Imaginary Lines – Ørgreen For Fall/Winter 20/21

Bringing their expertise within titanium to its thinnest expression Ørgreen has created
“Imaginary Lines” a capsule collection of seven ultra-thin models.

The name is a tribute to the creative drive behind their designers’ work and a reminder
of the Ørgreen ethos, to continue to explore and push its own boundaries. The
collection offers a modern take on classic models and combines refreshing and vivid
colors conveying the art and balance between color and design.



Borders are merely carefully drawn imaginary lines. The BORDER frame is also the result of a meticulous design – one the emphasizes the ultra-slim and cool looking double bridge. It’s a wide frame made for larger faces and comes in a range of six colors, including Antique Gun, and Mat Orange / Mat Gun.

Ørgreen Border 04
Ørgreen Border 01
Ørgreen Border 03


Named after one of the most important imaginary lines in the world – the Prime Meridian.
GREENWICH is a classic square optical style for men made for small to medium-sized faces.
It is offered in six carefully selected colors like Mat Green / Mat Gun, and Antique Dark Red.

Ørgreen Greenwich 02
Ørgreen Greenwich 03
Ørgreen Greenwich 01


Ever looked to the night sky and connected the dots with your own imaginary lines? Then you very well might find their cat-eyed CELESTIAL among the stars. It’s a frame designed for medium-sized faces and it comes in a range of six colors, including Mat Deep Space Blue /Mat Rose Gold, and Mat Rose Smoke / Mat Rose Gold.

Ørgreen Celestial 03
Ørgreen Celestial 01
Ørgreen Celestial 02


Start from zero. The equator line is iconic and known for being the most famous
imaginary line in the world. Just like the real deal, the EQUATOR is a perfect round frame with an elegant and classic appeal. Offered in six carefully selected colors like Antique Dark Red, and Antique Teal.

Ørgreen Equator 02
Ørgreen Equator 03
Ørgreen Equator 04


Not to be mistaken with tropical islands. The TROPICS frame is named after the regions of
Earth surrounding the Equator. It’s a fashion-forward frame – distinct for its characteristic
geometrical shape. Offered in a range of six colors, including Mat Deep Space Blue / Mat
Rose Gold, and Mat Brown / Shiny Gold.

Ørgreen Tropics 03
Ørgreen Tropics 04
Ørgreen Tropics 06


check out the entire Ørgreen line on their website.