July 1958- 3D Color-TV is Here!

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Modern Mechanix July 1958:  Remote operator of nuclear reactor can now view in depth and color By LOUIS E. GARNER, JR.

Three-dimensional coior-TV is now providing realistic viewing of adjustments inside a nuclear reactor. Use of stereo allows the precise depth perception necessary for correct positioning of controls, and use of color-TV permits quick identification by the control operator of reactor equipment in the dangerous area where no human is safe.

The camera is installed inside the “hot” area, and cables carry the 3D color picture signal to a viewing console located safely outside the dangerous area behind thick shielding walls. The viewer watches the picture on the TV screen while operating remote manipulators which position and shift reactor components in the radioactive area.

This equipment was designed for use by General Electric’s Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Department at the Atomic Energy Commission’s test site at Idaho Falls, Idaho. Full Story 

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