JPLUS Summer Collection Vol. IV

woman wearing JPLUS Arie sunglasses

The new JPLUS SUMMER 24 COLLECTION – Vol. IV is a hymn that aims at rediscovering and fully enhancing the brand’s multifaceted identity, an identity that has never been abandoned and is now even strengthened in its most authentic DNA matrix: “the carefree contemporaneity that has always distinguished it since its birth”.

The journey of JPLUS continues faithful to its creativity, free from any commercial and label conditioning, contaminated only by the desire to have fun and amuse in a styling exercise that becomes a sort of all-around exploration where the brand tells its story through each individual model.

In this path, models such as “Yel” with its minimalist, subtle, and geometric shape (presented in classic black and white but also in alternative colors such as midnight blue, solid burnt orange, and crystal purple) coexist harmoniously in the sun collection with rigorously dark and full lenses, but also models such as “Idi” characterized by an opposite concept to the previous one and which is bold in its thicknesses and articulated in its workmanship with soft and almost enveloping shapes. An alternation of thicknesses, lines, and sizes that underline the desire for experimentation and strong maturity in making the collection homogeneous.

woman wearing JPLUS Idi sunglasses


JPLUS is an independent brand that produces contemporary eyewear. Founded in 2009 in Italy by Alessandro Martire, JPLUS immediately stood out for the colored line on the front that recalls the shape of the J. Since its inception, JPLUS’ goal has been to develop and produce high-quality glasses, entirely made in Italy and with a balanced price.

JPLUS is a cross-brand born with a design philosophy influenced and inspired by the disciplines of Industrial Design, Fashion, Visuals, and Art. JPLUS intends to subvert the very rules of style, proposing itself as an alternative to the dynamics and industrial visions that distinguish the contemporary market, encouraging the individual to have a personal and intimate experience through the product, without external influences. Starting from this vision, JPLUS chose sunglasses as the starting point of its journey. A one-of-a-kind product, in contact with three of the body’s five senses: sight, smell, and hearing.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024