Instagram – Best in the Northeast

This is a multiple-part series in an effort to feature Opticals from each region in the US. Why? Because Instagram is underutilized in the optical industry. We have so many visual things that we can share with potential customers. Over the years I have not only grown my own following but I have found some cool practices on Instagram, who are doing some amazing things. In this installment, I gathered some of my favorite Optical Instagram accounts from the North Eastern United States to share with you, why they stand out to me, and how Instagram has impacted their office.

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Occoquan Optical
 – @occoquan_optical – Occoquan, Virginia

What I love about their Instagram is that you are constantly seeing people wearing the glasses from this shop – you’re reminded over and over that people are buying their glasses! I also love that they show products other than glasses like anti-fog spray, minty mask spray, eyeglass zippered bags and eyewear chains.

Occoquan Optical Instagram

“I do think Instagram it’s important because it’s kind of like when people order off a menu based on the pictures of the food. People are very visual and like to “see the goods”. Some of my local folks do have social media and get hooked after seeing enough images of happy customers so I think it’s a MUST for any small business to be on social media. IG and Facebook rule the world now and when it’s free every business should take advantage of that.”

-Rachel, Occoquan Optical owner

Rochester Eye Associates – @roceyeassoc – Rochester, New York

Seriously, who else has helped a T-Rex with dry eye?! This practice does an exceptional job at marketing more than one office in a personable yet educational and informational way. Their page is consistently branded yet still includes testimonials, ocular awareness months, and the faces of their friendly staff.

Rochester Eye Associates Instagram

“Between our insta stories and posts, we’ve gotten the attention of a younger audience and have been able to obtain them as patients. Without this platform, we would be solely relying on gaining new patients from word-of-mouth or Google search. We have been able to increase website traffic with stories and posts about the services we offer and referring people to the link in our bio. It is a free tool that is absolutely worth exploring for any offices not yet on Instagram!

-Chelsea Mulligan, Social Network Developer


Connecticut Vision – @connecticutvision – Suffield, Connecticut

Dr. Markowski is an OD I would want to see! She has some great pics of herself being herself, with the equally fun-looking staff! This page gives a super upbeat vibe that I get the “feel” of their practice. Who wouldn’t want to go to an OD who shows patients how easy getting pressures checked are, on a stuffed animal!

Connecticut Vision Instagram

“Instagram is a great platform for our office. It allows us to be creative & fun. We can show aspects of our office that formal advertising wouldn’t capture. We see everyone from pediatrics, teens, adults, and geriatrics. Some of our patients follow us on Instagram, and a lot follow us on Facebook, so it allows an easy way for us to communicate with our community.”

-Dr. Allise Markowski, Owner

Clark Appler Optical – @clarkappleroptical – Towson, Maryland

Their page covers a lot of bases, which is great because the average customer probably doesn’t know everything an optical shop can do. I really like that they post simple yet important things about things like cleaning your glasses, not gluing broken glasses, and checking your FSA balance. They display their beautiful eyewear, their pup, Zane, doing lensometry and wearing glasses! Oh yeah, they’ve also been around for 90 years!

Clark Appler Optical Instagram
“I think in our situation, Instagram isn’t a go-to for our customer base, YET. I say yet because our customers are primarily older, and today’s younger Instagram power-users are getting older every day! Haha!! When I look at a business on Instagram I just look to get a feel of things there. So I am hopeful that they are “silently” liking what they see and coming in.

Instagram a fun, free advertising option. I like doing it myself, as opposed to farming it out because I think it gives customers a sense of who we are and what kind of service we provide.”

Tara Appler, Owner


Wanderlust Eyecare – @wanderlust_eyecare – Northfield, Illinois

Two words: window displays! Eye-catching window displays take a lot of work and for being somewhat new to this, these guys have nailed it! They have had some super fun and breathtaking works of art, every time they post a photo of a new one I zoom in on the picture and look all around. I also love the hashtag on their window that projects the perfect shadow. Two huge thumbs up!

Wanderlust Eyecare Instagram

“As the neighborhood boutique optical shoppe, most of our new patients & business are still garnered through patient referrals, local business, and insurance. However, Instagram is free and simple to use, and we’ve found that it has helped increase our visibility on search engines and has driven traffic to our website. Instagram has also kept us “fresh” and relevant for our patients while showing prospective patients that we remain current in today’s technology-centric world.”

-Dr. Faye Gamboa, Owner


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