In-Optics Shaping the Future of Eyecare In India

India International Convention and Expo Centre

In-Optics, a B2B trade show, has been a beacon of progress for the Indian optical market for over four decades. Beyond an exhibition, it offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore, connect, collaborate, and celebrate the diverse facets of eyewear. RSD Expositions, New Delhi, will soon be hosting one of the much-anticipated events, the In-Optics International Trade Fair and Exhibition.

The exhibition is set to draw over 25,000 attendees from India and beyond, featuring a diverse representation of over 1,500 domestic and international brands. The event will host an impressive roster of 349 exhibitors, including group participation from prominent European and Far-East companies. The 16th edition of In-Optics remains the heartbeat of opportunity for both the Indian and global eyecare industries, inviting all stakeholders to join and partake in this transformative trade show.

The product profile of In-Optics is extensive and encompasses a wide range of optical industry essentials, including artificial eyes, contact and cosmetic lenses, eye testing equipment, retail management software, spectacle frames, sunglasses, ophthalmic lenses and much more. This event is not just a trade show; it is a convergence of innovation, expertise, and industry camaraderie.

Slated for February 17–19, 2024, the exhibition will be held in Hall #1 of the India International Convention and Expo Centre (IICC), Dwarka, New Delhi.

The India International Convention and Expo Centre (IICC), popularly known as ‘Yashobhoomi,’ is a sprawling complex that stands as India’s largest convention and exhibition center. It offers a comprehensive tourism experience with an unrivaled location, seamless transportation, and an array of commercial amenities. This complex development facility in India stands as a unique entity, boasting a total built-up area of one million square meters.

Environmental sustainability is a core focus of ‘Yashobhoomi.’ The center showcases a commitment to eco-conscious practices, featuring a cutting-edge wastewater treatment system with 100% reuse, rainwater harvesting, and rooftop solar panels. As a testament to its ecological consciousness, the campus has earned the prestigious Green Cities Platinum certification from the Confederation of Indian Industry’s Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

As ‘Yashobhoomi’ and In-Optics together redefine India’s role in the global MICE and optical industry, they stand as testament to India’s unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability. With these endeavors, India is poised to shape the future of conventions, exhibitions, and eyecare. For more information visit

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