IOT Neochromes® Launches a New Website

IOT’s continuous focus on innovation has resulted in new, break-through technology in photochromic lenses, IOT Neochromes® light-activated lenses. IOT Neochromes lenses are crystal clear indoors, darken in seconds, and return to their un-activated state in 3-minutes*. In addition, IOT Neochromes® lenses offer more consistent performance across all available materials and in a broad range of outdoor temperatures. IOT Neochromes lenses offer exceptional performance from an independent company.

Now IOT is introducing a new website fully dedicated to this product:

Eyecare professionals and consumers will now have access to direct information about IOT Neochromes® and it’s features and benefits.

The website is available in English and Spanish and incorporates interactive elements that make it more visually dynamic. The layout is simple and well-structured, making it easy to navigate and search for information.

IOT business partners who offer IOT Neochromes® lenses in their portfolios have access to a wide range of marketing material using the “Be Yourself” campaign including videos, demonstration tools, materials for both eyecare professionals and patients, and web and social media content.

IOT is an independent company that offers their business partners the technology and services they need to manufacture the best lenses in the world. IOT is known for providing differentiated optical technologies, specifically high-quality free form lens designs, including inMotion® and Camber™ Steady.

For more information on IOT Neochromes light-activated lenses, please visit the new website, the IOT website, contact your IOT representative, or email IOT at: [email protected].

*Measured at 555nm at 23C using ISO 8980-3: 2013/ ANSI Z80.3 2015, 85%T in un-activated

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