IpVenture Offers Eyewear Technology for COVID-19

Let’s be honest: the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating. Numerous businesses struggle to make ends meet. Lives have been up-ended, plagued, and lost—and there seems to be no end in sight.

But in the great American tradition, cooperation and innovation continue to be our most trusted tools. That is why IpVenture presents its technologies for COVID-19 eyewear to fight this dreadful but elusive virus: eyewear that measures the user’s risk of potentially contracting the virus and advise subsequent actions. It is particularly helpful for front-line and industrial workers, high-risk people, and students attending classes in-person.

The eyewear can track a user’s biometrics—such as heart rate, oxygen level, temperature, activity level, and coughing frequency—and provide an alert if someone approaching has a high temperature, or has been infected via available contact-tracing programs.

By keeping track of the different factors and based on COVID’s signature, the eyewear can better identify the risk of a person getting the virus and can prompt him to consider self-quarantine and schedule for a test ASAP. Knowing if one is positive even a few days earlier can prove vital in fighting the spread of this pandemic.

For those inflicted with the virus, a digital assistant in the eyewear can provide gentle reminders, such as to regularly hydrate; moral support, such as playing a favorite song; or official recommendations, like how many days the user’s family should remain isolated. Through continual monitoring, the eyewear could contact or suggest contacting medical personnel if the user’s condition worsens.

Hospital corridor interior, medical clinic hall. Vector cartoon illustration of empty waiting hallway in hospital with chairs, doors to wards, water cooler and elevator

Rokid now offers their model of COVID-19 glasses, but at a staggering price of $6,999 a pair. In view of the pandemic, IpVenture, with IngenioSpec, is offering selected partners a nominal fee to license our patented technologies for COVID-19 eyewear in the next twelve months, as we wait for a vaccine. If interested, please contact info@IpVenture.com.

We cannot halt the spread completely, but in working together, we can protect the most vulnerable among us. With these patented technologies and more, IpVenture strives to provide market-driven ideas and user-friendly technologies.

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