Indie Optical Laboratories in The USA 2018

Every year we post updated information on various subjects that are always asked about: Made in USA eyewear products and what are the independent optical labs in the United States. We try to do an update once a year ergo our ‘Indie Optical Laboratory’ list for 2018. We hope this info is as true today as the day we first started working on it.

Again, we ask: What is an independent? For clarification, the optical labs we have listed are independent because they are not a publicly owned or run company. This is to the best of our knowledge. A few retailers have optical surfacing labs and some may take outside work.

We listed Augen Optics as they do have a lab in the United States and they are a family run business. Walman is listed because it is an employee-owned company even with 48 labs in the United States.  Is ABB-Concise is independent? We said yes because they are privately owned. We did not include Essilor Partner Labs. 

What is an independent lab? Some only do work for other labs, some are coating labs, low vision labs, safety labs, speciality labs and uncut labs, surfacing and finishing labs. The listings below are to the best of our knowledge. We have tried to contact as many as possible to confirm if they do have an optical lab onsite. Please note this listing can change on any day!


  1. Vision Plastics (Anchorage, AK) Retail and Surfacing Lab  (907) 562-2845 Takes outside Rx’s and no website.


  1. Optical Prescription Lab, (Pelham, AL) Established in 1977 and a member of The Vision Council

    Optical Prescription Lab


  1. Absolute Digital Optical (Cabot, AR) New lab and partners with such charities as Ronald McDonal House
  2. Central Optical (Mabelvale, AR) phone: (501) 888-3886 no website.
  3. Chitwood Optical (Fayetteville, AR) Retail Lab. Takes outside work. Member of The Vision Council. No website (479) 442-0374 
  4. Freeman Optical (Bryant, AR) Lab  501-847-7929 In business for over 20  years. Call Larry for more information. No website.
  5. Lens Coat (N. Little Rock, AR) Coating Lab. established in  2003 as the provider of premium Anti-Reflective coatings for independently owned optical wholesalers and retailers nationwide.
  6. Meridian Optical (Jonesboro AR) (870) 910-6607. No website


  1. Black Lab Optical (Phoenix, AZ) ‘Doctor owned and Doctor Driven’ optical lab.
  2. Alvernon Optical (Tucson, AZ) Optical shop with lab. They have been in business for over 50 years and have multiple locations in Arizona. They give back to a few local organizations in Tucson.
  3. Avante Optics (Phoenix, AZ)
  4. Clearvision Express (Tucson, AZ) Optometry Office with lab.
  5. EyeCoach (Mesa, AZ) Retail office with lab.
  6. GS-RX (Scottsdale, AZ) Member of The Vision Council. Eyewear, Lenses and Rx combination. Known as Global Source RX and Proper Optics.
  7. Mayo Clinic (Scottsdale, AZ) Medical Clinic with lab.


