“I’m Only Buying What’s on My Plan”

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How many times do you hear that a day? After awhile you may start believe that everybody wants only ‘what’s on their plan.’ The first thing to do- is not believe it. The second thing is to ignore it. 

How many times have you personally said-“I’m not buying anything” and bought anyway. Why did you buy? It made you feel good or it made you look good. Eyewear can both make you feel and look good- That’s what you should believe and try to achieve for ultimate patient satisfaction. Not the price.  

Eye Bogglers: 

  • Average American Women spends from $200- $5,000 per year in cosmetics. See Article in Siren Magazine   (Article states Women spend $12,00- $15,000 per year) 
  • The Average American Adult uses 7 different Skin Care products every day
  • Customer Experience Impact Report from Harris Interactive found that 58 percent of U.S. consumers said that in a down economy, they will “always” or “often” pay more for a better customer experience.

When I look at the above statistics and the average women spends up to $5,000 a year in cosmetics, one of the best things she can do is have a phenomenal pair of glasses, whether it is in her plan or not. (And it’s not just women, men as well) 

So here’s what I think- the customer comes in the office with the intention of ‘only getting what is on their plan.’ Key word is Intention. It is up to the staff to show product that is the best for the customer, that makes them look and feel good, whether or not the product is in ‘The Plan. ”

6 Tips for Changing the “Intention” 

1. Be happy and enthusiastic. No one, wants to buy anything from anyone, who is not enthusiastic about the product. 

2. Make it Fun- Laugh. 

3. Assume they want the best- Let them say no- at least give them the option. Know that ‘no’ is not a rejection of you.  

4. Talk to them- Get them in a conversation about their needs and wants, hobbies, friends, kids, what they like and don’t like. 

5. Find out what is important to the patient- looking good, feeling good, price, fashion, style, fit, quality, comfort are all part of each patients values. 

6. Ask for the sale. Would Wednesday be a good day for pickup? How would you like to pay for this? These are some great closing verbiage.