Vision Council
  426. Kilsgaard (Costa Mesa, CA and UK) At Vision Expo. Distributed by BaumVision/ Leisure Society
  427. Kimiko Ltd (Brooklyn, NY) Vision Expo
  428. Kingdom Eyewear/ Davettes  (Penryn, CA) Vision Expo
  429. Kings Of The Past (Austria) Vintage Eyewear
  430. Kio Yamato (Englewood, NJ) The Vision Council
  431. Kirk and Kirk (UK) Vision Expo Wholesales and Retails Product
  432. Kolo Eyewear (Canada) VEW14, site not working
  433. Komono (Belgium)  VEE15
  434. K Optix (Torrance, CA)
  435. Kovalis Eyewear (Denver, CO)
  436. Kraa Kraa (Finland) Wood Eyewear
  437. Krewe du Optic (New Orleans, LA) Wholesale and Retail Prodcuts, VEE15
  438. Ksubi (Australia) wholesale and retail
  439. Kubic Concept (Miami, FL)
  440. Kuboraum (Germany) Vision Expo
  441. Kuma Eyewear/Meta Eyewear (Canada)
  442. Kurtis USA (Morro Bay, CA) Sunwear for Surfers, wholesale and retail
  443. L & L Optical (Montrey, CA) Vision Expo
  444. L.A. Eyeworks (Los Angeles, CA) Has Retail Stores too. At Vision Expo
  445. L’amy (Wilton, CT)  The Vision Council, Vision Expo
  446. LaFont (NY, NY and France) First Retail Store in Paris opened in 1923. Has 4 stores in Paris. Attends Vision Expo and member of The Vision Council. Wholesale and Retail products

    Lamont Window display
    La Fofont Optical’s Window Display in Paris
  447. Lara D’ (Italy) VEE15
  448. Larke Optics (UK) wholesale and retail
  449. Larry Sands, Shamballa Eyewear (Malibu, CA) VEE15, VEE15
  450. Lasted Group (Italy) VEE15
  451. Lawrence Eyewear (Pennsauken, NJ)
  452. LBI (Chatsworth, CA) The Vision Council, wholesales and Retails products.
  453. Legre Eyewear (Edison, NJ)
  454. Lerocher New York (NY, NY) Eyecite International, Vision Expo
  455. Les Pieces Uniques/ MDM Occhiali (Italy) Vision Expo
  456. LeSpecs (NY) Wholesale and Retail
  457. Less Than Human (Japan) Vision Expo, wholesale and retail product
  458. L.G.R. (Italy) Vision Expo, wholesale and retail products
  459. Liberty Sport (Fairfield, NJ) Attends Vision Expo and member of The Vision Council . Switch vision 
  460. Lido West Eyeworks / New Millennium Eyewear (Freeport, NY) 800-269-8344
  461. Linda Farrow (UK) Vision Expo
  462. Lindberg (Denmark) Attends Vision Expo
  463. Linea Roma Eyewear/Vision Design Eyewear (Miami, FL) wholesale and retail
  464. LinkSkin (Belgium) Eco Friendly Eyewear
  465. Lio’Factory (Italy) www. VEE15
  466. Liquid Eyewear (Yuma, AZ)  Manufactured in USA,  Sunglasses, has been to Vision Expo, wholesale and retail
  467. Liquid Image (Santa Rosa, CA) scuba, goggles, mask, wholesale and retail
  468. Live Eyewear (San Luis Obispo, CA) Member of The Vision Council
  469. L and L (Monterey Park, CA) Budget and Private Label
  470. Logo of the Americas (Weston, FL) Attends Vision Expo and member of The Vision Council
  471. Look@Me (Italy) Vision Expo
  472. Look Occhiali (Italy) Vision Expo
  473. Look Vision (France)  Vision Expo
  474. Lookkino (Italy) Vision Expo
  475. Lothos (Paris)
  476. Loupe Eyewear (Italy) VEE15
  477. Lucent Product (Chino, CA)
  478. Lucid Eyewear (Mammoth Lakes, CA) Helps to save a child from Malaria, wholesale and retail
  479. Lucky NY Selects (New York, NY) Vision Expo
  480. Lucy’s Optical (Puerto Rico) The Vision Council
  481. Lumete Eyewear (NY, NY) wholesale and retail
  482. Lumiere Eyewear (NY, NY)
  483. L’Unique Optique Ltd (Great Harrington,MA) Distributor of Traction, Oxibis, Exalto At Vision Expo
  484. Lunettes Kollektion (Germany)
  485. Lunettes Plein Les Mirettes (France)
  486. Lunette USA (Amherst, NY) attending VEW15
  487. Lunor / Robert Marc
  488. Lupa Studio (Italy)
  489. Lupo Eyewear (UK)
  490. Luxuriator Collection, Solid gold and diamonds eyewear
  491. Luxol (Italy) VEE15
  492. Luxottica (NY) Attends Vision Expo, Member of The Vision Council. Wholesales and Retail products. Owns Lenscrafters, Sunglass Hut, Iloiri, RayBan store is said to be opening in NY. Bought RayBan in 1999 for $640M.
