IOT Appoints Adam Winkleman

Adam Winkleman
Adam Winkleman

IOT, a prominent photochromic lens company and a global leader in lens technologies appointed Adam Winkelman as Vice President of Sales for the Photochromic Lens Category in North America, leveraging the launch of the expansion of IOT’s Photochromic Lens portfolio.

As a result of the combination of technology, performance, and value, Neochromes was born. This is a photochromic lens that aims to become a benchmark product in an increasingly competitive and changing market, thanks to its unmatched level of performance beyond the established.  Neochromes gives all players in this industry the opportunity to better compete with a fresh photochromic brand that evokes freedom and differentiation for a new start.

IOT announced the appointment of Adam Winkelman as its new Vice President of Sales to spearhead the development and expansion of its photochromic lens North America. With a wealth of experience over the course of more than 22 years, Adam Winkelman held several key executive positions in leading companies in the sector. Throughout his career, he has been recognized for his ability to establish and maintain strong customer relationships, as well as his knack for developing effective sales strategies that deliver significant results. Adam’s deep industry knowledge and innovative sales approach make him the perfect choice to lead sales operations for IOT’s photochromic lens division.

In his new role, Adam Winkelman will be responsible for leading a dynamic team of sales professionals and developing innovative business strategies to drive market penetration of photochromic lenses in North America. His focus will be on strengthening relationships and serving IOT’s accounts to expand the product presence in optical businesses while maximizing their growth opportunities.

This strategic appointment comes at a crucial time in the year in which the company has expanded Neochromes portfolio by launching Neochromes Agile Dark, an exclusive and unique lens that activates more than Neochromes, the original product, without sacrificing its fade-back speed. A super lens for hot climates. As usual, IOT gains speed in research and development to continue expanding Neochromes range as they prepare to launch 3 new products before the end of the year.

“I’m super excited to be a member of the amazing team at IOT, focusing my energy, passion, creativity, and experience on helping the North American Eyecare market grow its profits, by providing best-in-class products in the dynamic and growing market segment of Photochromics.” – Adam Winkelman, VP of Sales Photochromics.



IOT is an international company with offices in California, Minnesota, and Madrid. With more than 15 years of history, they have proven experience in researching and developing outstanding digital ophthalmic lenses, photochromic lenses, and anti-reflective coatings.

IOT offers top lens technologies and a full range of services to help our partners to manufacture and sell the best lenses in the world. IOT’s experienced team of professionals stands by its partner’s side for the whole process, from creation to market strategy achieving differentiation and quality to better compete in the marketplace with outstanding products. This approach, unique in the industry, allows IOT’s partners to utilize the company as an extension of their own business.

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