Kickstarting Monday: Ril Eyewear For Google Glass Wearers

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RIL Eyewear  is off to a good start on Kickstarter with their wood and titanium fashionable eyewear that can be used to install and remove Google Glass hardware. Called the Pacific Collection, named after famous San Francisco Beaches, the styling is edgy, lightweight and foldable. Starting out with three very wearable styles, that both men and women can wear, you can get in RX or in Sunglass form. It is an interesting concept and one I am sure we will see more of in the next several years. This concept allows the wearer to have multiple pairs of glasses, adding more functionality and diversity. Sunglasses, reading glasses, computer glasses.. the concept is endless. We like it.

RIL- 1
Stinson (as in Stinson Beach)



RIL Eyewear-3

More information available on their video.

 WWW.RILEYEWEAR.COM  on Kickstarter

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