Kickstarting Monday: FlipSee Glasses Lets You Wear Glasses On Your Forehead

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On Peerbackers, a crowdsourced site, FlipSee Glasses allows the wearing to wear eyeglasses on their forehead. Here is what they say:

FlipSee™ was designed to allow people who wear glasses to go about their daily activities without ever searching or being bothered by their eyewear. With FlipSee™, your glasses can be stored on your head or forehead – that is, out of the way, but not out of reach.  FlipSee™can be flipped on your forehead with just one hand, so it allows you to keep up with a busy lifestyle.

Think about how other eyewear accessories, like chains around your neck, interfere with your daily tasks. When you use FlipSee™, your glasses are right there when you need them, and it only takes you a blink of the eye to flip them down from your forehead. FlipSee™ are also designed to reduce the chances that your glasses will fall off, or get lost, scratched, broken or dirty. Furthermore, FlipSee™ allows you to use your own prescription or non-prescription glasses or any of your favorite glasses. And finally, FlipSee™ works with all types of glasses, like reading glasses, sunglasses or fit-overs, safety glasses, computer classes or future internet glass

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