Insomnia And Productivity

Quit smoking, exercise, eat right, de-stress, de-tox, de-digitalize are all healthy and wellness recipes. Most people forget to add in good sleep. Good, restorative sleep is becoming increasingly more important as studies continue to show the correlation of sleep to health and productivity.

In fact companies are hiring Sleep Consultants  and companies just as Sleep Med to address sleep issues and wellness. Google even hosts sleeposiums events.

Eye Bogglers on the Average Worker:

  • 3.2% of employees report insomnia
  • 14.3% of workers aged 65 or older suffer with insomnia
  • 27.1% of working women report insomnia
  • 19.7% of working men report insomnia
  • 11.3 Days  of productivity lost due to lack of sleep
  • $2,280.00 Dollars per person due to lack of sleep
  • $14 Billion in Direct Healthcare cost.
  • $63.2 Billion in the US lost productivity due to insomnia with up to $100 Billion in direct and indirect costs.

Other Studies have found:

  • People monitoring digital devices after 9 pm are more tired and less engaged .
  • Insomniac managers can lead to abusive managers
  • Lack of Sleep can lead to dementia and diabetes, weight gain, glaucoma and more.

Contrary to belief, Insomnia is only a symptom of a larger problem. There are numerous reasons for insomnia from too much caffeine, medical disorders, apnea, medication, mental health, stress, neurological disorders, and more.

Our advice, is to address sleep in a staff meeting. If you have staff that have a long term sleeping issues, you might consider getting them help or sending them to a sleep clinic.

Other things you can do, address sleep and eye health (digital eye syndrome) with your patients. Connect with local Sleep Experts, put up information on your website. Introduce Eye Masks into the practice (give away sleep masks for those with problems)

Most importantly reconsider restorative sleep as an important wellness issue.


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