IOT Expands Their USA Manufacturing And Technology Center

Sales of new IOT Neochromes® light-activated lenses, which launched in Q4 2019, have exceeded initial forecasts, leading to the expansion of capacity at IOT’s 20,000 square-foot facility in Torrance, CA. According to IOT founder and CEO, Daniel Crespo, “We have had great success with the launch of new IOT Neochromes light-activated lenses. Customers tell us they appreciate the exceptional performance of IOT Neochromes lenses, and that they are offered by an independent supplier.”

Innovation is central to IOT’s identity. Having manufacturing, engineering and research and development in one facility in the United States is helping to create the opportunity for future growth through advanced technologies and improved performance.

The new photochromic dye formulation used in IOT Neochromes light-activated lenses allows them to be crystal clear indoors, darken in seconds, and return to their un-activated state in 3-minutes1. In addition, IOT Neochromes lenses offer more consistent performance across all available materials and in a broad range of outdoor temperatures.

New IOT Neochromes lenses offer exceptional performance from an independent company.

For more information contact your IOT representative or e-mail IOT at [email protected].


1. Measured at 555nm at 23C using ISO 8980-3: 2013/ ANSI Z80.3 2015, 85%T in un-activated state, t1/2D is 5 seconds, t1/2F is 140 seconds.
IOT Neochromes is a registered trademark of Indizen Optical Technologies.