Kickstarting Monday: Diode Optics

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Eyewear on Indiegogo, Diode Optics another crowd funded eyewear company did not make their goal. Both founders are avid outdoor sports and it makes sense for them to develop sporty sunglasses with mirror coatings. I do like the boarding for Breast Cancer model with the pink logo, but are they giving a percentage to Breast Cancer Research? It doesn’t say. And I wonder what type of lenses they are using. As much as I love Mirror coating, is this a good one?

Boarding for Breast Cancer
Boarding for Breast Cancer




The only other comment I would like to make for others that are interested in crowd funding eyewear- is don’t keep that baloney about Luxottica and they own 80% of the market.  If you know the optical industry and market.. that interview by 60 minutes was so biased and awful. They did it to raise hackles and it worked. Eyewear like any other product comes in varies grades of quality. Eyewear like any other fashion item comes in various price ranges. Nobody need to spend $40,000 for a Birkin bag,but they do…

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