Kickstarting Tuesday: Blue Light In A Box By PupilBox

One of the focuses over the last 5 years with health and eyecare professionals is the danger of Blue Light on the eyes. While Blue Light has been an issue since the 1980’s, the growth of digital devices has led to a renewed concern.

As someone who experiences Digital Eye Strain, with fatigue, watery eyes, dry eyes, lack of sleep and low grade headaches, anyone- company that calls attention to this issue is doing a great thing. I only wish that they had come out several years ago! Take heart- those of us with watery-dry eyes, Pupil Box  has come to the rescue!

PupilBox is now launching on Kickstarter. PupilBox is a ‘Blue Light  In A Box’ program which has ‘Blue Light’ reducing light bulbs, non-RX eyeglasses, lens wipes, tears and more.  Even better,  the consumer has a choice of three different preventive blue light eyeglasses to choose from, that ranges from- I am always in front of a digital device all the time to I only use them to read.

Pupil Box is available for all ages and sizes, as digital eye strain knows no boundaries. The frame-lens combo is uni-sex, stylish and trendy, perfect for anyone.

For those who suffer, like I do from overload on digital devices  or have kids, family or friends that don’t sleep, check out Pupil Box on Kickstarter and try them. Might be an interesting thing to give for Mothers or Fathers Day.. the gift of sight or sleep, either one.

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