  493. Luzerne Optical (Wilkes Barre, PA) Member of The Vision Council
  494. LX Sunglasses (Simi Valley, CA)
  495. Lytot (Paris)
  496. Mad in Italy (NY, Italy) VEE15
  497. M.A.D.E (Copenhagen) , wood eyewear
  498. Maison Martin Margiela (New York, NY), Distributed by Mykita,  Vision Expo
  499. Mammoth Eyewear (UK) Scrimshaw mammoth tusks eyewear
  500. Mango Eyewear, (Spain) VEW14
  501. Marajo Eyewear (Sherman Oaks, CA)
  502. Marchon (Melville, NY) Owned by VSP, Member of The Vision Council, Attends Vision Expo, wholesales and retails product. Bought Scandinavian Eyewear in 2012.
  503. Margotte Eyewear (Germany)

    Woodon Eyewear, at Vision Expo, Wholesale, Retails, and has affiliate program to sell online
    Woodon Eyewear, at Vision Expo, Wholesale, Retails, and has affiliate program to sell online
  504. Marcolin/Viva (Somerville, NJ ) Attends Vision Expo, Merged with Viva, Member of The Vision Council Member
  505. Margot and Camille (Philadephia, PA) Brick and Mortar optician on Indiegogo trying to manufacture their own product.
  506. Martin and Martin (Germany) Attends Vision Expo
  507. Martini Occhiali (Italy) VEE15
  508. Massada Eyewear  (UK)
  509. Markus T Distributed through Sho Eyeworks
  510. Marma Eyewear (UK)
  511. Marr International Group (NY, NY)
  512. Marwitz Hans Joachim (Germany) Attend Vision Expo
  513. Masaki Matsushima (Japan)
  514. Masunaga Group/Toki Eyewear (Japan
  515. Match Eyewear (Mineola, NY) and Design Gallery (Westbury, NY)    The Vision Council
  516. Matsuda (Santa Monica, Ca) VEE15
  517. Maui Jim (Peoria, IL) The Vision Council (Owns Zeal Optics). Wholesale and Retail product online
  518. Max Eyewear (UK) Vision Expo
  519. McGee Group (Marrieta, GA) , Attends Vision Expo, The Vision Council
  520. Medicine Werx (Urbandale, IA) Wood Eyewear, gives back, wholesale and retail
  521. Menizzi (Brooklyn,  NY) Vision Expo
  522. Merchamp Optical (Ireland) Marco Eyewear
  523. Mercoframes Optical Corp (Miami, FL)  Vision Expo
  524. Mercura NY (NY, NY) Clubwear Sunglasses
  525. Metzler (Netherlands) Vision Expo
  526. Meyer Eyewear (Germany)
  527. Michel Henau (Belgium)
  528. Michael Pachleitner Group (Austria) Vision Expo www. michael-pachleitner-group.
  529. Michele B (France) Bespoke Eyewear
  530. Mikado Eyewear (Laguna Niguel, CA)
  531. Miraflex (Doral, FL and Italy) Kids Eyewear, Vision Expo
  532. Mirage Eyewear (La Puente, CA) The Vision Council
  533. Mirage SPA (Italy and USA) The Vision Council
  534. Miyagi Eyewear/Optical Exchange (Chatsworth, CA) The Vision Council
  535. Minima USA (France) Attends Vision Expo
  536. MiraFlex Childrens Eyewear (San Jose, CA) Attends Vision Expo
  537. Moat House Eyewear (UK) Wood Eyewear, plants trees, Silmo
  538. Modavisao SA (Italy) The Vision Council
  539. Modern Optical International (Roselle, IL) Brands: Genevieve Boutique, Modz Kids, Craft Optics, Fashionabulous, Mod2, Modern Art, Giovani de Venizia, Modern Times, URock, BMEC, Big Mens Eyewear Club, VCA Member

    Korean based Gentle Monster, (wholesale and retail) can be seen on runways and fashion magazines.
    Korean based Gentle Monster, (wholesale and retail) can be seen on runways and fashion magazines.