  1. Allied Advanced Optical Lab (N. Hollywood, CA) Has a Retail store, although most of the lab is wholesale and takes outside business. (818) 761-2400. No website and in business for 10+ years.
  2. Augen Optics (San Diego, CA) Lens manufacturer and free form equipment. They own numerous labs in Mexico as well as manufacturing lenses. Propriety products. Family owned business.
  3. Bad Ass Optical Lab (Oakland, CA) Member of The Vision Council. No website per se.
  4. B-Lite Optical (Fountain Valley, CA) Member of The Vision Council. No website. phone 714-964-8450 In business for over 20 years. 
  5. California Prison Authority (Folsom, CA) not independent per se, but not a publicly trades company
  6. Capital Optical (Auburn, CA) Established in 1981.
  7. Chemat Vision (Northridge, CA) They took over the Dac International lab business.
  8. Chico Eye Center, (Chico, CA) Retail Lab and Member of The Vision Council
  9. Costco Wholesale (National City, CA) Costco lab, not independent but a member of The Vision Council.
  10. DC Optical Lab (San Leandro, CA) Member of The Vision Council
  11. Dependable Lens (Pomona, CA) They do not have a website
  12. Dive Masks (San Diego, CA) Makes prescription Dive Masks and googles.
  13. Express Lens Lab (Fountain Valley, CA) no website 714- 545-1024. In business for over 24 years. 
  14. Eye Pros Inc (Turlock CA) Retail store with laboratory
  15. Eyewear Insight (Pasadena, CA) online store with laboratory.
  16. Fairfax Optical Lab (Los Angeles, CA) Retail store with lab.
  17. Gold Coast Doctors Lab (Oxnard, CA) Retail Lab 805-382-3449
  18. Golden West (Commerce, CA) Retail Laboratory. No website.
  19. Harold Johnson Optical Lab (Gardena, CA) Optical Lab.
  20. Hollywood Optical (San Dimas, CA) Established 1986
  21. Illusion Optical (Sanger CA) Retail with lab
  22. Italee (Los Angeles, CA) Retail store. Has eyewear line as well as a Lab.
  23. J&J Optical, Inc. (Paradise CA) Member of The Vision Council
  24. Kahoy Kollection (Long Beach, CA) Online optical store with Flagship location.
  25. Kaiser Optical (Richmond, CA) Kaiser northern California lab
  26. Kaiser Optical (Pasadena, CA) Kaiser, southern Californ laboratory.
  27. K-Mars Optical (Van Nuys, CA) Member of The Vision Council
  28. Lap Optical (Camarillo CA)- No website, but still a member of The Vision Council. Have not be able to confirm if still in business.
  29. LBK Laboratory (Yuba City CA) Retail with Lab. no website. Facebook only
  30. Lens by Design Lab (Van Nuys, CA) no website
  31. Lenstek Optical Lab (San Francisco, CA) no website
  32. Luxe Lab (Anaheim, CA) Founded in 2012, this boutique lab does speciality work, such as custom and arty rimless, re-furbishes old frames.
  33. Opti Lite Optical (Los Angeles, CA)
  34. Opti-Rex (San Jose, CA)
  35. Orange Optical, Inc. (Orange CA) Member of The Vision Council
  36. Oscar Optics (Fremont, CA)
  37. Paradise Lens Lab (Paradise, CA) Established over 5 years ago.
  38. Paris Optical Lab (Westminister, CA) No website: (714) 897-9474. Member of The Vision Council. In business for over 24 years.
  39. Precision Optical (Costa Mesa, CA)
  40. Prime Optical Lab (City of Industry, CA) No website
  41. Professional Optical Labs (San Diego, CA)
  42. Prestige Lens Lab (San Francisco, CA) safety lab. Member of The Vision Council
  43. San Diego Optical (San Diego, CA) Retail store with surfacing Lab. 858-270-9320. No website
  44. San Gabriel Valley Optical (La Puente, CA) Optical retail store with lab.
  45. Santa Barbara Eyeglass Factory (Santa Barbara, CA) Optometric office with lab. 
  46. Simply Optics (Valencia, CA) formerly VSPone lab
  47. SportsRX (San Diego, CA) online sports eyewear. Has optical lab.
  48. SportifEye Optics Inc. 1231 Mountain View Circle Azusa, Ca 91702 626-521-5600. Opened in 2018
  49. Sunset Optical Labortory (North Hollywood, CA) no website
  50. The Optical Laboratory (Burbank, CA)
  51. Valox Optical Lab (Fullerton, CA) Retail Laboratory.  (714) 526-1282 No website
  52. Vitra Eyewear (Costa Mesa, CA) Optical Retail store with Lab
  53. Wheeler Optical Laboratory (Stanton, CA)
  54. Xtra Lite (Huntington Beach, CA) Member Of The Vision Council


  1. Replace Lens (Denver, CO) Retail location with lab, who advertises online for a lens only placement. Also known as Vision Coat.
  2. Kaiser Optical (Denver, CO) Kaiser Clinic surfacing laboratory.
  3. Smart OD (Denver, CO)


  1. Replacement Lens Express (Manchester, CT) This is an online ‘lens only’ shop. Family owned and operated ‘optometric lab’ since 1982. They have a partnership with New Eyes For The Needy to recycle eyeglasses.


