IOT Introduces New Neochromes Agile Dark lenses

IOT Neochromes Agile Dark lenses

IOT invites the ophthalmic industry—to embrace the light with Neochromes Agile Dark, the newest addition to the Neochromes family of light-activated lenses. Neochromes Agile Dark lenses are even darker than IOT’s current Neochromes yet fade back just as quickly.

The darker lens fills a gap in the photochromic lens market. “Many photochromic lens wearers prefer a darker lens, but don’t want to sacrifice fast fade-back speed”, said Tina Lahti, IOT’s vice president for sales and marketing. “Neochromes Agile Dark lenses deliver the best of all worlds.”

Featuring exclusive dyes only available from IOT, Neochromes Agile Dark lenses achieve the fastest fade back in the extra dark category. They demonstrate exceptional performance in hot temperatures and are activated by visible light to darken behind the windshield.

Neochromes Agile Dark lenses block 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays and protect against potentially damaging HEV and blue light. They are available now in grey and brown, in 1.50 plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex, and 1.67 high index.

“I am so excited to expand the Neochromes family of lenses,” Tina said. “And as an independent provider of innovative lens technologies, IOT strives to support our partners with industry-leading products like Neochromes Agile Dark. We want to deliver products that help them stand out in the market and grow their businesses.”

Labs can check with their IOT representative for samples, literature, and additional details.


Established in Madrid, IOT began offering lens designs in 2005. It has grown to serve more than 400 partners in 69 countries, supporting the production of 35 million lenses annually. With headquarters in Madrid and Los Angeles and a marketing office in Minneapolis, IOT is a world leader in lens technology and innovation.

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