  540. Mo Eyewear (Spain) Vision Expo
  541. Mondelliani (Italy) has store, wholesales and retails products
  542. Modo Eyewear (New York) Vision Expo, Store in New York, Give back company, eco friendly eyewear.
  543. Mondottica Eyewear (New Providence, Nj) The Vision Council, Attends Vision Expo
  544. Monkey Glasses (Denmark) Give back company to Monkeys, wholesale and retail
  545. Monocle Order (NY,NY) wholesale and retail, has eyewear vending machines in NY, opened up Flagship showroom and now is wholesaling new product line,
  546. Monogool (Belgium) Distributed by Studio
  547. Moo Eyewear (USA)
  548. Morel Eyewear (Wyckoff, NJ) The Vision Council, Attends Vision Expo
  549. Mosaic Eyewear (Omaha, NE) Vision Expo
  550. Moschino Eyewear  (Italy) Vision Expo
  551. Moscot (NY, NY) Started as a retail store in NY, wholesales and retails products.
  552. Mountain View Marketing (Linden, UT) The Vision Council, Pugs Gear
  553. Mr. M Eyewear (Calabasas, CA) wholesale and online. Gives back to Save The Children and others
  554. Muncie Eyewear (Germany)
  555. Mutual Optics (Walnut,CA)
  556. Mu Visions (France) Vision Expo, www.
  557. Mykita North America (West Orange, NJ) Has retail stores,  member of The Vision Council, Attends Vision Expo
  558. Nakatani Co (Japan) Frame Supplier (VEE15)
  559. Native Eyewear (Denver, CO) Sunglasses, wholesale and retail
  560. Nautique Optix (Perry, OH) Wood Eyewear
  561. Navajo Manufacturing (Denver, CO) The Vision Council
  562. NC Eyewear (Cornelius, NC)
  563. Nea Optiki SA (Greece) Member of The Vision Council, Attends Vision Expo
  564. Neesh Eyewear (Canada) VEE15
  565. Neostyle Eyewear (Germany)
  566. New light Eyewear (NY, NY(  Vision Expo
  567. New Line Optics ( Ashland, MA)
  568. New Millenium Eyewear (Freeport, NY)
  569. New Vision (Korea)
  570. New York Optical Western Hemisphere (Albany, NY)
  571. NEXO (Italy) VEE15, Private Label,
  572. Niche Optics (Inwood, NY)
  573. Nico Design (Italy) Vision Expo, Vanni,
  574. Niko3 (Italy) VEE15
  575. Niloca (Australia) Wholesale and Retail
  576. Nippon Optical (Montrose, CA)
  577. Noisy Eyewear (Ventura, CA) Sunglasses, wholesale and retail
  578. Northern Lights Optic (Canada) VEE15, wholesale and retail
  579. Norville Group (UK) Vision Expo
  580. Nouveau Eyewear (Carrollton, TX) The Vision Council, attends Vision Expo
  581. Nowosad Eyewear (Poland) Wholesale and Retail, has attended Vision Expo.
  582. Nuiit Eyewear (Italy)
  583. Oakley /Luxottica (Foothill Ranch, CA) Bought by Luxottica in 2007 for $2.1 B, Has stores, wholesale and retail. The Vision Council
  584. Occhiali US (Doral, FL) VEE15
  585. Odyssey 2020 (Australia) Sports Sunglasses, wholesale and retail
  586. Ogani Eyewear (Beverly Hills, CA) Vision Expo
  587. OGI/ Seraphin/ Scojo (Minneapolis, MN) Member of the Vision Expo, Attends Vision Expo. Wholesale and Retails Seraphin and Scojo.

    Fish Sunglasses by Rons Optical. One of the fastest growing segments in the market
    Fish Sunglasses by Rons Optical. One of the fastest growing segments in the market
  588. Ojos De Oro (Los Angeles, CA) has attended Vision Expo
  589. OKIA (Kowloon, Hong Kong) The Vision Council
  590. OKO Eyewear Paris  (France) Attends Vision Expo
  591. Oliver Goldsmith (UK) Vision Expo, retail store in UK,
  592. Oliver Peoples/ Luxottica (West Hollywood, CA) Has Retail stores, wholesales and retails products.
  593. Olympic Eyewear (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  594. Onono (Germany)
  595. Ono Optical Company (Walnut, CA) , The Vision Council
  596. Onono (Germany) Vision Expo
  597. Ono’s Trading Company (Mobile, AL) Sunglasses, readers
  598. OOH La La De Paris (Palm Springs, CA) Vision Expo, The Vision Council
  599. O-OK (Italy) VEE15
  600. Opal (France) Hello Kitty, New York Yankees and more. VEE15
  601. Optical Expressions /Kyoto Eyewear) Holbrooke, NY
  602. Optical Distributors (MS)
  603. Optika Eyewear (Canada)
  604. Optim (Spain) Vision Expo: Agatha Ruiz de lLa Prada, Guy Laroche, Gaudi Concept
  605. Optimate (Arcadia, CA) The Vision Council, Vision Expo
  606. Optika Eyewear (Canada) Attends Vision Expo
  607. OptiUSA (Opa Locka, FL), Member of The Vision Council
  608. OptiWoow (Miami, FL) Kids frames, wholesale and retail . Created by Pediatric Ophthalmology Optical Shop, in Florida.
