It’s All About Us From Rapp Optical

We are on many websites and about six months ago, I came to the revelation that many offices and online eyewear companies say very little about themselves. Who they are and what they do and why someone should buy from them.

As eyecare pros, do you ever look at how your website and your ‘About Us’ is differentiating yourself from the competition, whether from a brick and mortar store or your online competition?

We ran across the ‘Why Rapp Optical’ and loved it. It is very straightforward, uses bullet points making it easy to read. It also addresses the professionalism, fitting and quality. I also like the end (not shown) where they make note of Blue Light and progressives .

If you are looking for ideas on re-doing or updating your website, take a look at the full page.

Via Rapp Optical

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024