  1. Artistry Optics (Margate, FL)
  2. Encore Optical (Doral, FL)
  3. Eye One Labs (Havanna, FL)
  4. Galileo Optical Lab (Doral, FL) Established in 2001
  5. HB Optical Lab (Miami, FL)
  6. I Care Labs (St Petersburg, FL)
  7. Insight Optical Lab (Hileah, FL) lab or Foreyes optical chain store.
  8. Jem Optical (High Springs, FL)
  9. Korrect Optical (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
  10. Milligan Optical (Largo, FL) Retail Lab
  11. Mia Lab (Miami, Florida)
  12. One Price Optical (Cape Coral, Florida) Retail store with lab
  13. Optiks Unlimited – (Orlando, FL)  (407) 895-6147. Small retail location, focus is on wholesale specialty laboratory. Wholesale specialty glass, specialize in wraps in high prescription in all materials. Do all materials including glass. no website. 
  14. Pelican Optical (Sarasota, FL)
  15. Premium Optics (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) Retail lab
  16. Quality Optical Service, Inc. (West Palm Beach,FL) Established in 1959
  17. Quest Optical  Lab (Largo, Florida) Founded in 2003. Specialty lab that does slab offs, diving masks. Works with labs only.
  18. Safelite Optical Company (Jacksonville, FL) Member of The Vision Council.
  19. Sunshine Optics (Clearwater, FL) Established in 2009
  20. Slabs Plus (Ruskin, FL) Specialty Lab. Member of The Vision Council
  21. Solidar Optical Lab (Key Largo, FL) Solidar has been developing anti-reflective coatings and mirrors for over 25 years and have acquired extensive experience and expertise in optics. Solidar is a full service optical lab, complete with 100% digital lenses, including several of our own proprietary designs, and brands like Thin Tech, Shamir, and IOT
  22. Vision Plus (Vero Beach, FL) Retail store with lab.
  23. Vision Quest Lab (Orange City, FL)


  1. Aire-o-Lite Optical (Alma, GA)
  2. Better Optics (Austell, GA) Member of The Vision Council. (770) 819-8800 – Established in 1992. No website 
  3. National Vision (GA) Retail Lab for National Vision optical chain. Member of The Vision Council.
  4. Q Spex (Alpharetta, GA)  Same day delivery of lenses.
  5. Robertson Optical (Atlanta, GA, SC) Established in 1958, Robertson Optical is a member of The Vision Council. Have 3 locations in southeast

    Robertson Optical


  1. Mountain West Optical (Twin Falls, ID) Retail with lab, Founded in 1984


  1. Accu-Lab (Sycamore, IL) Member of The Vision Council, Acculab was founded in 2006 by owner and head lab technician Chris Brundies.
  2. Expert Optics (Shorewood, IL, and IN) Member of The Vision Council. Founded in 1979.
  3. G&G Optical (Orland Park, IL) Retail with lab.
  4. Identity Optical (Normal, IL) Founded in 2012
  5. I. F. Optical Company (Chicago IL) Established in 1960. Retail store that has a laboratory. The lab does take outside work. No website. Phone number (773) 761-3866 
  6. Maui Jim- Zeal (Peoria, IL) Member of The Vision Council, Sunglass company.
  7. Opticote (Franklin Park, IL) Coating lab only.
  8. Prentice Labs (Glenview, IL) Retail store with lab. No website
  9. Rosin Eyecare (Northbrook, IL) 30 locations lab. Member of The Vision Council.
Image: LaramyK


  1. Armada Optical Services, Inc. (Evansville IN) Member of The Vision Council
  2. Columbus Optical (Columbus, IN) Retail with surfacing lab
  3. Frecker Optical (Ft. Wayne, IN) Wholesale Lab. Established in 1971  260-747-9653. No website. Does glass, drill mounts, slab offs, prisms, wraps, higher powers. 
  4. Lens Tech Optical Lab (Greenwood, IN)
  5. Longe Optical (Ft. Wayne, IN) Established in 1949 this four location retailer who has digital equipment in house.
  6. Monroe Optical Inc. (Franklin, IN) Retail store with Laboratory. Member of The Vision Council
  7. Northwest Optical (Indianapolis IN) Retail Laboratory and also does Frame Repair.
  8. Singer Optical Lab (IN) established in 1948
  9. The Lens Dr.  (Mishawaka, IN) Member of The Vision Council
  10. Vision Point Optical 6 store optical chain with lab.