  609. Optoplast Actman Eyewear (UK) The Vision Council, VEE15
  610. Orgreen Optics (Denmark) Attends Vision Expo
  611. Oscar Magnuson (Sweden)
  612. Ottica Dante Americas (Boca Raton, FL) VEE15
  613. Ottica Veneta/ Sospiri (Dallas, TX)  Vision Expo
  614. Ottomila (NY, NY) Vision Expo
  615. Quantum Interface (Austin, TX) Smart Glasses
  616. OVVO Optics (River Edge, NJ) Vision Expo
  617. OWP USA (Olathe, KS) The Vision Council
  618. Oxibis/ L’Unique Optique
  619. Pacific Link (Dalton, GA) Value priced sunwear
  620. Padma Image (Japan)
  621. Panda Eyewear (Washington, DC) Bamboo Sunglasses, gives back, wholesale and retai
  622. Pan Venice (Italy) has exhibited at VEE13
  623. Parachic (Italy) fashion googles Wholesale and e-commerce.
  624. Paper and Paper Eyewear (Germany) Eyewear made with reclaimed paper
  625. Paper Style Eyewear (Italy) eyewear made with up cycled paper
  626. Parasite Eyewear  (France) Vision Expo
  627. Pared Eyewear (Australia) Wholesale and Retail
  628. Parkman Sunglasses (Mountside, NJ) Wood Sunglasses, Wholesales and Retail Products.
  629. Parris Optics International (Clearwater, FL)Vision Expo, Closeouts
  630. Patty Paillette (Italy) Vision Expo
  631. Paul and Joe (France)
  632. Paulino Spectacles (Portugal)
  633. Pavi Optics (Augustine, FL)
  634. Paws And Claws (Pittsburgh, PA) wholesales and Retail product, vision Expo
  635. Penn Avenue Eyewear (Pittsburgh, PA)  Wholesale and Retail, Give Back to many causes, Offers package programs for eyecare professionals. Attends Vision Expo
  636. Piazza Optical (Doral, FL) Vision Expo
  637. Piero Massaro (Italy) VEE15
  638. Pierre Eyewear (France)  Vision Expo
  639. Pineapple Eyewear (UK)
  640. Pivot Head (Centennial, CO) Smart Glasses
  641. Polar Sunglasses- Revert/It (Italy)
  642. Polaroid Eyewear (Italy) The Vision Council
  643. Polapto (Korea)
  644. Pollipo Handmand Sunglasses (Finland) Wholesale and retail
  645. Pollot Wooden Eyewear (Finland)Wood Eyewear, wholesale and retail
  646. Pomberger (Austria)
  647. pq Eyewear by Ron Arad (UK) Vision Expo 3D printed eyewear
  648. Prell Eyewear (Brooklyn, NY) VEE12, wholesale and retail
  649. Prisme Optical Group (Canada) Attends Vision Expo Beausoleil, Cogan, Tartine and Chocolat, Oliver Goldsmith, Erlik, Bellinger, Orgreen.
