It’s Only With The Heart That One Can See Rightly

LIGHTBIRD is a new brand in the eyewear sector and was created by the intuition and expertise of designer Corrado Rosson, who has been working in the eyewear sector for over a decade and has won numerous international awards, including two Silmo d’Or. LIGHTBIRD presents itself on the market as a 100% Made in Italy start-up that, through two patents, offers a unique and innovative product.

Born in the historic Italian eyewear district – the province of Belluno, famous both for the Dolomites, but also for having given rise to most of the high-end collections worldwide, LIGHTBIRD is distinctive elements: light, passion, heart, lightness, Made in Italy, technological innovation and a patented business model. LIGHTBIRD is a world of values identifiable in a “nest” that welcomes both those who wish to share them and the logo: the representation of a bird with a big heart that at great leaps tries to fly, using what it has at its disposal, including new technologies.

It is no coincidence that technology is the means by which LIGHTBIRD manages to establish a link with the entire supply chain and, in particular, with opticians, helping them to retain their customers. Not only that, exploiting its global vision, the company will allow ECPs to enjoy the benefits of the world LIGHTBIRD to those who are already part of it and facilitate contact with those who want to approach for the first time. This relationship is established in a simple way, through the patented “Light_nest” system: a special APP and the reading of the product code inserted in the QR code positioned at the end of the terminal of each pair of glasses. And the LIGHTBIRD world is revealed.

Corrado Rosson argues that support for his greatest ally, the optician, who like him “enjoys making frames” is essential. He also believes that there are still many commercial and experiential spaces to explore exploiting the potential offered by new technologies.

Innovation is in the D.N.A. of the brand also from the production point of view. LIGHTBIRD has patented a gluing system linked to the use of two different materials: acetate and aluminum.

Technology and heart. “Light_nest” and “HEART”, the iconic model, a sunglass designed to symbolically represent the brand’s concept. Rosson reinterprets and creates his own version of the heart-shaped glasses, a great classic of the ’60s, taking up the stylized heart of the LIGHTBIRD logo. “This model wants to be a vehicle for a message: great passion, creativity, Made in Italy.”

“It’s only with the heart that one can see rightly” For the first campaign image Corrado Rosson has borrowed a famous phrase from “The Little Prince” – “… you can only see it with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes” – written by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry, a famous French writer and starter. The Venetian designer loved this story and wanted to pay homage to this icon of wisdom, feeling and courage precisely because these values blend perfectly with the brand philosophy.

LIGHTBIRD is, therefore, a new project that wants to be perceived not only as a company that designs and produces eyeglasses but above all as a real world to be part of. A world where values, style, and innovation bring companies, opticians and end consumers into direct dialogue.

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