JF Rey Petite Collection SS-2021

JF Rey Petite SS 2021

The collection JF Rey PETITE was motivated by the desire to dress the slim faces of women, often forgotten by a large part of eyewear designers. Since 2012, Jean-François Rey has been constantly reinventing this line which now holds a key place in the collections. He redefines proportions and cuts; he introduces new shapes and draws the lines, works on styles, colors, and materials sourcing for more diversity, character, and aesthetics in the models. The result is a careful selection of creative and expressive models that offer an inspiring vision of femininity: graceful, independent, and spontaneous.

The Spring/Summer 2021 collection promotes allure and self-confidence, through a bold design and flattering, very playful looks. If the design borrows a lot from the JF Rey collections, the style promises to be ever more feminine and refined, supported by a particular attachment to original associations of materials and fashionable colors. Fine graphic lines in fresh colored metal (PM074, PM075, PM076), exclusive designs in acetate (PA077, PA078), and vibrant silhouettes proposed in a glamorous retro-style (PM072, PM073) are the key fundamentals of this new collection.


Concepts PA077/PA078

JF Rey PA0779020
JF Rey PA0779020

This concept offers frames in very assumed shapes, cut from exclusive Italian acetate materials. A lamination process allowed to emphasize the gaze, for a “doe eye” effect, both glamorous and very feminine. Allure and elegance guided the creation, supported by the desire to highlight the most intense tones, the most nuanced color mixtures, and the most refined details. Frames that dress the look with an exquisite soft touch of chic.

Concepts: PM074/PM075/PM076

JF Rey PM0750980
JF Rey PM0750980

Designed in a dynamic and eye-catching spirit, these two-tone metal frames are as attractive with their daring shape as with their refreshing colors. Their graphic and ultra-thin silhouette is inspired from the best-seller SHELL concept of the JF Rey collection in a lighter, feminine, and extremely graceful jewelry proposition. Palettes of neon yellow, pink, or orange colors strike and focus on the look while highlighting the contemporary style of the design. For a beaming seasonal look!

Concepts: PM072/PM073

JF Rey PM0722525
JF Rey PM0722525

These combined frames have proved an inspired alliance between retro charm and chic glamorous style that is aimed at modern and refined women. The creative work achieved on the top, an acetate eyebrow piece assembled on a thin metal base, structures the face and highlights a subtle work of transparency and cuttings, effects of volumes, and contrasting thicknesses. Just as many graphic details that give allure and character to the models.

See the entire JF Rey line at their website jfrey.fr


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