  650. Private Label Optical (Van Nuys, CA) VEE15
  651. Prego Eyewear (Denmark) wholesale and retail
  652. Prestige Optics (S. San Francisco, CA) Eyewear distributor
  653. Priority Eyewear (Binghamton, NY)
  654. Pro Design/ Face a Face (San Francisco, CA) The Vision Council
  655. Proof Eyewear (Boise, ID) Wood Eyewear, Give Back Company,  Vision Expo
  656. Prologue Vision (Dallas, TX)  The Vision Council, Vision Expo, TC Charton wholesales and retails
  657. PSiO (Murrietta, CA) Smart Glasses
  658. Quay Eyewear (Australia, US) wholesale and retail
  659. Q Vision ( Arlington Heights, IL) The Vision Council
  660. Rac Paris (N. Bay Village, FL, Italy)
  661. Rada Eyewear Inc (Canada) Attends Vision Expo
  662. Radical Eyewear (Austria)
  663. R and R Eyewear Imports (Hatfield, PA) Vision Expo
  664. Raen Optics (Oceanside, CA) Wholesales and Retails products, has attended VE
  665. Rainey Group (Columbia, MD) The Vision Council. Owned by an optometrist.
  666. Ralph Valssean -(Belgium) Buffalo Horn eyewear
  667. Randolph Engineering USA (Randolph, MA) The Vision Council, Attend Vision Expo, Made in USA products.
  668. Rapp Eyewear (Canada) Attends Vision Expo, Has store in Canada
  669. Real Kids Shades (Concord, MA) Childrens Sunglasses,  Wholesale and Retail
  670. Recon Instruments (Canada) Smart Glasses
  671. Red 88 Eyewear (San Gabriel, CA)
  672. Reflect Eyes (Lynbrook, NY) Carter Bond, Carlottas Village, AM Eyewear, Vision Expo
  673. Rem Eyewear (Sun Valley, CA) The Vision Council, Attends Vision Expo
  674. Reptile Polarized Sunglasses (Ashland, MA)/ eyeO’s (Wholesales and Retails)
  675. Res/Rei (UK)
  676. RetroSpecs (Los Angeles, CA) Vintage Eyewear, showrooms, wholesale and retail, Vintage Eyewear
  677. Revision Military (VT) Military Eyewear
  678. Revolution Eyewear (Simi Valley, CA) The Vision Council Member
  679. Rigards (France)  Buffalo Horn
  680. Rim Optics USA (Beverly Hills, CA) Alter Ego, Eco friendly eyewear
  681. RK Design Optik (Germany) Vision Expo
  682. Rochester Optical (Rochester, NY) Wholesale Lab with Retail stores.
  683. Robert La Roche (Austria)
  684. Robert Marc (NY, NY) Has retail stores, wholesales and retails, Vision Expo, Lunor, Robi Horn
  685. Rodenstock– France
  686. Roger Eye Design (Seattle, WA, Netherlands,) Zowee Wow Distinctive Eyewear
  687. Rolf Spectacles (Austria) Attends Vision Expo, Has Store in Vienna
  688. Ronit Furst (Charlotte, NC) Vision Expo
  689. Rons Optical (Livermore, CA) Sunglasses, Readers, Member of The Vision Council, Attends Vision Expo
  690. Roots Inc (Japan) Bamboo Eyewear
  691. Roseco Optics (King of Prussia, PA)
  692. Roussilhe Productions (France) The Vision Council www.
  693. Royal Vision International (Ontario, CA)
  694. Royce International Eyewear (Morris, NY)
  695. RVS Eyewear (NY NY, Turkey) Vision Expo, wholesales and retails products
  696. Rudy Project (San Clemente, CA) Sports Eyewear, Wholesale and Retails
  697. S4 Optics (Upland, CA) Polarized, polycarbonate goggles and sunglasses for Boarding. Wholesale and Retail
  698. Sabinebe (France)
  699. Sabre Vision (Newport Beach, CA) , Sport fashion sunwear. Wholesale and Retail
  700. Safilo (Parsippany,NJ), Member of The Vision Council, attends Vision Expo. Wholesales and Retails Products.
  701. Salt Optics (Costa Mesa, CA)
  702. Sama Eyewear (NY, CA) Retail locations, Shows at Vision Expo, Wholesale and Retail Products.
  703. Samal Design (France) Vision Expo Wholesale and Retail Product
  704. Sans Pareil Optical (Coral Springs, FL) VEE15
  705. Sasura Eyewear (Canada) jeweled and interchangeable charms
  706. Saville Row Eyewear (UK)
  707. SA Vision Eyewear (Korea
  708. SBOJi (Fountain Valley, CA) wood, bamboo, skate deck sunwear, gives back.Wholesale and Retail
  709. Scandinavian Eyewear (Lakewood, CO, Sweden)
  710. Scandinavian Frames (Sweden)
  711. Scheyden Precision Eyewear (Huntington Beach, CA) Flip Up Pilot Eyewear, Fishing, Yachting, Aviation, Golf, Wholesale, Retail
  712. Schnuchel (Germany) Vision Expo
  713. Scott Sports Sports performance Sunglasses
  714. Sea Specs (Miami, FL) Polarized Water Sport Eyewear, Rx available.
  715. Sea Vision USA- (St. Petersburg, FL) prescription dive mask, wholesale, retail
  716. Second Shot (Canada) reclaimed skate deck sunglasses, wholesale and retail
  717. Seeoo (Miami, FL and Italy) Vision Expo
  718. Selima Optique (NY, NY) Retail locations, Vision Expo, Wholesale and Retail
  719. Seeoo/ O.VE.R.AL sns (Miami, FL and Italy) Vision Expo
  720. Seiko Optical Products (MA)
  721. Select A Vision (Collegeville, PA) The Vision Council, Wholesale and Retail
  722. Serfas Optics (Phoenix, AZ )  Bike Glasses
  723. Shauns (Solana Beach, CA) Give back company, Vision Expo, Wholesales and Retails products
  724. Shayna Eyewear (Denver, CO)
  725. Sherwin Eyewear (Leaque City, TX) Private Label eyewear
  726. Sho Eyeworks (Englewood Cliffs, NJ), Vision Expo, Private Label
  727. Shred Optics (Nashua, NH) Sports and Goggles Eyewear, wholesale and retail
  728. Shuron
  729. Shwood (Portland, OR) Wood Eyewear and Sunwear, The Vision Council, Vision Expo/ Wholesales and Retail Products. Eco Friendly uses reclaimed wood.
