Instagram – The Best In The Northwest

Instagram is still, what I believe to be, underutilized in the optical industry. We have so many visual things that we can share with potential customers. Over the years I have not only grown my own following but I have found some cool practices on Instagram, who are doing some amazing things. Being a Northwest native, I gathered some of my favorite local Optical Instagram accounts to share with you, why they stand out to me, and how Instagram has impacted their office.

Coeur d’Alene Vision Source@cda_vision_source – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

CDA VS does a phenomenal job of posting a balance between frames, what’s going on in the office, jokes, new office construction, and a lot more. They are very relatable and it just makes you feel comfortable with the office. Their page makes me feel good about them, like I would want to visit their office.
“We ask how patients hear about us and social media is an option. I have learned that you need to know your audience, and I can let loose a bit more on IG than what I do on Facebook. I think people should use Instagram for marketing, getting ideas on how to improve service or other things in the office and networking. Anytime people click on your pages, it helps the search engine optimization, so that’s a good thing too.” -Melanie Greene

Coopers Optique@coopersoptique – Seattle, Washington

I’ve been following Zac online for quite sometime and he has had quite a journey in life and throughout COVID. Even though he only opened up his optical shop in July 2020, he has been on Instagram during the process of opening his doors and his account has only become more intriguing. If you are wanting a unique variety of striking independent frame brands, he is who you need to follow!

“Once we started posting 3 times per day we had a huge influx in followers. We had 4 purchases in a week, from Instagram. We’ve learned that having a very specific in detail post in the AM and two other more casual posts/videos has brought more traffic. Our followers respond way more to personal stories of clients that have purchased from us, rather than random pairs of glasses” -Zac Cooper

Myoptic Optometry@myopticpdx – Portland, Oregon

Myoptic’s feed shines among others because of its eye-catching graphics. The guy behind the graphics is beyond creative and it really brings some fun, outside-of-the-box branding concepts to the industry. I’ve also seen them post some quite ingenious promotional things. I really enjoy seeing their clever creativity!

“We do have a very large local following, and of course by other practices. The account drives business when we want to promote specific campaigns at targeted groups or areas; That is it’s utility. It also serves as a focus group, we try small creative ideas and concepts here and gauge response before executing a campaign.  If we try an idea it’s heavily liked, we know we have a good idea and if not, maybe we try another idea before spending the money on a promotion. Other than that it’s a place to dump ideas, show our personality, and occasionally some new news or products we might have.”

There you have it – quite a variety of visually crafted content to spark some ideas for yourself! What do you find that works on Instagram? Let us know in the comments!

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