IOT To Announce the Release of IOT Neochromes® Light Activated Lenses at Vision Expo West


IOT’s focus on innovation has resulted in new break-through technology in photochromic lenses. The new photochromic dye formulation used in IOT Neochromes® lenses allows them to be crystal clear indoors, darken in seconds, and return to their un-activated state in 3-minutes1. In addition, IOT Neochromes® lenses offer more consistent performance across all available materials and in a broad range of outdoor temperatures.

IOT recognizes that technology alone is not enough. As part of our commitment to service, IOT has made the decision to open an onshore manufacturing facility in California where new high-performance light-activated dyes will be applied to IOT Neochromes® lenses2.
IOT will support partners who choose to launch new IOT Neochromes® light-activated lenses by offering access to our “Be Yourself” campaign. The campaign will show how IOT Neochromes® lenses adapt to any lighting conditions, allowing consumers total freedom to be themselves. Campaign assets will include print, digital, video elements, in addition to a consumer-friendly demonstration kit.

According to Daniel Crespo, president of IOT, “photochromic lenses are under 20% of the lenses dispensed but contain close to 50% of the value. It is part of our mission to provide our partners with an independent solution for this very important value-add category. New IOT Neochromes® light-activated lenses include the latest technology, so lenses are of the highest quality. This allows our partners to successfully compete with market leaders, with no compromise in performance.”

New IOT Neochromes® lenses offer exceptional performance from an independent company.

Visit booth LP12119 for a demonstration of new IOT Neochromes® light-activated lenses.
For more information contact your IOT representative or e-mail IOT at [email protected].


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