Kids Collection by INVU

Owls are cute, cuddly and have perfect vision. The three adorable owls on the temple of the new INVU toddler sunglasses perfectly symbolize the essence of INVU for Kids. Protection and comfort. Parents can relax, knowing that INVU has ultra polarized lenses with full UV-400 protection and comfortable, durable frames made with kid-friendly materials.

K240S by INVU Kids

The child friendly sunglasses are smartly engineered by Swiss Eyewear Group to eliminate potentially harmful metal parts and the soft thermoplastic material makes the frames as cuddly as owl feathers.

K240T by INVU Kids

Perfect vision along with 100% protection from harmful UV rays is guaranteed with the proprietary ultra polarized lens. INVU Kids sunglasses have the ultimate cute factor for kids and peace of mind for parents when it comes to safety and protection.

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