IOT Receives US Patent

IOT announces the issuance of US patent 2018/0239167 A1 for Steady Methodology, a unique technology for creating progressive lenses with reduced peripheral mean sphere power.

Steady Methodology, available only on Camber™ Steady lenses, is a technological breakthrough in free form digital progressive lens design. For over 50 years lens designers have focused on controlling unwanted cylinder power on progressive lenses. The introduction of free form digital lenses has allowed for improved visual performance and the more precise placement of this unwanted power. Steady Methodology is a new and different approach. It addresses unwanted changes in sphere power in the lateral portions of the lens in addition to unwanted cylinder error.


Power maps demonstrate how Steady Methodology virtually eliminates positive mean power, which is associated with defocus, in the lateral portion of the lens. In wearer trials conducted by IOT, the introduction of Steady Methodology resulted in an observed 14% increase in the width of the distance visual field. Camber Steady lenses also have a lower level and smooth distribution of unwanted cylinder error. This, along with the reduced mean sphere, reduces swim effect, which is associated with the perception of movement. The result is a lens with superior image stability for the wearer.

According to Daniel Crespo, CEO, and president of IOT, “Steady Methodology is a real breakthrough in free form progressive lens design. Wearers of this technology often report a ‘wow’ effect. They really can see a difference. The Camber Steady lens combines a digital free form backside design that includes Steady Methodology with a special Camber lens blank, created in conjunction with Younger Optics. The result is an incredibly advanced dual surface lens that is truly different than anything else on the market. Camber Steady is one of the best general use progressive lenses ever developed by IOT.”

IOT is an independent company that offers their business partners the technology and services they need to manufacture the best lenses in the world. IOT is known for providing differentiated optical technologies, specifically high-quality free form lens designs, including inMotion™ and Camber Steady, and Neochromes Dynamic® light activated lenses.
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