Jins! Frontswitch Eyewear Review

We frequently write about eyewear companies that utilize try on technology. It is one thing to write about it and another to actually experience the whole try-on technology and see what you get. One eyewear company that we have long admired, Jins! contacted us and asked us to sample their new ‘Frontswitch’ collection of eyeglasses with a sunglass magnetic clip on.

Instead of me ‘sampling ‘the RX process, I had a finicky friend of mine Margaux go through the  process and write about the experience. This is what she said:

‘Late last week I received my JINS package. Is there anything more exciting than getting a package in the mail that you’ve been waiting for? I opened the box and found the eye glasses case expertly packaged to protect the product nestled inside. The black linen case contained both the prescription eye glasses that I picked out from the JINS.com website, as well as the magnetic sunglasses clip I found to perfectly matched my new frame. I chose the Wellington frames. They look modern and sleek, but comfortable and practical. I couldn’t wait to try them on.

The frames are a warm amber color that complements my strawberry blonde hair. The nose piece is a seamless plastic piece which I prefer because I occasionally slide my glasses to the top of my head. JINS.com calls this nose type of piece “Saddle Bridge”. The  temples are a frosted amber color while the piece that sits over my ear is a dark brown rubbery texture. It felt very comfortable.

The magnetic sunglasses cover is a rich brown tortoise color with a polarized mirror finish. The clip sat in a leather protective pouch within the eyeglasses case. The sunglasses clip could not be easier to use. I simply slid the clip from the leather pouch and brought it to the front of my glasses. Boom! The magnets attracted to one another and the clip was successfully attached. To remove the sunglasses clip, I gently pulled at them and placed them back in their designated pouch. That’s all it takes.

I have now had the glasses for five days and I have been able to test their durability and comfort thoroughly. As a mother with a 5 year old boy, I need a pair of frames that could stand up to the occasional fumble, as well as frequent handling by little hands. Not only have the glasses stood up very well to their daily use, but my son has stamped his seal of approval on them as well. He loves trying on Mommy’s glasses and pretending they’re his. He looks pretty handsome in the Wellington frames, if I do say so myself.

I am currently working two jobs, one during the day and one in the late evening. My day job consists of administrative duties, including a lot of work done on the computer. Staring at the computer screen for hours at a time can bring on a headache when I’m not wearing comfortable glasses – the kind of headache that starts behind the ears where the glasses rest, and radiates up to the eyes. However, I have found that these frames are so comfortable that I don’t feel that pressure from the temples.

My evening job has me out after dark. Driving at night can be tedious and frustrating, but having the right pair of glasses can significantly change that experience. JINS made certain that my prescription lenses were top quality, ensuring a safe and pleasant night driving adventure. Not even the headlights shining on the road bother me now.

Daytime driving has become such a seamless transition, because rather than having to dig out a pair of sunglasses, I just slap on my nifty sunglasses clip and I can be on my merry way. I cannot get over how convenient and functional these glasses are. They have become a new favorite pair.

After about a week I am thoroughly impressed with the glasses that I received from JINS. From start to finish, this experience has been exceedingly easy and pleasant. It is apparent to me that JINS has taken care to provide an exceptional product to its consumers. I would absolutely recommend this company and their product to consumers.

Jins is a optical retail chain store based in Japan with five locations in California