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Impuri Eyewear

After two years of development in their atelier in Serbia, Impuri presented their first line of eyewear at DaTE in Florence, Italy. The name of the line is SAMARAKANDA and it comes in 5 different shapes.

“At the same moment I understood that I want to make eyewear for the rest of my life I knew it’s gonna be hard as hell… Just like walking to the city of Samarakand; I know it exists somewhere and I don’t have a clue where is it but I gonna find it.”
Goran Ilic – Owner/Designer

The extreme manual work necessary to make one single piece is outstanding. The craftsmanship, time, and sweat that go into these masterpieces are invaluable.


Impuri SAMARAKANDA frames are made of Carbon Fiber and are decorated with Graphite on the front and back to achieve uniqueness without going too far. To add a bit of an edgy look they complete the frame decoration with rough texturing or brushed finish on the sides. These very limited number of frames will be available in “all brushed” versions.


The temples are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and have a unique flex system to ensure comfortable wearing. A long line of Carbon and Graphite is added on the sides of the temples and represents a definite mark of uniqueness.

The inside of the temples is marked with serial number and model’s name and every frame comes with a certificate of uniqueness signed by a master craftsman.

“We are making a great effort in using progressive materials and every step in the production of these masterpieces is led by the principle of real handwork and no or almost no leftovers. We waste only a few grams of the material for every produced frame”, continues Goran Ilic.


Since day one we felt responsible to express themselves by creating objects that are durable and repairable with a very limited negative impact on nature. This mindset has pushed Impuri to create unique manufacturing solutions and technological processes, mixing traditional techniques and modern materials.

Impuri makes everything in-house: from drawing and prototyping to final polishing. Dedication to their product pushed them to create unparalleled hardcase molded from recycled Denim that is not just mere protection for the eyewear but a true design piece.

See the entire Impuri SAMARAKANDA line on their website

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024