How Many Optical Apps Are There?

AppsThe good news and the bad news about Apps. A few years ago we posted a list of eyewear and optical apps. There were about 100. They ranged under various categories from Medical to Entertainment. Guess what, many of those apps that were listed a few years ago are gone.. but for every gone App, hundreds have replaced them.

What we do know, as people start to mobilize, the app-culture will continue to grow.

Just for fun we thought we would do a quick check out what apps are available today: We searched under: Eye exam, eye test, Eye Check, Optometrist, Optometry, Smart Glasses, optician, opticianry, Eyeglasses, Eyewear, Sunglasses, Sunwear, contact lenses. This is what we came up with:

Try On Eyewear -Virtual Trunk Show

  1. AuteyeWear (Try On Technology)
  2. Banton Frameworks (Try On Technology) They were on Kickstarter. Create your own eyewear.
  3. Eyewear Try On  Try on Technology
  4. David Kind (Photo and Video) App for taking measurements for David Kind Eyewear
  5. Dharma
  6. Faces App
  7. FaceShop-  Every image is a Face with spectacles. Meet amazing Faces wearing the latest and greatest. You can follow brands, upload your own Faces, shop, converse and best of all get awesome rewards. FACESAPP introduces brand loyalty gaming! Follow your favorite brands and start getting recognized and rewarded for things you already do – tweeting, sharing, uploading, buying.
  8. Owned by Luxottica
  9. Glassify (Photo And Video)
  10. ICU Readers
  11. iWear – Italy (Catalogues) Try glasses online with app
  12. Milk Eyewear Virtual Try On, online eyewear company
  13. Optique- (Lifestyle) Contact Lens, Hearing Aids, Sunglasses etc.
  14. Project Eyewear (Lifestyle) I have no idea what this is about.
  15. ReFrame (Lifestyle) Try on Sunglasses
  16. Safety Eyewear App- from Eyeweb The app includes functionality to upload written eyeglass prescriptions and “selfie” photos to the Eyeweb cloud where employees can virtually try on and purchase prescription safety eyewear using their company-paid benefits.
  17. Sunglass Couture (Lifestyle) $.99 – You can take a picture, or select a photo in your library and virtually try on 50 of the most popular sunglasses for sale today… Choose a pair, position it on a photo, size it rotate it, and then save it to share with your friends on Myspace or Facebook,  Twitter to get the opinion of your friends.
  18. Sunglass Nation (Online) (Lifestyle)
  19. Sunglass Shades Stimulator (Lifestyle) $1.99 Online
  20. Swift Eyewear (Social Networking) Friends Help Friends buy glasses, take a photo and choose from an album
  21. Turves Eyewear (Business) Frames and Contacts
  22. ZeroUV (Lifestyle) Online

Eyewear- Design Your Own Max studio app

  1. Design Your Eyewear (News) Italy

Eyewear Companies

  1. Benner (Business)
  2. Bolle
  3. Icicles Eyewear (Business)
  4. I Love Eyewear (Business) Eyewear design company in Asia
  5. Kilsgaard (Lifestyle)
  6. Luxottica (Business)
  7. Max Studio by Zyloware
  8. Monqool (Entertainment) How 3D Glasses are made in Denmark
  9. RayBan (Lifestyle)
  10. Petrol Eyewear (Business) Australia
  11. Serengeti Training (Business)
  12. Silhouette  (Lifestyle) Try- On Technology
  13. Silhouette- Virtual Mirror App
  14. Sordelli- (Business) Eyewear Catalogue
  15. Toms Glasses (wholesale and retail) Lifestyle
  16. Urband (Business)
  17. We Wood (Lifestyle)