  1. Laramy K (Indianola IA) Member of The Vision Council. Founded in 1989. Great blog on the site and fabulous optical training videos.
  2. Precision Optical Group, Inc. (Creston IA) Founded in 1992. AKA  P.O.G. Labs, OptiCote, CRX Labs
  3. American Eyecare (Iowa) Four Retail locations and lab was opened in 1989. Member of The Vision Council
  4. Midwest Labs, Inc. (Indianola IA) Member of The Vision Council. Established in 1973.
  5. Precision Optical (Creston, IA)


  1. Digital Lens Solutions (Wichita, Ks) Established in March of 2016.
  2. Grene Vision Group (KS) 21 locations with full laboratory that has free form.
  3. Howards Optical (Wichita, KS) 4 location retail store with lab.
  4. Kansas State Optical (Topka, KS) Retail stores with lab.
  5. VCD Labs (Wichita, KS and Rochester, NY)
  6. Lentz Eye Care (Wichita, KS) Retail Lab with three locations


  1. Dispensers Optical Service (Louieville, KY) Founded in 1951, they dispense Safety Eyewear
  2. Eagle Safety Eyewear (Louieville, KY) Safety Eyewear
  3. Eye Care Center (Hazard, KY) Retail location with lab.
  4. Eyewear Express (Paducah, Kentucky) Retail optical store with lab.
  5. King’s Eye Care (Berea, KY) Optical Retail store with lab
  6. Korrect Optical (Louieville, KY) Retail office with two locations. In business for over 80 years. Surfacing lab and Member of The Vision Council.
  7. Tri-State Optical (Shreveport, LA) (ABB-Concise- Diversified)
  8. Vision Dynamics x Optical Dynamics (Louisville, KY)


  1. Ascension Optical (Gonzales, LA) 2 Retail stores with surfacing lab
  2. Eye Save Optical, Inc. (Bogalusa LA) Retail Lab, Member of The Vision Council
  3. Sunrise Optical (Abbeville, LA) Retail store with laboratory.
Image: LaramyK


  1. Spectera Vision Services (Baltimore, MD) Insurance, member of The Vision Council


  1. Q.E.D. Optical, Inc. (Houlton ME) 207) 532-6772, finishing lab only. no website
  2. Southern Maine Optical – (Portland, ME) 


  1. Caliber Optical (Flint, MI) Member of The Vision Council
  2. General Optical Company (Burton, MI) 3 store Retail store with lab
  3. Green Optics (Auburn Hills, MI) Wholesale lab. (248) 393-2020. Digital Lenses, Established in 2015. Slabs off, custom engraving, coating, mirrors and local delivery via courier.
  4. Henry Ford Optimeyes Retail chain with lab.
  5. Hi Tech Optical (Saginaw, MI) Established in 1940, Hi Tech focus is on Safety Eyewear. They do have a retail store and are a member of The Vision Council.
  6. Rx Optical (Kalamazoo, MI) Retail chain with lab
Caliber Optial


  1. Eye Kraft Optical Inc. (St. Cloud, MN) Member of The Vision Council. Founded in 1954
  2. Lensworks Optical Labs (Plymouth MN) Member of The Vision Council
  3. Mayo Clinic (MN) Retail Clinic with Lab
  4. McCoy Optical (Worthington MN) 507) 372-2877, wholesale laboratory since 1979.  No website.
  5. Spectrum Optical (St. Cloud, MN) Member of The Vision Council, the website is sparse and I understand this might be an Essilor Lab
  6. Walman Labs–  (48 Labs) Soderburg Labs Employee Owned, Member of The Vision Council 48 Locations around the USA. Also owns: ADO Practice Solutions (buying group), ImageWear (Eyewear) Walman Instruments, Nouveau Eyewear, Walman Optical, X-Cel Specialty Contacts and Ultra Optics


