JPLUS Eyewear: Made in Italy, Made with Satire

Let’s face it, anyone who goes shopping for sunglasses without a vision in mind will probably spend a lonnnnng time trying on pair after pair.  The market it saturated and there are so many similar styles with price points that are so varied.  It can be exhausting!

Meanwhile, JPLUS Eyewear doesn’t sit around waiting for the next big sunwear trend every popular company or generic manufacturer seems to follow, this Italian brand CREATES it! Case in point, the 2016 debut SARTORIALEYES line.

Jplus The SARTORIALEYES line strides to express the oxymoron between harmony and asymmetry.  The round lenses do just that as an emerald green asymmetrical plate jets across the brow bridge, leaving more traditional shaped or even “trendy” glasses GREEN with envy.

2083_04FWild horses couldn’t drag our eyes away from the same pair of luxury sunglasses in this Wild Orchid tone.  The color of the frames and lenses is very pretty and feminine, but the divergent shape is a loud juxtaposition of what one might expect.  These would be a RARE find at your local sunglass shop.

jplus-sartorial eyesThe black and polished gold frame in the SARTORIALEYES line keeps ago with the “satire” these Italian designed and produced sunglasses set to achieve.  The glasses blend a cartoonish look, with an intellectually round lens, a bit of street style, and a heavy dose of high fashion.  The best part about this clever JPLUS line, the interpretation is in the eye of the beholder!

J Plus Vision