How To Use The New Analytics on Pinterest

If you are using Pinterest for your business, one of the most frustrating things was the analytics. How to read them, are you getting engagement, how do you know what is working? It was a hassle to look at Re-Pins and clicks. They just launched their new analytics and we thought we would share some insights from Pinterest Analytics, from our stats over the last several weeks.

Before we go on, you must have a business account with Pinterest (FREE) to get these stats. If you do not have the business account, we highly recommend you get it.

#1.) Analytics has relocated to the top bar. Use the drop down menu by your name and click Analytics.

Pinterest 1This opens up to this page which has your profile, audience and activity, with top pin impressions with the top 50 pins. Interesting what the top boards are and who is repining and liking the pins.

Pinterest 2- Analytics

This is only a part of your profile. Looking at this, quite frankly, I was surprised at the Sassy Shoes. I had put a general reuse board up knowing this would drive repine and the sassy shoes was just a fun board. You can see how the merchandising boards are winners as well as the Sunwear Runways 2015. (This is a new board as of 30 days ago)

Pinterest 4- Profile Rep

The Power Pins are interesting, telling you which pins get the most repins and the All Time Pins, give you a good idea of what people like. You can use this data to either repin to other boards or do more of that look or products. For instance, this Valentine Day Cupcake was repinned 1093 times and liked 100 times. (On our Board Valentine Day)

Pinterest cupcakes
Pinned 1093 x and Liked 100 times

This Breaking Bad Pajamas was repined 268 times and liked 68 times. (On our board Eye-Garbbing)


Your Audience  is particularly important. While we are a global village, you never know where your pins are going to land up. Be aware, the data is only as good as what the Pinners have put in. Because we are in English and Pinerest started in the states, you would expect that the USA would be the #1 Audience.  Included but not shown here are the language and gender.

Pinterest- AudienceI particularly like the Interest Page. This page gives you a general idea on what your followers are into. In our case, is is fashion and food. We do have a Eye Health Board, which includes recipes, a group Chocolate board, we have lots of fashion boards and a Reuse boards, which hits the DIY people.  NOTE: you can do a drop down menu under All Audiences to find out what your followers are into and talking about.

Audience in general

Probably more of interest to us, as we don’t sell at retail product, but you do, as some of these platforms are your competition, ie. Etsy, ebay. This tells us, the businesses that our followers are engaged in. It would be interesting to see what other eyecare professionals what Audience Brands that are on their analytics.

Pinterest- Audience 3
General Brands

This is the cool thing, when you hit the drop down  menu, you see what your actual followers are talking about. Our boards have a lot of optical. For eyecare professionals, this would probably change,as you are most likely pinning more eye health, your products and local business or events. You can use this to click on your patients and see what else they are pinning… can you imagine what that would tell you?

Pinterest- Followers 1

The Brands gives us a general idea of who our followers like and are following. Interesting, how many of these have to do with Fashion and Trends. It can also tell you where your customer shop and who your competition is. What would you do if they were all following Warby Parker?

Pinterest- Followers 3

Activity- Of course you want people to pin from your website. (Do you have a Pinterest Icon on your site?) On the top bar, it says Impressions, Repins, Clicks, Original Pins, All Time. Without going to your server or analytics, you can find what pins are they pinning from your website. Great information for you to use for building your website and content curation.

Pinterest- Activity

Pinterest- Activity 2

 This is why you blog, that diamond contact lenses was a post we did several years ago and it is still driving hits to our website. Repinned 400 times and Liked 102 times.

Pinterest- Website

Pinterest has all sorts of tools on the site. The Pinterest Button, Apps and Tips. Tips will provide solutions on how to increase, enhance your reach, boards and website. For us, this has been very helpful. You can also read a ‘real life’ story on how  a company used Pinterest for their business here.

Are you using Analytics and what have you found out? Let us know in the comments below.




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