  730. Shuron (Greenville, SC)

    Silhouette, working with fashion designers such at Felder-Felder, member of The Vision Council
    Silhouette, working with fashion designers such at Felder-Felder, member of The Vision Council
  731. Sickys World (Malibu) Sunwear
  732. Sidebar Eyewear (Miami, Fl) Wholesale and Retail
  733. Sightique Optical (Brooklyn, NY) Vision Expo
  734. Signature Eyewear (Inglewood, CA)
  735. Silhouette Eyewear (Green Island, NY) Member of The Vision Council. Brands: Silhouette, Adidas Eyewear
  736. Silver Dollar (Oneonta, NY)
  737. Silver Fish (Laguna Beach, CA) Sports- Surfing sunglasses, Wholesale and retail
  738. Simon Says Concepts/Chimm  (China) recycled paper Frames, Vision Expo,
  739. SK8 Shades (South Africa) skate deck sunglasses
  740. Slav Nowosad (Poland) Unique eyewear, has exhibited at Vision Expo, wholesale and retail
  741. Smilen Eyewear (Cedarhurst, NY) Vision Expo
  742. Smith Optics (Portland, OR) Owned by Safilo, The Vision Council, Wholesale and Retail
  743. Smoke and Mirrors (Miami Beach, FL) Wholesale and Retail products, Vision Expo
  744. Solar Bat Performance Sunglasses (Brazil, IN)  Sport Sunglasses, owned by an OD. Wholesale and Retail
  745. Solo Bambini (Burlingame, CA) Eyewear for infants and kids. Wholesale and Retail
  746. Someday Somewhere (Australia) Wholesale and Retail
  747. Sons + Daughters Eyewear (Lawrence, MA and Canada) Eyewear for kids, Attends Vision Expo
  748. SOS Eyewear (Utah) Sport Sunglasses
  749. Specs of Wood (Woodmere, NY) VEE15, Wood Eyewear
  750. Spy Optic (Carlsbad, CA) Sports Eyewear, Member of The Vision Council, Attends Vision Expo, Wholesale and Retail

    Slav Nowosad, Poland, titianium has shown at Vision Expo
    Slav Nowosad, Poland, titianium has shown at Vision Expo
  751. Spectacle Eyeworks (Canada) Attends Vision Expo
  752. Spectaculars (NY, NY) Made in USA Eyewear
  753. Sex Wax (San Diego, CA) Made in USA, eyewear from vinyl records, wholesale and retail
  754. Spektre Sunglasses (Italy) VEE15
  755. Spinner Design Lab (San Raphael, CA) VEE15
  756. Stays On Eyewear/ Fantas Eyes (Birmingham, MI, NY, NY) The Vision Council
  757. Stella Nova Eyewear (Whittier, CA)
  758. Stemick Optical (Los Angeles, CA), Vision Expo
  759. Stepper Eyewear  (France)
  760. Steve H NY, (NY, NY) Vision Expo
  761. Strada del Sole Eyewear (Switzerland)
  762. Struktur (France) Vision Expo
  763. Studio 3 Occhiali Inc (Hartsvale, NY) Vision Expo
  764. Studio Optyx (St. Louis, MO) Vision Expo, Distributes Monqool, Deparage and NW77th. Has retail stores
  765. Stylemark /Riveria/Lantis/Style Eyes Division (NY, NY) Bought by Essilor in 2011. Non prescription sunglasses and readers, Member of The Vision Council
