Innovega Announces Patenting Activity to Broaden Licensing Opportunities

Innovega Innovations

Innovega Inc. announced the issuance of two US patents and the filing of two international patents that expand their portfolio to 56 patent cases. The first recently issued US patent, Transparent Projection Screen, protects novel technology for speckle-free Augmented and Mixed Reality displays, while the second issued US patent, Contact Lens and Method and Systems for Constructing a Contact Lens, has broad claims for delivery of oxygen to the eye with smart contact lenses containing components having limited or no oxygen transmissibility.

The new international filing, Display eyewear with auditory enhancement describes a novel system and apparatus to couple gaze tracking with directional microphones in Extended Reality eyewear to assist the hearing impaired in noisy environments and to deliver the respective voice to text to the visual display. The second international filing, Display eyewear with adjustable camera direction, protects image shifting in smart eyewear as a function of camera position and natural head-tilt and gaze changes for the diversity of visual tasks undertaken by smart eyewear users.

Company Co-Founder and lead inventor, Dr. Jerome Legerton shared, “Our portfolio covers a broad scope of patents to protect our smart contact lenses, smart display eyewear, methods of personalizing and fitting each of them, multistage contact lens manufacturing, optical components and artificial intelligence software that makes the eyewear smart. It’s very meaningful for our team to advance this technology to first assist the sensory impaired and then to enable consumers to engage in the visual experiences made possible by this technology. Extended Reality eyewear is making the metaverse experience possible.”

Innovega has a robust list of 56 U.S. and international patent cases including 25 issued patents protecting its iOptik® smart contact lens and eMacula® display system.

About Innovega

Innovega Inc. is developing stylish, lightweight, wearable displays that feature a high-resolution, panoramic-field-of-view system for medical, consumer, and industrial applications. The Company is licensing its technology into the $74 billion global vision care market with a first focus on image enhancement for the visually impaired. Its transformative patented platform, eMacula®, combines eyewear and iOptik® high-resolution smart contact lenses to deliver broad applications in medicine, augmented reality and virtual reality. The Company has been supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, National Eye Institute of National Institutes of Health, and National Science Foundation; and received investments from strategic partners.

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