International Vision Expo East Report

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Hi, we are back with our International Vision Expo East Report. It is always interesting to go to this show as you will certainly see the new trends and products and although some of them will take time to enter the mainstream, it is a peek into the future. I have been going to International Vision Expo East for many years but for the first time I appreciated the opportunity it allows for show attendees to see what is coming and to get ideas. I was very impressed by the number of unique and cutting edge frame companies exhibiting in the Galleria and Underground sections of the show. Even if you are not an optical retailer with a high fashion customer base you can see what the fashion trends are and modify your own purchases to keep current in a more mainstream way. Embrace the trend in your own market! Another benefit of visiting these International Vision Expo exhibitors booths is the display and merchandising. They are there to get buyers’ attention and they have to make themselves eye catching just like an optical retail store has to look eye catching to the consumer.

Bubble Dusplay
Bubble Display

I love this display above, from Frost an optical frame company from Germany.

The frame trends are big and bigger just like we reported a week or so ago with the 80’s coming back but with different colors and effects. Here is Rebecca from MODO wearing a big frame in a new color.

MODO Frame
MODO Frame

We have lots more to talk about, we will post more this week on what we saw continuing our International Vision Expo East Report.