IOT Introduces Neochromes FT-28

IOT Meochromes woman wearing photochromic lenses from IOT

Indizen Optical Technologies of America (IOT America) recently announced the addition of Neochromes FT-28 flat-top polycarbonate photochromic lenses to its latest generation of Neochromes products. Leveraging our commitment to innovation and excellence, the new Neochromes FT-28 lenses marks a significant advancement in the bifocal lens market, offering unmatched photochromic performance with enhanced features.

Key Enhancements in the New Neochromes FT-28:

Improved Fade Back Speed: Quicker transitions from dark to clear enhance visibility as lighting conditions change.

Improved Activation Speed: Faster adaptation to varying light intensities offers increased comfort and convenience for all-day wear.

Continued Excellence in Material Quality: The lenses maintain their durable, lightweight polycarbonate composition, ensuring longevity and superior protection.

Consistent Aesthetic Integration: Designed to complement the existing Neochromes portfolio, these lenses ensure a seamless visual experience.

In addition to these performance upgrades, IOT announced that the new generation of Neochromes FT-28 will be available at the same price reaffirming our commitment to providing exceptional value.

Adam Winkelman, Vice President of Sales – Photochromics, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch: “We’re very excited to be providing an improved photochromic performance in a very important part of our portfolio. The laboratories we serve will now have a niche product within the Neochromes portfolio that meets the needs of end users who prefer a bifocal solution and experience the same elite performance they have come to expect from Neochromes. We are equally thrilled to offer these significant improvements at no additional cost to our customers, reaffirming our commitment to quality and value.”

The Neochromes FT-28 is now available for order. Customers are encouraged to contact their IOT representative or our photochromic customer service at for more details.

About Indizen Optical Technologies (IOT)

IOT, headquartered in California and Spain, has been a pioneer in the ophthalmic lens industry since 2005. With over 15 years of experience, IOT is a leading provider of technologies and services for the ophthalmic industry, including digital lens designs, photochromics, and more. IOT’s operations span across three research centers and produce 35 million lenses annually, reaching over 400 partners in 70 countries.

IOT commits to the highest technological standards and offers comprehensive support, from lens design to market strategy. Its facilities in Torrance, CA, and Madrid, Spain, feature advanced labs for research and development, including its main innovation center in Madrid and a specialized Photochromic Innovation Center in Torrance. These centers focus on advancing manufacturing technologies and photochromic lens testing, respectively.

IOT is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the ophthalmic industry, ensuring its partners worldwide receive unparalleled products and support.

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