IOT Introduces New Camber Steady Plus Progressive Lenses

IOT Camber Steady Plus Progressive

Innovation is at the heart of everything at IOT. In today’s competitive environment it is important for eye care professionals to be able to offer the most innovative products and the best technologies so they can differentiate their businesses.

New Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses combine a digital free-form back-side built on IOT’s new proprietary IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology, with patented Steady Plus Methodology, and a special Camber lens blank created by Younger Optics, to provide an amazingly comfortable visual experience for wearers. Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses are the most advanced progressive lenses ever developed by IOT.

Consumers will experience wide reading zones, improved peripheral vision, and unbeatable near vision performance. In recent wearer trials:

  • 100% of wearers report that the near zone is easier to find with Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses.
  • 88% of wearers experience easier adaptation with Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses.

Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses put eye care professionals in control:

  • In addition to a standard configuration, Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses are available in 3 alternate configurations with an emphasis on distance, intermediate, or near vision.
  • Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses are available at any specified fitting height between 14 and 18 mm.
  • Eye care professionals may use complete personalization parameters including wrap, vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, individual mono PDs for near and far, and a specified near working distance.

According to IOT President and CEO Daniel Crespo, “Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses contain not only our most advanced technologies but also everything we have learned through the last 10 years of wearer trials and constant innovation and improvement of digital free-form progressive lenses”.

Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses are only available through an exclusive network of wholesale laboratories that have undergone rigorous process validation to ensure they manufacture the highest quality lenses.

To find a laboratory or learn more about the advanced technology used to create Camber lenses contact your Younger Optics or IOT representative, or visit

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