Innovating Eyewear Personalization: Ditar & MARKUS T

DItar powers Markus T online

Ditar, a pioneer in reshaping the eyewear industry through technological innovation, proudly introduces its latest breakthrough: a transformative eyewear customization platform developed in collaboration with Markus T., renowned for excellence in quality and innovation.

At the heart of this innovation lies an immersive and interactive configurator, powered by advanced Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. This platform empowers users to customize every aspect of their glasses, from bridges and temples to rings and add-ons, with a vast palette of color options. Through advanced 3D rendering technology, the configurator provides real-time visual feedback, elevating the customization process to new heights of engagement and satisfaction.

A standout feature of this platform is its seamless Virtual Try-On experience. Leveraging AR, users can instantly visualize how different frames complement their faces in real time. Compatible with Apple devices, this feature offers a true-to-life preview of size and fit, empowering users to make confident decisions and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

The configurator’s 3D modeling ensures an accurate and authentic representation of the glasses, meticulously sized and optimized for realism. This lifelike preview enhances the decision-making process, ensuring user satisfaction and confidence in their final choice.

“By offering an interactive, realistic, and user-friendly customization platform, we’re significantly enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. This collaboration with Markus T. showcases the incredible potential of combining technology with craftsmanship.” Alexandra Macsimov Co-founder of Ditar.

Ditar online platform on MARKUS T

Experience the future of eyewear customization today by visiting the Markus T. website and exploring this innovative platform.

smiling person wearing MARKUS T online

Ditar remains committed to leveraging technology to transform industries and elevate user experiences. Eyewear brands seeking a competitive edge, increased conversion rates, and greater brand loyalty can integrate this cutting-edge technology into their offerings.

Ditar continues to provide interactive experiences for customers buying eyewear, both in-store and online.


About Ditar

Ditar is a leader in providing engaging eyewear shopping experiences through augmented reality technologies. Committed to digitizing the eyewear shopping process and enhancing customer experiences, Ditar offers smart, innovative solutions designed to make the process easy and immersive for customers, both in-store and online. From virtual try-ons to optical measurements, Ditar is revolutionizing the way people shop for eyewear.


MARKUS T glasses are made of high-quality titanium or from the patented light synthetic TMi. They are distinctive or filigree, subtle or expressive in color design. Each MARKUS T model is as individual as its wearer. Not only the shape or color of the glasses is individual, MARKUS T glasses are created with heart and soul and are handcrafted. From the design and production to shipping; each production step is transparent MARKUS T pursues the aim of seeing its glasses on happy faces throughout the world.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024


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