Kickstarting Monday: Spex Smart Glasses

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Launching on Kickstarter is Spex the new wearable technology that allows you to connect with your Smart Phone.

Press Release: The revolutionary new sunglasses named ‘Spex’ are now available on Kickstarter for pre order. The smart glasses do much more than protecting the users from harmful sun rays. The high tech sunglasses are equipped with Bone Conduction technology (BCT) and Bluetooth, allowing the user to listen to music & receive calls using their smart phone – hands and ears free.

The eyewear is designed to keep the users ears free to be aware of the environmental activity, while involved in activities which occupies their hands, such as driving, cycling, trekking,  skiing, pushing a baby buggy, carpentry work, exercising and many others, and yet still having full use of their smart phone.

The user can stay safe and alert with the Spex eyewear due to the use of BCT, which enables the inner ear to be “fed” with sound via the skull, and no earbud or headset being used to occupy the usual ear canal.  With Spex eyewear, the user will be able to enjoy music or engage in phone calls while going for long rides on a bike, be in touch with the rest of the crew while mountaineering and perform other activities with more convenience and greater safety from unexpected events they couldn’t hear if wearing earbuds.

The Bluetooth and the innovative Bone Conduction technology enables the user to properly listen to the nearby environment such as approaching  traffic sounds, rock falls or site machinery while also allowing the user to be listening to music through their smart phone and making ear free phone calls.

The ground breaking technology is inspired from the military BCT applications.

Fraser Henderson, a founder of Techmeisters and a cycling enthusiast himself, thought of developing a device for listeningto music and staying connected while keeping ears free that ultimately led him to the development of Spex-the wearable technology glasses.

With Spex sunglasses, the user can combine safety with leisure while protecting their eyes in style. The sunglasses can be used during various activities such as walking, hiking, cycling, skiing, driving and shopping orwhenever the user needs to use their hands in the activity, making use of their smart phone quite awkward. With all the features and convenience that the product provides it’s surely here to stay and take the next step in technological advancement.

The first look of the product is seen on Kickstarter, which has started with a goal of UK£85000 ($125,000) and already started to receive great response from the users. The funds raised from the campaign will be utilized in the mass production of the product which is all set to be commenced from January 2016.

The developers, engineers and production partners involved in the project hold an experience of more than 20 years in consumer electronics and they ensure that they develop high quality and efficient products. Some of the major marketers from UK, France and USA have already shown much interest in the product and many users worldwide have started to contribute in the campaign.

The users have a chance to own the Spex sunglasses at an early bird price through the campaign. Though the retail price is estimated to be UK£150 ($225) for Spex but by ordering the glasses through Kickstarter campaign the users can get it at a price of UK£75 ($110). All deliveries will be made by April 2016.















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