IOT Announces A Completely New Portfolio Of Ground-Breaking Lens Designs

New IOT Progressive Lenses For 2021

IOT offers advanced ophthalmic technology solutions from the initial design and development to the industrial manufacturing process. Their products create added value and offer a boost of innovation for any company or laboratory, regardless of size.

IOT fosters an ecosystem of innovation, constantly creating new solutions with high added value to allow their partners to respond to the demands of an increasingly sophisticated market. In September of 2021 IOT will be releasing a completely new portfolio of designs based on their groundbreaking technologies, Camber™ with IOT Intelligence™, IOT Digital Ray-Path® 2, and Steady or Steady Plus methodologies.

New progressive designs will include Camber Steady Plus Progressive and Endless Steady Progressive lenses, both built on IOT Digital Ray-Path® 2 Technology, and Essential Steady Progressive lenses. Each family of lenses within the IOT catalog will include a general use design and alternative configurations that emphasize distance, intermediate or near areas of the lens.

New specialty lenses will include Endless Office Occupational, Endless Drive Progressive, Endless Sport Progressive, Endless Pilot Progressive, Endless Bifocal, Endless Single Vision, Endless Anti-fatigue Single Vision, and Endless Drive Single Vision.

According to IOT President and CEO Daniel Crespo, “IOT lens designs allow for countless configurations, providing the opportunity to differentiate for unique market needs. No other lens design portfolio is as modular, flexible, and versatile as IOT’s”.

IOT is a premier provider of disruptive and customized innovations in the optical industry specializing in cutting-edge technologies, products, and services that add value, innovation, excellence, and success in the ophthalmic lens industry. IOT is known for providing differentiated optical technology products, customized solutions, and services which, like our products such as IOT Neochromes®, a line of advanced technology light-activated lenses, perfectly reflect our spirit of innovation and improvement.

For more information, please visit IOT at SILMO (Stand 5a JO19), Vision Expo West (Booth F6501), contact your IOT representative, or email IOT at



IOT is an international company with offices in California and Spain. We have more than 15 years of experience researching and developing digital ophthalmic lenses. They have in-depth knowledge of geometric surfaces on which the lenses are designed and hold a portfolio of patents for ophthalmic lenses.

They offer the highest technology, most sophisticated calculations, and all the services our partners need to manufacture the best lenses.

IOT’s partners have at their disposal our experienced team of professionals who will be at their side for the whole process, from creation to market strategy. They help them solve any questions, problems, or incidents quickly and efficiently. This approach, unique in the industry, allows their partners to utilize us as an extension of their own business.

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