IOA Partners with AAOO

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The IOA announced a new partnership with the Academy of Advanced Ophthalmic Optics. Founded by Grant and Thao Hannaford, the AAOO professional CPD and mentorship programs focus on giving optical professionals a practical framework for growth, making it a perfect match for the IOA.

Grant and Thao say, “The Academy of Advanced Ophthalmic Optics’ mission is to provide global leadership in the delivery of high-level education and research, utilizing evidence-based eye care to optimize patient outcomes in practice. We are delighted to announce our collaboration with the International Opticians Association in the delivery of industry-leading education.

“It is clear that the values of the IOA and AAOO are well aligned in our goals to provide a contiguous level of excellence in our industry internationally. This partnership represents an opportunity to have superior optics education become available on a global scale, overcoming geographic obstacles with maximum efficacy.

“Together we are committed to ensuring access to quality education is fair, equitable, and deliver an organic downstream benefit to communities around the world.”

Donald Crichton, IOA president says, “We welcome this new partnership and have exciting plans with the AAOO. This month you will be able to read expert articles from Grant and Thao, giving you an insight into the education they can provide. Watch out for news of webinars and more in coming months.”

About IOA

The IOA is an association dedicated to the enhancement and development of the optical profession around the world. It acts as a forum for optician practitioners, industry partners and educators to come together and discuss topics that have an impact on the development of the profession and the delivery of world-class eye care and quality vision.

About AAOO

Realizing that the ophthalmic industry in Australia is changing rapidly, Thao and Grant developed their award-winning practice model to deliver a range of continuing professional development modules. The AAOO offers mentoring and regular contact programs that will embed your knowledge and grow your clinical and professional life.

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