Kids are Tough

Kids are too tough for everyday glasses. Engineered with the Rec Specs durability Liberty is known for, Z8 is the ideal solution for active youth whose glasses break too easily, while protecting their parents from the cost of replacing broken frames.  Z8 frames are now ‘Guaranteed for Life’ with Liberty’s new ‘No questions asked’ warranty that covers broken frames as well as scratched lenses when ordered through the Rec Specs Lab.

By Liberty

Designed to be ‘Virtually Indestructible’, the new Z8-Y70 frames for young girls can be twisted, bent, and stepped on with their flexible and durable material. These frames are lightweight and fashion forward, providing style at school and durability at play and expand the best-selling Z8 Collection for kids.

by Liberty

Liberty also makes available Rec Specs Sport Protective eyeglasses and goggles for youth that are certified safe and tested to ASTM F803 impact standards. Z8 are ‘Virtually Indestructible’ everyday frames, but are not to be used as sport protective eyewear. Rec Specs Sport Protective eyeglasses and goggles are recommended to protect young athletes’ eyesight while playing sports.

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