Eyewear – Smart  Silhouette App

  1. Pivothead 

Eyewear- Retailers Brick And Mortar

  1. Absolute Eyes (Health and Fitness)
  2. Aspen Eyewear Lifestyle )Boulder, CO
  3. A View Opticians (Business)
  4. Andrew Mizzi Optometrist (Medical)
  5. Bella Vista Eyecare (Business)
  6. Blink Optical (Lifestyle)
  7. Boyce Optometry (Health and Fitness)
  8. Brad D Simmons MD and See 2020
  9. Carpenter Eye (Health and Fitness)
  10. Classic Eyes (Lifestyle)
  11. Crown Vision Center (Medical)
  12. Curtis Vision Care (Health And Fitness)
  13. David Kind (Lifestyle) Online Company
  14. Doral Eye Center (Business)
  15. Dr. Dorothy Park and Associates (Medical)
  16. Dr. Miles Burke Pediatric Ophthalmologist
  17. Dr. Sachdev Eye Hospital (Medical)
  18. Dunstable Eye Centre (Medical)
  19. Elegant Eyes New Jersey (Lifestyle)
  20. Ethics Eyecare (Medical)
  21. Enlighten Optometry (Health and Fitness)
  22. Eyeconic Opticians (Business)
  23. EyeCare Kaui (Medical)
  24. Eye Department (Medical)
  25. Eye Gallery (Business)
  26. Eye Masters Family Eyecare  (Business)
  27. Eyes Have It
  28. Fernvale Optical (Business)
  29. Focus World Vision Care (Business)
  30. Gill Eyecare (Medical)
  31. Glasshouse (Lifestyle)
  32. Grace Hain Eyecare (Medical)
  33. Grin Eyecare (Business)
  34. ICU Optometry (Medical)
  35. Int Optique (Business)
  36. John Bello MD (Education)
  37. Kaster Brillen Haus (Lifestyle)
  38. LZ Eyecare (Medical)
  39. Keeble Eyecare (Business)
  40. Korrect Optical
  41. La Jolla Lasik Institute (Medical)
  42. Longton Optical (Medical)
  43. Mackey Opticians (Medical)
  44. Mahoney Opticians (Lifestyle)
  45. McClellan Grimmer (Health and Fitness)
  46. Optical Gallery  (Medical)
  47. Optical Outlet Direct (Business)
  48. Optique Spectacles (Lifestyle)
  49. Optometric Eye Site (Business)
  50. Optical Center (Business)
  51. Red Eye Clinic (Medical)
  52. Reed And Gordon Opticians (Medical)
  53. Robert F. Melendez MD (Medical)
  54. Sky Vision Centers (Medical)
  55. Somers Eye (Medical)
  56. South Park Meadows (Business)
  57. Southwestern Eye Center (Medical)
  58. Spectacle Warehouse (Lifestyle)
  59. Standard Optical (Medical)
  60. Stuart Henderson Optometrist (Medical)
  61. Sunglass Mall (Online) Lifestyle
  62. The Eye Doctors (Medical)
  63. True Vision Optical (Business)
  64. Uptown Eyecare (Medical)
  65. Vingh Shah MD (Medical)
  66. Vision Source- Englewood, CO (Medical)
  67. Vision Source- Karen Wolf (Medical)
  68. Vision Source Kingwood (Medical)
  69. Vision Source- Moes Nasser (Medical)
  70. Vision Source- West Palm Beach (Medical)
  71. Visique Rose Optometrist (Education)
  72. Welsh Vision Institute
  73. West Point Optometrist (Medical)
  74. Your Eye Guardian (Business)

Lens Apps

  1. Shamir 
  2. iTint- (Utilities) $1.99 iTint calculates a relative Visible Light Transmission (VLT) percentage of an transparent object. The most practical use is for automotive glass, but can also be used for sunglasses, swim goggles, and camera filters. Yes, this app can even do windows! Measure and record your results for future reference. Shopping for a pair of sunglasses? Why not record the VLT of each pair instead of just guessing the the tint darkness.
  3. Kodak Lens– Dispensing Program ($199.00
  4. Lens Consulting (Business) Rodenstock- The app provides an illustrative demonstration of the differences and benefits of different Rodenstock products – from the conventional to the individual and from single-vision to progressive lenses.
  5. NuPolar (Education)
  6. Seiko Lens Performance (Business)
  7. Spectangle (Hoya) Utilities $399.99
  8. Transitions (Business)
  9. Zeiss Briefcase (Business)

Contact Lens Apps

  1. 1 800 Contacts (Essilor)
  2. Optical Contact Lens Calculator (Medical)
  3. Cooper Vision (Medical)
  4. Lens Timer (Health and Fitness) iPad, iPhone, iWatch, buy contact lens
  5. Contact Lens Toric by Bausch and Lomb (Medical)
  6. iContact Lenses Updates– iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation) Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later URL:
  7. Eye Dock

