Kickstarting Monday: Roshambo Baby Sunglasses Support Autism

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On Indiegogo, a new sunglass company for babies will support Autism research. (I actually know these people, I know the mother) . Here is what they say;

ro∙sham∙bo baby was born and raised in San Diego, California by husband and wife team Scott & Julia Morris (and has been reinvigorated by the news of our first baby joining us in November, 2013!!). Even after navigating our way through the world of design, international product production, business formation, and autism charity research, we quickly realized we still had a long way to go to make this a success. That is where you come in! We are a two person team with full time jobs, we can’t do this alone!

Our commitment with roshambo baby is to create the highest quality, classically designed, 90’s inspired, Italian-made children’s sunglasses available while giving back to families affected by autism. Each purchase will support the world renowned San Diego-based Autism Research Institute (a Charity Navigator 4 star charity with a 69.17 out of 70 rating! Scott’s adult cousin is autistic and has required special attention throughout his life to help him learn and accomplish daily life activities. While he is lucky to have an amazingly supportive family, many autistic children and adults do not have the resources necessary to get them the physical, emotional, and educational assistance they require. We want to do our part to change this while helping to fund critical autism research. New breakthroughs are being made by autism scientists all the time; the Autism Research Institute’s philosophy is that autism is treatable. We wholeheatedly agree. (youtube link)