  1. Gold Eagle Optics Laboratory (Gulf Port, MS)


  1. Complete Optical (Leadington, MO)  3 location doctors office with laboratory .
  2. Eye Care Partners (Pacific, MO) Retail lab, member of The Vision Council, Eye Care EyeCare Partners is a growing and dynamic leader in acquiring and managing successful primary eyecare practices.
  3. Heffington Optical Company (Springfield, MO) Retail Lab. member of The Vision Council
  4. First Look Lab (St. Louis, MO) Lab for Crown Optical. Member of The Vision Council.
  5. Gateway Optical Service (St. Louis, MO)
  6. Optical One (Springfield, MO)


  1. Summit Optical (Helena, MT)
Summit Optical


  1. Delta Optical (Fairbury, NE) In business over 100 years and owned by three optometrist.  Phone: (402) 729-3366. Website being developed .
  2. Heartland Optical (Lincoln, NE) Retail Lab with two locations, Grand Island and Lincoln.
  3. MJ Optical (Omaha, NE) Founded in 1988


  1. Great Basin Optical Lab (Las Vegas, NV) specializes in uncuts and polarized lens

New Hampshire

  1. New Hampshire Optical (Concord, NH)

New Jersey 

  1. Lens Depot (East Brunswick. NJ) Lens Depot is an eyeglass lens stock house not an optical lab.
  2. I-See Optical Lab, Inc. (Blackwood, NJ)
  3. Mancine Optical (Delman, NJ) Retail with lab. Member of The Vision Council
  4. MH Optical (Hackensack, NJ) Member of The Vision Council
  5. RX Safety (Middlesex, NJ) online retailer of safety eyewear
  6. Sheridan Optical (Pittman, NJ) Member of The Vision Council
  7. U.S Vision (Glendora, NJ) Lab for US Vision. Member of The Vision Council

New Mexico

  1. Acoma Optical (Santa Fe, NM) Optical Retail Store

New York

  1. Arts Optical (Brooklyn, NY)
  2. Dharma Eyewear (Farmingdale, NY) online optical retailer with lab
  3. Digital Eye Lab (ABB- Concise) (Hawthorne, NY) Founded in 2007
  4. Drill Specialty (Massapequa, NY) lens finishing services including, but not limited to, drill mounts, metal logos, facets, sports and safety bevels, wraps, high luster edge polishes, and pen/edge coatings. Member of The Vision Council.
  5. Eag Lab (Mt. Vernon, New York)
  6. Grand Central Optical (New York, NY) Optical Retail Store with lab. 
  7. Kaiser Ophthalmics Co (Albany NY) Wholesale lab No website (518) 452-7770 or 800-272-8522. Established 1952 
  8. Kenco Optical, Inc. (Kingston NY) Retail Store with lab. Safety Eyewear.
  9. Quality Optics II, Inc. (Orchard Park NY) Founded in 1981
  10. Rochester Optical  (Rochester, NY) Established in 1932 they now have4 retail locations-  Rochester Optical began as one of the nation’s few manufacturers of high-quality lenses ongoing contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense to supply G.I.’s with rugged, combat-ready eye wear. Also doing smart glasses. Member of The Vision Council
  11. Warby Parker (NY) Retail Chain with lab.

North Carolina

  1. Western Carolina Optical (Ashville, NC)
  2. Optical Concepts (Winston-Salem, NC) Established in 1997 by Erick and Barry Smitherman,

North Dakota 

  1. Advanced Eyecare Group (Fargo, ND) Retail Lab


  1. Clearview Lens Lab (Cleveland, OH) Retail store (Case Vision Care) Clearview  with finishing and surface Lab 216-751-9800. No website.
  2. Diversified Ophthalmics (ABB-Concise) (Cincinnati, OH, Salt Lake City, UT, Spokane, WA, Columbia, SC) Member of The Vision Council. Founded in 1977
  3. Di-Walt Optical, Inc. (Canton, OH) Member of The Vision Council. No website that we can find  (330) 453-8427 wholesale, no website. Established 1971
  4. ECP Choice (Youngstown, OH)
  5. North American Coating Lab (OH) Division of Wilson Optical Laboratories. Coating lab.
  6. RMH Optical (Hubbard, OH) [234]232-7081  fax 234)232-7082.
  7. Wing Lab Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)  Member of The Vision Council