  766. Summer Hawk Optics/ Flying Eyes Sunglasses (Austin, TX) The Vision Council Sport sunglasses, wholesale and retail
  767. Sunairess (Miami, Fl)
  768. Sun Dog Distributing (Canada) Sunglasses
  769. Sunoptic International (Canada) Attends Vision Expo
  770. Suntech Optics/ Ryders Eyewear (Canada) Bought by Essilor in 2013. Member of the The Vision Council
  771. Sunwise (UK) sport sunglasses
  772. Super by Retro Super Future (Italy) Vision Expo, Retail store in New York, wholesales and retails products.
  773. Sutro Vision (San Francisco, CA)
  774. Swing Eyewear (Turkey)
  775. Symmetry Eyewear (Honolulu, HI)
  776. Tart Optical (Calabasa, CA) wholesale and retail
  777. Tavat Eyewear (New Smyra Beach, FL) Vision Expo, distributed by Alexander Daas
  778. Taylor Morris Eyewear (UK) wholesale and retail
  779. Teka Eyewear (NY, NY) Vision Expo

    Liberty Sport and Switch Vision are members of The Vision Council and attend Vision Expo
    Liberty Sport and Switch Vision are members of The Vision Council and attend Vision Expo
  780. TD Tom Davies (London) The Vision Council, attends vision expo, Flagship store in London
  781. Termite Eyewear (UK) sustainable wood eyewear, wholesale and retail
  782. Thema Optical ( Miami FL and NY) Member of The Vision Council, iGreen Eyewear
  783. The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear, Wholesale and retail
  784. The Optical Source Unlimited/Taylor Madison Eyewear  (Danbury, CT) VEE15,
  785. Theo/ Anne Et Valentin (Belgium) Vision Expo
  786. The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear  Wholesale and Retail
  787. Thierry Lasry (France) Attends Vision Expo
  788. Thomas Muster Eyewear (Austria)
  789. Tifosi Optics (Watkinsville, GA) VEE15
  790. Tipton Eyeworks/ Vinylize (Hungary) Member of The Vision Council, Vision Expo. Eyewear from recycled records.
  791. Todd Rogers Eyewear (Andover, MA) The Vision Council, Vision Expo
  792. Tom Rebl (Italy) Vision Expo
  793. Toki Eyewear (Woodland Hills, CA) Masunaga Group, Inc.
  794. Tomato Glasses (Ft Lee, NJ) VEE15, Childrens Frames
  795. Toms Eyewear (Los Angeles, CA) Retail stores, wholesale and Retail. One for One Eyewear Program
  796. Tom Stevens Eyewear (Netherlands)
  797. Toxic Eyewear (Canada)
  798. Traction Productions (France) Vision Expo. Has retail stores in France
  799. Tree Spectacles (Italy) Wood Eyewear, Eco Friendly FSC certified wood, Vision Expo
  800. Three Monkeys Eyewear (South America) Has retail stores and seen at Vision Expo
  801. Trevi Coliseum (Italy) Vision Expo
  802. Trigon Group (Canada) Vision Expo
  803. Tropique (France) Baby Sunglasses, wholesale and retail
  804. Tura (NY, NY) Member of The Vision Council, Attends Vision Expo, Brands: Bogner, Brendel, Crush, Geoffrey Beene, Humphreys, Kate Young For Tura, Lulu Guinness, oio, Ted Baker London,  TitanFlex,
  805. Tuscany Eyewear (Davie, FL) The Vision Council
  806. TYG Spectacles (Italy) VEE15
  807. Ubifrance (France) Vision Expo. Governemt agencey for the development of French eyewear companies.
  808. Ultra Palm (North Miami Beach, FL) Member of The Vision Council
  809. Under Armour
  810. Undostrial (France) Vision Expo

    Victory Optical, remaking vintage eyewear, attends Vision Expo
    Victory Optical, remaking vintage eyewear, attends Vision Expo
  811. United Optical (Shawnee, OK) Close outs
  812. Universal Gozluk Ltd (Turkey), The Vision Council
  813. Urband (France) Vision Expo
  814. UVEX Sports (International) sports performance
  815. V1 Vision (Gilbert, AZ)
  816. Valley Eyewear (Australia) Wholesale and e-commerce site.
  817. Vanessa and Mehdi SARL (France) Vision Expo
  818. Valrose (Italy) VEE15
  819. Varg Eyewear (UK) Vision Expo
  820. Vari Eyewear (Port Washington, NY) Gives back to Wounded Warrior Project
  821. Variation Design (France)
  822. Vasuma (Sweden) Vision Expo
  823. Vava Eyewear
  824. VedaloHD Performance Sunglasses (Brooklyn Park, MN)  Sport sunwear,
  825. Velvet Eyewear (NY, NY) The Vision Council, Vision Expo, Give Back Company
  826. Very French Gangsters (France) Vision Expo, Eyewear for Kids
  827. Veronika Wild Gruber (Germany) awarded Silmo d Or
  828. Versace 19V69 (NJ and Italy)
  829. Vestal Watch (Costa Mesa, CA) Wholesale and retail sunglasses
  830. Vesterby Denmark  (Belgium)
  831. Vicrola Optical (Forest Hills, NY) Vision Expo
  832. Victor and Rolf (France) Vision Expo
  833. Victory Optical (Whitehouse, NJ) Vision Expo
