ic! berlin reflects

All fashion is cyclical. The trick is to be at the forefront of those cyclical waves and ride them for all you have. The folks at ic! berlin tend to be pretty good at surfing the fad and fashion waves. Their Reflection Collection brings back the 90’s with bold shapes and colors that were the hallmark of the era while reimaging them for the future. The result is a stylish capsule for a new generation of eyewear wearers and a refresher for those who want to relive the 90’s with even more flair and panache.

The Reflection Collection consists of three models, the Laser, Neon, and Prism. Each lightweight model uses ic! berlin’s signature screwless hinge and is available in three distinct colors. The thin yet durable frames come in rectangular and rounded shapes and are complemented by equally striking lens colors such as Black Mirrored, Quicksilver, and Redrum.


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