HOYA Sponsors Tom Sullivan Blind Childrens Center Celebrity Golf Classic

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2014 Blind Children Golf TournamentLEWISVILLE, TEXAS, (July, 2014) Golfers supporting the Blind  Childrens Center were treated to a morning clinic from 2-time PGA teacher of the  year Laird Small and golf Hall of Famer Amy Alcott. The evening featured time  with renowned sports speaker and writer Rick Reilly.  “Tom Sullivan is such an inspiration. HOYA is proud to sponsor The Tom Sullivan  Blind Childrens Center Celebrity Golf Classic,” said Barney Dougher, President  and CEO of HOYA Vision Care, North America, he continued, “HOYA is all about  empowerment, and the work done for children and their families at the Center  provides them with tools they can use all their lives.”

The Blind Childrens Center typically hosts 100 children, age birth through 2nd  grade, and their families each year. The children, most of whom are visually  impaired or blind, receive free of charge services such as early intervention and  in-home assistance for newborns and toddlers all the way to providing a fully  inclusive educational experience for second graders.

For more information about the The Blind Childrens Center and how you can  help visit www.blindchildrenscenter.org where details on all of the programs are  available.

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