Katharina Schlager – Exclusive CAZAL Capsule-Collection

Katharina Schlager Capsule-Collection -CAZAL

Katharina Schlager, best known in the industry as having long been the creative mind behind Andy Wolf-Eyewear, designed a Capsule Collection for the German eyewear manufacturer CAZAL. The production run is limited worldwide to 100 units in each color for each model of the sunglasses collection “Kat for CAZAL-Being Greek”. Schlager celebrates the Greek origin of the series in the design and honors the spirit of CAZAL’s founder – Cari Zalloni, who lives in Styria.

Under her leadership, she made the Styrian eyewear brand Andy Wolf Eyewear famous worldwide. Now a new milestone has been reached in the life of designer Katharina Schlager in the form of a Capsule Collection for CAZAL-Eyewear. Schlager designed a limited collection under the name “Kat for CAZAL – Being Greek” for the German company. Worldwide there is a production run of 100 units for each color for each of the 10 models. As with all of her designs, Schlager insisted on the highest quality workmanship. Every model was made with a love for detail and craftsmanship.

Katharina Schlager
Katharina Schlager

The Iconic Brand CAZAL

At the beginning of 2020, Katharina Schlager together with Klaus Lippert took over the management of CAZAL Eyewear in Passau (D). The COVID-pandemic destroyed a lot of ideas, and created hitherto unknown limiting conditions, but had no influence on Schlager’s creative spirit as a designer.  Being chosen to design a collection in the name of the legendary CAZAL-founder Cari Zalloni was like being knighted – the designer created the design for CAZAL in 2021 and was able to translate for the current day without changing the brand’s DNA. Customers worldwide accepted this new way of doing things and the collection was almost completely sold out shortly after its launch.

Being Greek – A Collection Combining Quality with Uniqueness

Cari Zalloni was born in Athens, spent his first years there, then moved to Styria with his Austrian mother. He founded CAZAL, and his eyewear models became cult hits in the 1980s. Katarina Schlager shares this passion for design and quality, and this is reflected in every single one of her models. In her collection, Schlager insists on perfection and iconic style: Glasses sprayed with up to 24-carat gold, freshwater pearls, Swarovski-jewels, and the “lightning bolt” on the temple of every model, the distinctive mark for eyewear from CAZAL. 10mm acetate is used for the frames, the glasses (3mm) are machine in a diamond-cut and high-grade Dalloz-lenses are used.

Being Greek Capsule Collection - CAZAL
no. 217/3-2, no. 217/3-1, no. 217/3-3


“It was the first time I worked for a concern like CAZAL and I learned a lot in this collaboration. To succeed a great designer like Cari Zalloni with a collection felt right from the very start”, Katharina Schlager says by way of explaining her motivation for making this collection. The collection was shot in Athens, an homage to the birthplace of Cari Zalloni.

Hip-hoppers, rappers, but elegant ladies, too, have long since discovered CAZAL‘s timeless coolness– for them, its “Cazzy” is a must-have, which is why this eyewear brand has its own legends series which the Capsule Collection by Katharina Schlager not only perfectly fits into, but to which it lends a fresh spirit.

“This collection was definitely a milestone in my career as a designer and I was able to learn even more about the customers’ needs. I will put this knowledge to good use in my next projects. It will focus on eyeglasses again, but this time I will create an overall concept, one which includes all the stakeholders, Schlager hints. One thing is certain: It will be exciting.

Check out the entire collection on the CAZAL website.

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