J.F. REY PETITE 2023 - woman wearing optical frame

PETITE is the designer’s collection dedicated to the thinnest faces. Chic, modern, and colorful, it appeals to women seeking unique and small frames. Its style immediately refers to J.F. REY’s creative signature: flattering shapes, attractive graphic details, and eye-catching custom colors that sign the look and shape the personality. The line offers a tremendous variety of sizes, styles, and designs that perfectly meet the specific needs and aesthetic preferences of this clientele, always ensuring to meet the right visual balance, supreme wearing comfort, and perfect fit. PETITE is more than just a matter of size.

J.F. REY PA1029015
J.F. REY PA1014570
J.F. REY PA1033530
J.F. REY PA0973050
J.F. REY PA0989040
J.F. REY PA1002509

In line with J.F. REY spirit, the new collection delivers 9 new shapes made of acetate or metal/acetate combined, all original but each one unique.  They are the expression of an artistic fusion between shapes, materials, and J.F. REY’s icons of colors that have the power to turn these retro-classics models into fascinating contemporary eyeglasses. New creative and eye-catching eyewear comes with very contrasting “bi-taste” associations. Graphic lines and artistic curves come to redraw the contours, adding a touch of structure and definition to the face.  Each frame is carefully crafted to highlight patterns and finishing details of the materials. Colors and shades make up rich and varied aesthetic palettes that suit all tastes. A unique, lively, and dapper look. Check out the entire JF Rey lineup on their website, jfrey.fr

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