Contact Lens Support

  1. Contact Lens Tracker (Healthcare and Fitness) ipad and iPhone
  2. Contact Lens Reminder (Health and Fitness) $.99
  3. Lens Tracker Pro (Healthcare and Fitness) $3.99
  4. Contact Lenses Tracker (Utility) $.99
  5. CL Tracker (Bausch and Lomb)-app for people that wear 30-day or 14-day contact lenses. Easily track and manage your contact lenses with notifications for replacement, when to reorder and even when to schedule your next eye exam.
  6. Lenslife (Medical)
  7. Lens Toss (Healthcare and Fitness) $.99
  8. The Right Contact  (Medical) By Jason Compton OD

Contact Lens-Eyewear- Retail

  1. Lens Gauge- by 1-800 Contacts, tracks how many days contacts have been in eye
  2. Contact Lens Shoppe (Utilities)
  3. Coastal Contacts
  4. Optical Center
  5. Insight Frame Finder -iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Eyes- Fashion

  1. iShow Makeup- (Entertainment)
  2. Virtual Makeover (Lifestyle) N/C

Optometrist App

Eye Exams

  1. At Home Eye Exams
  2. iExam
  3. iChart 2000– Phone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later
  4. A Simple Eye Exam
  5. Vision Test 3M (healthcare and Fitness) .99
  6. Netra Cell Phone based Optometry Solutions– mobile-phone application that, coupled with a small plastic device held over the screen, can determine users’ eyeglass prescriptions. Called NETRA or near-eye tool for refractive assessment
  7. iCanSee, the first iPhone application i
  8. New Smart Phone Turns Into Optometrist
  9. IChart for iDoctors With iPhones
  10. Ambylopia VA (Medical) $21.99
  11. Astigmatic Dial HD (Medical) $1.99
  12. Check My Eyes (Medical) $.99
  13. Contrast Vision (Medical) $9.99
  14. External Eye Exam (Medical) $2.99
  15. Eye And Vision Test– (Medical)
  16. Eye Check ABC (Medical) $.99
  17. Eye Check Now (Medical) $.99
  18. Eye Chart App 
  19. Eye Chart Pro 
  20. Eye Chart Premium (Medical) $9.99
  21. Eye Check Lite– (Medical) work, study or tourism in china, especially need to drive, often need to accept the Chinese standard of professional eye examination. You can use this software, ahead of familiar eye sight inspection methods of China , can also be used at any time to monitor the change of your eye sight.
  22. Eye Check Up (Medical) $.99
  23. EYE EXAM Medical
  24. Eye Exam Pro Optometrist- (Free)
  25. Eye Remote (Medical)
  26. Eye Snellen (Medical)
  27. Eye Meter
  28. Eye MD (Medical)
  29. EyeXam– Offers  Vision Test and a doctor Locator
  30. Eye Exam Photography
  31. Eye Test Pro– (Medical) $.99 Eye Test Pro is the ultimate app for Eye Test Professionals. It includes all you need to conduct a Professional Eye Exam
  32. Eye Test (Medical) $.99
  33. Eye Tests Easy (Medical)
  34. Eye Rest 40 (Health and Fitness) $3.99
  35. Eye Test Free  (Medical) Rated 4+
  36. Eye Test Online (Medical) $1.99
  37. Eye Test Plus (Medical) $.99
  38. Helsana Eye Test -(Healthcare and Fitness) Hold your iPhone with your arm stretched out and adjust its position so that the “E” is upright at all time. The letter becomes smaller and smaller, which enables you to find out quickly how good your eyesight is. English, French, German, Italian
  39. Eyes Check Test (Medical)
  40. Eyes Test(Medical)
  41. Eyes Site Test and Care (Health and Fitness)
  42. Eye Test Peripheral Vision ($3.99)
  43. iOcchio (Utilies) $.99
  44. iCEyeTest (Medical) iPad, iPhone and iWatch
  45. My Eye Test (Medical) $.99- program is designed for eye examination.  eye test is random viewing with alphabet and number  Korea’s standard eye chart, based on a vision test will be.  This program is a vision test, color vision tests, foods for eye
  46. iKit For Your Eyes Only (Medical)
  47. IPRO (Health and Fitness) $64.99
  48. iSnellen (Medical) Rating 4+
  49. iVision Chart 
  50. Landolt C Chart (Medical) $1.99
  51. Near Vision Test (Medical) Rating 4+
  52. NEOD Visual Acuity (Medical) $99.99
  53. Opt OK (Medical) $.99 Toolkit for Eye Examination
  54. Pocket Eye Exam (Medical) $1.99
  55. iExaminer– (Welch Allyn)liberates Fundus Exams 0 iExaminer from Intuitive Medical Technologies
  56. Random Eye Chart (Medical)
  57. Random Eye Chart Generator (Medical) $1.99
  58. Rest Rapid Eye Screen Test
  59. Rodenstock Eye Consultant (Medical) $14.99
  60. Snellen (Medical) $1.99
  61. Snellen Chart HD (Medical)
  62. The Eye Chart Pro 
  63. VA Converter (Medical) $9.99
  64. Vision Scan (Medical) $.99
  65. Vision Scan Lite (Medical)
  66. Vision Test (Medical) looks like this is for the UK. Has a optician locator and vision test.

