It’s Not Just A Chick Thing

Rons-MelissaI started blogging 5 years ago- and when you blog…. you are usually at home and the computer does not care what you look like.  Like most tele-commuters or home office people, you may get pretty lazy about your appearance..You can go several more weeks longer without the hair cut, the manicures go out the door, no makeup.. sloppy clothes.. Until that fateful day.. when you have to get dressed up and can’t see to put on your makeup. Horrors!!!!!

You pull out your trusty little magnifying mirror and it helps (when you were a +1.00) but.. something happened, you age. I need more power…. And guys.. if you have ever watched a women trying to put makeup when they can’t see.. it is like a stupid YouTube Video.

Like most women we have a magnifying mirror among our possessions at home, what happens when you go on a trip? Are we women going to be a slave to makeup… Yes.. most of us are.. and if we don’t wear contacts we need to have Make- Up Eyewear. It is a safety  and a personal vanity issue.

After poking myself in the eye every morning  at Vision Expo West, thus crying and smearing make-up,  I finally asked Melissa Scoppettone of Rons Optical if I buy some makeup glasses. One for my house and one that goes in my luggage. What a difference it makes in putting on makeup. In the 10x I have used it, I have not poked myself in the eye once! I would bet that daily some women is poking herself in the eye with that mascara wand. It is a eye-safety issue.

So I think you should stock make-up glasses. Listen to this, over 38 million search results on google. Obviously women are buying them. For those who need an Rx, definitely they are rxable. You have to stock all powers too. Don’t order them in, this is an impulse buy. Display with make-up and a mirror, let patients try them on and look at themselves.

My advice:

  • Make up Glasses are a safety device:
  • Make up Glasses are a beauty enhancer.
  • You need to stock all powers. I have a +2.50, but could have probably used a higher power.
  • Safe Eye Makeup 

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