Hukkster Notifies Online Shoppers When Things Go On Sale

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This can be good or bad for eyecare retailers. Launching this Fall is an app Hukkster, that will notify you when your favorite items go on sale. The Hukkster  ‘goal’ is to add a new social media word, instead of following, liking, it is now Hukking..

The bad news; probably your branded product will show up on this site. and consumers will wait to end of season to purchase.

The good news is it opens up an opportunity for eyecare professionals to do the exact same thing in a more limited market. You have a patient that wants-needs an additional pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses.. for what ever the reason they  don’t purchase that 2nd pair within your time frame for a discount, you can make a note of the frame in their chart as your own personal hukk note and if that product doesn’t sell, instead of sending it back.. notify the patient, this frame is going on sale.

You 1.) Save money by not returning 2.) Keep Patient by providing them with additional discount 3.) Encourage 2-3 pair sales 4.) Increase inventory turns by turning merchandise..  The benefits are numerous.

Bottom line: No need to wait for Hukkster, take a proactive approach and Incorporate this type of patient communication into your marketing and sales plan can help drive your sales and thus profits, while keeping your patients loyal and happy.

Hey you can even add your new name’ Eye’d- ask your patient if they want to be on your ‘eye’d list’ to be notified of sale opportunities. You can think of your own eye-catchy name..

Lets say that particular frame doesn’t sell within 4 months, instead of sending the frame back, you notify the patient, that the frame is now on sale, for XXX amount, do they still want it..

The advantages

  1. You get the 2nd pair sale with lenses
  2. You have saved money by not returning product
  3. You have increased inventory turns
  4. You have made yourself more competitive against online shopping
  5. You have provided customer service to your patients