Eyecare/ Eye Health Apps

  1. China EyeSite (Utilities) (China)
  2. Eyecare- Save Your Vision-iPhone app that tells to save your vision and take a rest
  3. Eye Conditions Glossary (Medical) $.99
  4. Eye Handbook (Medical) Rating 17+
  5. Eye Health (Medical) $4.99
  6. Eye Health (Healthcare and Fitness)Bausch and Lomb N/C- keeping eyes healthy whether you wear contact lenses, glasses, or have no vision correction at all.
  7. ieye (Healthcare and Fitness) $1.99
  8. Eye Health (Medical) $4.99
  9. eye Check lite (Medical) N/C
  10. Eye Exercises (Healthcare and Fitness) .99
  11. Eye Timer- (Utility) tells you when to rest your eyes
  12. EZ Eyes (Lifestyle) Resting and Relaxing Eyes
  13. Macula Tester
  14. GP Eyes (Books) Family Practice Ophthalmology
  15. How To Protect Your Eyesight (Healthcare and Fitness) N/C
  16. Miracle in The Eye ($.99)
  17. Knowing Your Eyes (Health And Fitness) $.99
  18. My Eye Matters (Health and Fitness)
  19. Opto-Bible (Medical) $4.99
  20. Ophthalmology Training (Medical) $4.99
  21. Ophthalmology Mnemonics (Educations)  $1.99
  22. Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology (Medical) $49.99
  23. Parks Three Step (Medical) $1.99
  24. Relearning to See (Health And Fitness)
  25. Vision Care Chart (Health and Fitness) $.99
  26. Vision by AppZap – This application helps test and protect your vision. It includes various functions such as eye exercises that keep your eyes healthy and minimize eyestrain, fun games like optical illusions and stereograms, as well as tests tracking your color vision, astigmatism, retinal function and visual field. It also provides practical information relating to different aspects of vision.
  27. Retinal  Atlas (Medical) $14.99
  28. Vision Doctor (Medical) $1.99
  29. Diabetes Goal Tracker (Medical)
  30. Visi Test (Healthcare and Fitness) N/C
  31. Vision- Everything for perfect sight; tests and entertainment (Healthcare and Fitness) $.99
  32. Optometry and The Eye (Medical)
  33. Improve Your Eyesight (Education) $1.99 -This app is all about how to improve your eyesight using the Bates method.
  34. GlassesOff is a brain training app that teaches the mind to process blurred Images. Tested at UC Berkeley, the results have showed promise.

Eye Chart App

Color Vision / Blindness

  1. Colorblind Assistant (Utilities) $2.99
  2. Color Blind Eye Exam (Medical)
  3. Color Blind Eye Exam Kids Edition (Medical)
  4. ColorBlind Test (Medical) N/C
  5. Colorblind Helper
  6. ColorHelper
  7. Color Blind Mate (Health And Fitness) $2.99
  8. Eye Check Colors  (Medical) $1.99
  9. Color Vision Test HD (Medical) $1.99
  10. Visolve
  11. Acuity (Healthcare and Fitness) N/C Acuity Color Blindness is a game mixed with a visual test
  12. DanKam – ColorBlind Fix (iPhone and Android) $2.99


