JINS Embraces Fashion’s Puffification With Bold New Frames

JINS Classic Airframe Bold - woman wearing JINS frame

JINS Eyewear, a leading innovator in the eyewear industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product line: the Classic Airframe Bold, aka the “Puffy”. Just in time, some may say, as puffed-up style has flourished both on and off the runway.

This new collection embraces a fun and daring style, designed to make a bold statement while prioritizing comfort and functionality. The Classic Airframe Bold, featuring extra thick acetate frames, is available in Black, Matte Black, and Tortoise, and in three different shapes – specifically designed for a bold and distinctive look.

What sets these frames apart (aside from their inflation) is their unique construction. Each frame incorporates plate springs inside the temples, enhancing comfort and preventing slipping. The frames are part of JINS airframe line, crafted from ultra-light resin designed to be the opposite of burdensome. Kiss nose slippage goodbye with chunky frames that are actually soft and comfortable.

JINS Classic Airframe Bold,
JINS Classic Airframe Bold,

These frames offer more than just fashion-forward design; they’re also highly customizable, just like other JINS frames. With 3 shapes and 3 colors, and endless lens possibilities, JINS has made sure to put customization in your hands, allowing consumers to create the perfect match for their personal style. Choose from JINS wide range of lens options, from prescription lenses or prescriptionless, bluelight, tinted, or sunglasses, there are so many ways to make these frames uniquely yours.

Experience the ultimate blend of fashion, comfort, and functionality with JINS’ new Classic Airframe Bold frames. See these and the entire JINS collection at us.jins.com.

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