Kickstarting Monday: Alliance4Hope

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VisionforeducationAnother eyecare organization,  Alliance 4 Hope was on Indiegogo, did not make their fundraising goal. Unfortunate, because this was a true Do Good company. This is what they say:

The majority of learning for children in school is through sight, so vision impairment has far reaching effects when it occurs at a young age. The problem of poor school performance among school children from poor families is not due to low intelligence but to poor eyesight.

If you wear prescription eyeglasses, as most of us do, you know how it feels when you misplace them, even for just a few minutes. You feel disoriented, and soon your eyes and head begin to throb, and there’s precious little you can do. When you find them, and put them back on, the relief is beyond description. Whew!

Imagine how it is for a child in school who is visually deficient, or worse, virtually blind. She or he can’t see, let alone read what’s on the blackboard, or on the flipcharts; can’t make out the characters on a book; can’t read the questions on a test paper—in short, can’t follow the lessons at all. How, then, can the child learn? How, indeed, in a situation like this, can any learning take place?

Good eyesight is crucial to ensure that children develop both at school and are able to interact socially. A child’s eyesight is used for around 80% of a child’s learning. If a child cannot see clearly they will not be able to learn as well as a child with good eyesight. Poor eyesight can make a detrimental impact on all aspects of a child’s life.

When a child does poorly in school, teachers, principals and even parents are quick to assume the child is lazy. However, sometimes the problem for performing inadequately has nothing to do with using their mind properly and has everything to do with using their eyes properly. Studies show that on average, 39 percent of children screened have vision problems. Countless numbers of students undergo problems with how their eyes focus light, which causes vision problems. Such vision problems affect the reading ability of children, as demonstrated in their overall class performance. 

Your contributon will help give 500 children from disadvantaged families a comprehensive eye exam given by eyecare professionals, and prescription glasses to help correct vision impairment.  

You can make a difference today. Help a child stop his struggle to read and learn because of poor vision skills. 

Help change a child’s life forever, help him see his future with better vision for better education. 

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