  1. Eyeglasses ($2.99)
  2. Look Closer
  3. iMag (Utilities) N/C
  4. Freeverse
  5. Eye Read (Health And Fitness)
  6. My Reading Glasses (Utilities)
  7. Reading Glasses (Health And Fitness)
  8. Spectacles (Utilities)


  1. Eye Handbook
  2. Eye Scribe (Consumers) Medical Keep track of their RX
  3. EyeT Personal (Consumer) $.99 Stores appointments
  4. Essilor- (Consumers) Lets consumers try their lenses on
  5. OYOBox (Lifestyle) eyewear holders

Entertainment And Games

  1. A Crazy Eye Doctor (Games)
  2. Baby Eye Doctor (Games)
  3. Best Eye Clinic (Games)
  4. Crazy Little Celebrity Eye Doctor (Games)
  5. Celebrity Eye Doctor (Games)
  6. !Dr. Hue Test Your Vision (Games) Rated 4+
  7. Dynamic Vision Exam (Games)
  8. Eye Doctor Kids Games
  9. Eyes And Vision Test (Games)
  10. EyeScare (Entertainment) (Rated 12+)
  11. Eyeglasses Styles Lite (Entertainment)
  12. Eyeglasses Style Life (Games) Try on Glasses to see what you look like
  13. Impossible Eye Test
  14. iSun- Fun $.99 lets you use different sunglasses in your image
  15. Princess Eye Doctor (Games)
  16. Zombie Surgeon (Games)

Visually Impaired or Blind app.

  1. Am I Blind (Health And Fitness)
  2. Oratio – Blackberry platform, Oratio is a  screen reading software that lets you manage instant messages, emails and SMS functions audibly. You can place and receive calls (with caller ID) and use all of the calendars and alarms with an intuitive audio interface that’s customizable by selecting the voice’s rate, pitch and verbosity.
  3. LookTel –LookTel considers itself an “artificial vision” application. Using the phone’s built-in camera it can distinguish common objects based on their shape and identifies them in real speech, can teach it to recognize new objects, it links you to a live assistant who can verbally describe exactly what’s in front of you.
  4. BrainPort – A visual prosthetic device that connects to the tongue, BrainPort takes digital video from a pair of sunglasses and translates it into electrical stimulation in your mouth. Although it’s still in the prototype stage and not yet available on the market, studies show in less than 10 hours people can gauge the distance of far-off objects
  5. Google released two Android applications designed to help the blind with walking directions that pair Google Maps with GPS navigation technology. The applications, WalkyTalky and Intersection Explorer, both use spoken walking directions from Google Maps giving the blind (or visually-impaired) the opportunity to explore the layout of streets before navigating them in the physical world.


  1. Learning Braille
  2. Bumps – A Braille Guide by Izatt International , learn Braille on the go
  3. Learn Braille by Paul Ziegler – This application helps anyone with regular sight learn and master Braille. also  in Japanese, Hebrew, Korean and Chinese.
  4. Braille Clock by Peter Elst – Practice your Braille numbers with this Braille Digital Clock.
  5. Linguistical by – This program helps you learn to sight read Braille as well as a variety of other languages. A language learning tool, the system was designed to increase your vocabulary skills while you’re on-the-go.
  6. Braille Alphabet Trainer (Productivity) $1.99
  7. Visually Impaired Clock (Utilities) .99
  8. VisionHunt Color Edition (Utilities) Uses camera phone to detect colors, paper money and light resources ($19.99)

Medical Productivity

  1. Clinic SCF (Medical) $59.99
  2. EyeFinity EHR (Medical)
  3. Eye Decide (Medical) Patient Engagement
  4. Heidleburg Spectralis (Medical)
  5. iNotes (Medical) $13.99
  6. Klik Eye Doctor– (Medical) Community- Brings all eye Doctors under one platform.
  7. OD Lean (Medical)
  8. OE Tracker (Medical) Helps Optometrist keep track of CE. By ARBO
  9. Optometrist Reference (Medical) $2.99
  10. Oucli- (Medical) 41.99 Visual Acuity Software
  11. Vision App (Medical) by Websystem 3
  12. Welch Allyn iExaminer

Ophthalmology and Optometry

  1. EyePro
  2. Astig Master- (Medical) $9.99
  3. VA Converter- (Medical) Converts between the most commonly used Visual Acuity notations (Snellen 6/6, 20/20, Decimal, LogMar). It is an essential tool for Ophthalmologists and Optometrists who are living the painful (but inevitable!) transition to LogMar notation.