  1. Accu tech Laboratories, Inc. (Oklahoma City, OK) No website. Founded in 1993. (405) 946-6446
  2. B & D Optical Wholesale, Inc. (Oklahoma City, OK) Wholesale mainly only, Opened for 20 years. No website. (405) 524-3233
  3. Empire Optical (Tulsa, OK) Retail store with surfacing lab
  4. Oklahoma Optical Lab (Ada, OK) Owned by Chickasaw Indians
  5. RXO Tulsa – (Broken Arrow, OK) Established in 1991


  1. Eye Health NW (Milwaukee, OR) Multiple Retail locations in Oregon. They have a surfacing lab.
  2. Kaiser Medical Center Optical  (Clackamas, OR) Kaiser laboratory
  3. Revant Optics (Portland, OR) Vision Council Member
  4. Sweep Optics (Eugene, OR) Member of The Vision Council
  5. Verus Optical Lab (Newberg, OR)


  1. Allegheny Vision Associates (South Park, PA) (412) 854-4130. We heard they have a lab and cannot confirm via phone or website.  
  2. Allentown Optical Corp. (Allentown PA) A former American Optical laboratory that opened in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1924. In 1984 eight employees purchased the lab and Allentown Optical formed.
  3. Baab Optical Co, Inc.(Mountain Top, PA) optician with lab. No Website. 570-474-9082
  4. B & G Optics – (Philadelphia, PA)  Phone (215) 289-2480 
  5. East Coast Optical Lab (Philadelphia, PA)
  6. Hobbs Optical (Reedsville PA) Retail with laboratory. 717) 667-6066 
  7. Chadwick Optical, Inc. (Souderton PA) Started in 1980 and focus is difficult and unique rx’s including low vision. Great website story.  Member of The Vision Council.
  8. Donaldson Optical (Pittsburgh, PA) Retail store with lab
  9. EyenaVision (Pittsburgh, PA) eyewear supplier with a lab.
  10. FEA Industries (Morton, PA) Member of The Vision Council, has a great magazine called Founded in 1984
  11. Hirshland Optical (Orefield, PA) Safety lab. Established in 1908
  12. K-Optical, Inc. (Hummelstown PA) Member of The Vision Council
  13. Luzerne Optical (Wilkes-Barre, PA) One of the oldest optical and family run labs in the United States. Member of The Vision Council. Founded in 1973
  14. Miller Optical (Lancaster, PA) The Vision Council
  15. Monroe Optical and Hearing (Stroudsburgh, PA) Retail store with lab
  16. Philadephia Eyeglass Labs (Philadelphia, PA) 6 locations and established in 1888.
  17. Snyder Optical (Philadephia, PA) Retail Lab Member of The Vision Council
  18. Three Rivers (Pittsburgh, PA) Established in 1969. Member of the Vision Council.
  19. Wolh Optics (Warminster, PA) Retail store with finishing lab

    Luzerne Optical Laboratory

South Carolina

  1. CRX Lab (Greenville, SC)
  2. Jervey Eye Medical Group Retail Lab with four locations.
  3. Palmetto Optical Laboratory (SC) Established 1973
  4. Robertson Optical Laboratories (Greenville, Columbia)

South Dakota

  1. Independent Optical (Rapid City, SD) optical shop with lab


  1. Cheeks Optical (Columbia, TN) Retail Lab
  2. CRX Safety Optical Laboratories (Athens, TN) Safety Lab. They also own Opticote/
  3. Eye Care Plus (Antioch, TN) Retail Lab, Member of The Vision Council.
  4. Knoxville Optical Supply (Knoxville, TN) wholesale -no website (865-525-9585)
  5. MidSouth Premier ((Brentwood, TN) ABB-Concise; Member of The Vision Council
  6. Milam Optical Co., Inc. (Nashville TN) Member of The Vision Council
  7. Muller Optical Lab (Jackson, TN) The Vision Council
  8. Peak Optical Laboratory (Clarksville, TN) Established in 2013 and owned by 25 optometrists.


