INVU – Sunglasses For These Challenging Times

Protection from the sun was a key benefit of sunglasses when they started to become popular in the 1930s. Banning rays and using polarizing celluloid are two examples of how protection dominated the industry in the early days. Over time many more protective features have been added to sunglasses such as UV protection and blue light protection as well as various value-add coating technologies. The fashion side of sunglasses has though been driving the industry for many decades.

Now, with COVID-19 the protective aspects of sunglasses are once again being spotlighted. In the current environment, wearing sunglasses offers two additional key protective functions. Sunglasses offer a physical barrier to help prevent aerosol respiratory droplets from reaching your eyes and the sunglasses also help keep your hands out of your eyes and face.

The economic slowdown has impacted millions of people and consumer budgets are tighter than ever. That is where INVU by Swiss Eyewear Group comes in. INVU offers a wide range of high quality fashionable and protective sunglasses.

All INVU sunglasses are designed and engineered in Switzerland and equipped with Swiss Eyewear Group’s ultra polarized lens that offers crystal clear, glare-free vision and 100% UV protection.

INVU sunglasses are indeed the opticians’ best friend in these challenging times.