OOO’s Business- Dispensing

  1. CL Calc’s (Medical) $4.99
  2. eyeAdvise (Medical) $219.99
  3. Eye Calculator (Medical) $.99
  4. EyeDispense HD ($59.99
  5. iDispense (Medical) $109.99
  6. IFit Dispensing (Medical) $99.99 Fit for consumers too.
  7. Interstate ELC (Medical) $199.99 Lens App that allows patients to view lens options
  8. McCray Optical Equations (Medical) $4.99 Optical Equations
  9. Measurement Tool Kit Bundle ($14.99)
  10. My New Frames Try on Tech for dispensing
  11. Optical Dispensing Assistant (Medical)Application is what all Optical Dispensing Opticians And Optical Dispensing Assistants have been waiting for. Optical Dispensing Assistant gives you all the most important calculations you are likely to require in your day to day work. 1. Calculate Lens thickness. 2. Calculate new lens power required with different Frame fitting (Vertex) distances. 3. Calculate how much Prism you are creating by changing Lens Decentration. 4. Calculate Lens Diameter required in a Frame for a given Patient PD. 5. Lens Power Transposition, From +/- and -/+ . This Application will save you a fortune in costly mistakes. Also as an added Bonus there are excellent diagrams of parts of the Eye on the flip side of each page along with instructions for use
  12. Optical Dispensing (Medical) $199.00
  13. Pupil Distance (Utilities) $3.99
  14. Eyewear Stylist (Business) $99.99
  15. Realview For Eyecare Professionals 
  16. Transpose Glasses (Medical)
  17. Vertex Conversion (Medical)
  18. Vision Web (Medical) online ordering
  19. OD Wire (Social Networking) N/C
  20. EyeDocApp– iPhone, iPad, Android


  1. Better Doctor
  2. Heal is a smartphone app similar to the on-demand car service Uber, but instead of a car, a doctor shows up at your door. Users download the app and then type in a few details such as address and the reason for the visit. After adding a credit card and a request for a family doctor or a pediatrician, the physician arrives in 20 to 60 minutes for a flat fee of $99. Heal began in Los Angeles in February, recently expanded to San Francisco and is set to roll out in another 15 major cities this year. Heal doctors are on call from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week
  3. BreathalEyes, can reduce drunk driving through its patent-pending technology that uses the eye to test for intoxication,


  1. Eye Med (Health and Fitness)
  2. VSP (Health and Fitness)

Organizations And Trade Press

  1. American Journal of Ophthalmology (Medical)
  2. AOA
  3. 20/20 Magazine; $ .99
  4. 20/20 Europe
  5. Canadian Association of Optometrist (Medical)
  6. Caribbean Eye Meeting (Medical)
  7. Daily Optician (Business)
  8. Eye Browser (Lifestyle)
  9. EyeSmart (Business)
  10. Eye Tube OD (Medical)
  11. Eye  Trends (Jobson)
  12. Eyewear (Spanish) (Photo and Video)
  13. GWCO (Medical)
  14. Hong Kong Trade Fair – iPad-Official Magazine of the HKTDC Hong Kong Optical Fair
  15. Mido (Business)
  16. New Grad Optometry (Medical)
  17. National Optometric Association (Medical)
  18. Optometric Management (Medical)
  19. Optometry Association of Louisiana (Medical)
  20. Optometry And Vision Science (Medical)
  21. Optometry Meeting 2014 (Medical)
  22. Optometry Times (Medical)
  23. Primary Care Optometry News (Healio) Medical
  24. V Goggles Hong Kong Optical Fair (Old)
  25. Van Keulen Oogadvies (Lifestyle) (Netherlands)
  26. Vision Plus (Arabia) Business
  27. You And Eye (India)
  28. G and F -iPhone application that allows to view a series of strategical contents published every day on Glasses & Fashion, the first web portal addressed to end-consumers and eyewear, lifestyle and fashion enthusiasts.

There more in Health and Wellness, Games, apps for your equipment, try on apps, low vision apps, colorblind apps and medical. The list goes on.

Should you get your own app? There are pros and cons. Something to think about.


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