  834. Villa Eyewear (Glen Cove, NY) Member of The Vision Council, Attends Vision Expo, BlackFin, X-ides, Rye&Lye, John Richmond,
  835. Vincent Dagron Eyewear (Oakland, CA)
  836. Vinyl Factory (France) Vision Expo
  837. Visiball Ball USA (St. Louis, MO) Lost Golf ball finder
  838. VisOptical LLC (St. Louis, MO) The Vision Council
  839. Vista Eyewear US Inc (NY, NY) Vision Expo
  840. Visual Eyes Eyewear (Longwood, FL)
  841. Vivid Eyewear (Clifton, NY) The Vision Council
  842. Volfoni 3D Smart Glasses
  843. Von Zipper Eyewear (Irvine, CA) Has attended Vision Expo
  844. Vuerich B (Spain) Wood Sunwear, uses reclaimed wood, wholesale, retails
  845. Vu frameworks (Weekawken, NJ) VEE15 
  846. Vuarnet Inc (Valhalla, NY), The Vision Council
  847. Vuillet Vega (France) Vision Expo
  848. Vue DC (Cape Coral,FL and France) Vision Expo
  849. Vuzix (Rochester, NY) Smart Glasses, wholesale and Retail, Vision Expo
  850. W-Eye (Italy) Wood Eyewear

    Both Classique and WestGroupe attend Vision Expo and are member of The Vision Council
    Both Classique and WestGroupe attend Vision Expo and are member of The Vision Council. Have store locators on their websites
  851. Wagner and Kuehner (Germany) Vision Expo
  852. Waiting For The Sun (France) Wood Sunwear, wholesale and retail
  853. Waveborn (MD) Give back to cataract surgeries, wholesale and retail,
  854. Westgroupe (Canada and US) Attends Vision Expo, Member of The Vision Council
  855. Westward Leaning (San Francisco, CA) Give back, Wholesale and Retail products
  856. We Wood (Los Angeles, CA) Wood Sunglasses, Plants Trees, used reclaimed materials
  857. Whiteout and Glare (Germany) Vision Expo
  858. Wildfox (Los Angeles, CA) Vision Expo, wholesale and retail products
  859. Wiley X (Livermore, CA)  Motorcycle, Military, Dry Eye, Facebook, Goggles, sport performance sunwear, Climate Control, Changegable Eyewear, Top Down ventilating eyewear, polarized lenses, ballistic eyewear, safety . Gives back to Susan G Komen For The Cure, member The Vision Council
  860. Windsor Eyes (Pennsauken, NJ) The Vision Council
  861. Wissing Brillenfassungen (Germany) Vision Expo
  862. Woo Class (Italy) Wood Eyewear, Vision Expo, Gives Back
  863. WooDone (Italy) Wood Eyewear, VEE15
  864. Wood Proof (Singapore) Wood Sunwear, Plants Trees For Every Frame Sold, wholesale and retail.
  865. Wood Roze (USA) Wood eyewear, gives back, wholesale and online eyewear
  866. WOOW Eyewear /InFace Eyewear  (Denmark) VEE15
  867. Woodys Barcelona (Spain) Wood Sunwear, wholesale and retail
  868. Wood Zee (Chico, CA) Wood Sunglasses, wholesale, retail, Affiliate program
  869. Wooed By Wood (San Francisco, CA) Bamboo, Wood and Skateboard Sunglasses, affiliate program, wholesale and retail

    WileyXZ Youth Force. Wileyx is a member of The Vision Council, attends Vision Expo
    WileyXZ Youth Force. Wileyx is a member of The Vision Council, attends Vision Expo
  870. YCC International (Pullman, WA) wholesale and private label
  871. Yellow Plus/ GA Yellows) Japan, VEE15,
  872. YCC International (Pullman, WA) Does Private Label
  873. Yris Design (France)
  874. Yves Cogan (France) VEE15
  875. Zan Zan (UK)
  876. Zeal Optics (Boulder, CO) Owned by Maui Jim
  877. Zeos Global LLC (West Windsor Township, NY) The Vision Council
  878. Zero G (Camarillo, CA) Vision Expo
  879. Zig Eyewear USA (Madison, WI and Canada) Member of  The Vision Council and Attend Vision Expo
  880. Zilli (France) Vision Expo
  881. Zimco Optical ( Brooklyn, NY) The Vision Council Member
  882. Zoobug (UK) Childrens eyewear Wholesale and Retail
  883. Zyloware ( Port Chester, NY). Randy Jackson Eyewear, Sophia Loren, Stetson, Gloria Vanderbilt, Daisy Fuentes, Via Spiga, Natori, Invincilites, Project Runway, Leon Max, Red Lotus, Red Tiger  Eyewear collections. The Vision Council Member, Attends Vision Expo

Not listed: Most Frame manufacturers from Asia, South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand,  Most Accessory Vendors, low vision and online companies,  Smart Glasses, Speciality Glasses, Safety Glasses, Clubwear, Bespoke, Novelty, Etsy, Vintage, Frame designers, 3D Eyewear and most sunglass companies listed on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Also, not included are lower end sunglasses.  If they do not have a website, they are not listed.

If we missed someone or have the wrong information our apologies. Let us know by sending an email or making a comment below.

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