  1. Cooper Optical Company (Longview, TX) Retail Store with surfacing lab. Member of The Vision Council
  2. Clear Vision Express, Ltd. (Laredo, TX) Retail store with lab 
  3. Devlyn Optical (Austin, TX) Devyn is part of Devlyn Optical in Mexico, a retail chain of 800 offices. They are independently owned and operated.
  4. Dietz-McClean (San Antonio, TX) Retail Lab. Member of The Vision Council.
  5. DJ’s Optical Lab (Cedar Park TX) No website (512) 257-2020. Left several messages, we cannot confirm whether a lab or not. 
  6. ECP Laboratories (Carrizo Springs, TX) We do not know this company. It was filed in Texas 2 years ago.
  7. Elevate Digital Optics Inc (Dallas, TX) Owned by group of optometrists.
  8. Eye Care Express Lab (Houston, TX) Member of The Vision Council. No Website (713) 774-2314.
  9. Eye Mart Express Chain with lab
  10. Focus Lab (Harlingen, TX) 956- 622-3194, Left several messages and no callback. 
  11. Ginter Eyecare (Lubbock, TX) Retail Lab Member of The Vision Council
  12. Littlepage Optical (Corpus Christi TX) Founded in 1952, is a wholesale safety lab. Open to the public.
  13. My Friends Lab (Farmers Branch, TX) Member of The Vision Council
  14. OnQ Optical Labs (New Braunfels TX) Member of The Vision Council
  15. Optimax (El Paso, TX) Optical store with lab. No website.
  16. Optisource (The Woodlands, TX) (ABB- Concise) lab 281-296-2101
  17. Paragon Optical (San Antonio, TX) no website  210-615-7336
  18. Precise Optical Lab (San Angelo, TX) Member of The Vision Council. Owned by Dr. J. Warren Brasher
  19. QR Optical Lab (Houston, TX)  713-715-6633,
  20. RGV Optical, (McAllen, TX) 2 locations, Retail lab.
  21. SRX Optics (Pasadena, TX) Safety lab
  22. Vision Works of America (San Antonio, TX) Lab for Vision Works, optical retail chain.
  23. Wilson Optical Lab (El Paso, TX) established in 1975


  1. United Optical (Salt Lake City, UT) Member of The Vision Council. No website. 801-486-1001 
  2. Premier Vision Group Retailer with Surfacing Lab. They have 3 retail locations.
  3. Moran Optical Lab (Salt Lake City, UT)  John A. Moran Eye Center, retail location with lab.


  1. Schroeder Optical (Roanoke VA) since 1972. Member of The Vision Council
  2. Kaiser (VA) Kaiser medical clinics laboratory


  1. Encore Vision (Spokane, WA) The Vision Council Member. Established in 2003.
  2. Central Optical (Clarkston WA) Member of The Vision Council, Founded in 1958
  3. Costco Wholesale (Issaquah, WA) Not an independent as part of Costco a publicly traded company. Member of The Vision Council
  4. Nouveau Vision (Redmond, WA)
  5. Single Vision Express Optical (Kirkland, WA)
  6. Vision Craft, Inc (Yakima WA) Member of The Vision Council

West Virginia

  1. N Focus Lab Vienna WV  (877) 295-5764: Left several messages and no call back. Cannot confirm as to in business. 


  1. Alpha Optical (Plover, WI)
  2. Cherry Optical (Green Bay WI) Member of The Vision Council. Considered one of the Top Labs. Founded 1999
  3. Fluegge Optical (Waterford, WI) Retail store with surfacing lab. Member of The Vision Council
  4. Global Optics (Green Bay, WI)
  5. LBC Optics (New Berlin, WI)
  6. Paramount Optical (Milwaukee, WI) Retail Lab, safety eyewear
  7. Wisconsin Vision (New Berlin, Wisconsin)  Retail chain with lab. Gives back


  1. Wyoming Optical (Casper, WY) Retail and lab



First Choice Vision Centre (Newfoundland, Canada)

Hakim Optical: Optical Chain with lab

Lens Shapers

Plastic Plus


Optimex (Chihuahua, Mexico) Optometrist with lab. 

Professional Optical (Algodones, Mexico) Optometrist with lab. 


Marcwill Limited Optical Lab San Fernando, Trinidad,


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