KIRK & KIRK Launch New Centiles Collection

Kirk & Kirk Centiles Collection - Storm

“We wanted to design a collection that was the embodiment of strength and power, to counter the sense of vulnerability and weakness we have all felt during the last two years,” says Creative Director Karen Kirk, “frames that immediately put you in a superhero state of mind.”

The collection is Kirk & Kirk’s first to combine the two-toned color pattern made popular in their Kaleidoscope range with the chunky presence of the 10mm thickness used in the Centena Collection.

“Marrying these two elements into one frame was challenging, and took us two years to get right,” said Jason Kirk. “The hand-crafted nature of the manufacturing process means that each frame has a slight variation in the color pattern, meaning that no two frames are exactly alike.”

Despite the chunky appearance, this bold silhouette weighs next to nothing and is supremely comfortable to wear as it is made from Kirk & Kirk’s unique signature Italian acrylic, a bio-degradable material that took several years to develop.

Available in five colors, ranging from Secret, a soft grey/black combination, to Meadow, reminiscent of the horizon where the grasses touch the sky.

Elektra – The source, emitting purest energy, and passion.

Storm – The hurricane, harnessing the forces of nature.

Kirk & Kirk Storm
Kirk & Kirk Storm

Thor – The protector, skillful concentration of power and strength.

Kirk & Kirk Thor
Kirk & Kirk Thor

Robin – The legend, confident in his strength; comfortable in his

Lotus – The flower, the divine master of grace and awareness.

Kirk & Kirk Lotus
Kirk & Kirk Lotus

Blaze – The aviator, setting the sky alight.

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